Ryan Seacrest Loves Craps

Ryan Seacrest Playing Craps In Monte Carlo
Ryan Seacrest Playing Craps

Ryan Seacrest loves craps and there are pictures to prove it on TMZ. Unfortunately, it seems as if the dice didn’t roll his way on a recent trip to Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco not Las Vegas).

Our eyewitness on scene says there was no limit posted on the table so its unclear how much the A.I. host dropped … but after 30 minutes of rollin’, we’re told he lost a majority of his stack and eventually decided to play some roulette instead. 

My love for craps is no secret and I write about it as often as I can. Craps isn’t the most mainstream game so whenever I see the mainstream media covering a celebrity playing the game I get a little giddy.

The closest I’ve been to gambling with a celebrity was playing blackjack next to Charles Barkley and Brad Garrett on separate occasions at The Venetian and The Palazzo, respectively. I also saw Flavor Flav playing $5 roulette years ago at Planet Hollywood. That’s all the celebrity gambling for me.

I’m holding out hope that some day I’ll end up rolling dice with one of the random sports stars that frequent the poker room at Red Rock Resort since I’m there fairly often. Many former athletes, like Orel Hershiser, have made the Red Rock poker room their Vegas home when they want to play the game and not be bothered.

If you’ve seen the documentary “Lemmy” you may have noticed that Lemmy from Motorhead plays slot machines at Red Rock. It’s more likely we’ll end up next to one another.

Photo: TMZ

Michael Phelps Crushes Vegas With Party and Poker Win

Michael Phelps spent Labor Day Weekend in Las Vegas celebrating his retirement from the Olympics the way anyone should – by eating (cake), drinking and gambling.

His weekend started with a party at Encore Beach Club and Surrender Nightclub where he made jams with Afrojack, ate cake and partied.

Festivities began Friday night at Surrender Nightclub. Phelps was joined by Olympic gold medalist and training partner Allison Schmitt, and poker star Phil Hellmuth. He was given a hero’s welcome with deafening cheers from the packed house as he entered the DJ booth joining his friend, Dutch electronic dance music sensation Afrojack who was spinning his hits for the capacity crowd. Phelps fired off the nitro cannon into the crowd and then got on the mic and exclaimed “This is my first night of retirement at Surrender!” He then threw back a shot of chilled Grey Goose vodka with Afrojack kicking off the night of fun, frolic and great music.

The fun wasn’t confined to the clubs as he headed to the Caesars Palace poker room to take money from tourists looking to blow their loot with a 22 time olympic winner. TMZ reports he won $100,000.

TMZconfirmed early Sunday morning that Phelps walked into Caesar’s Palace Hotel & Casino and left with $100,000. When it comes to winning, the Olympic swimmer known for his great victories at the 2012 Olympics goes above and beyond.

Michael Phelps and his friends visited Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and won $100,000 in a single poker game. After winning, Phelps spent a large portion of the cash at the Tryst nightclub in the Wynn.

Hey, if you’re going to “retire” what better way to go out than by winning money in a Vegas casino then spending it all on a good time with your friends.

Sounds like a good time to me. Someone call the clubs and let them know I plan on retiring in 30 years!

Photo – TMZ (duh)