The Tiesto Fountain Show At Bellagio Looks Good

Tiesto Fountain Show At Bellagio Las Vegas
Tiesto Fountain Show At Bellagio

I’m not a Tiesto fan nor do I dislike him. He’s one of the most famous DJ’s in the world and whatever. I just prefer a different kind of house music.

Regardless of how I feel about the music the team that puts together the shows for the Fountain at Bellagio did a really good job choreographing the water to the music.

The Tiesto Fountain Show At Bellagio looks good and doesn’t seem out-of-place visually. Sonically is another story. Check it out. The second song starts around 1:50 and that’s really where the cool is.

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Pool Season Returns to Vegas!

Sara Underwood At Encore Beach Club Las Vegas
Sara Underwood

While other pool parties already started pool Season kicked into full gear this week with the opening of Encore Beach Club, Marquee Day Club and Rehab all opening. The day party business has been growing over the past couple years and it seems as if this may be the biggest year yet.

In the past I’ve always posted random F-List “celebrities” popping up in bikinis all over. It’s interesting to see who Vegas finds to be a good-looking celebrity. With Encore Beach Club and Marquee making these parties about music with some of the most famous DJ’s in the world there may be less F-Listers to learn about. We’ll keep an eye out.

This weeks bikini-clad celebrity is Sara Underwood, who is famous for being in Playboy according to wikipedia. If she looks familiar it’s because she’s appeared in a few movies as herself. Tiesto was also at Encore Beach Club. If you’re into Tiesto, he’s at one of the Wynn Las Vegas clubs every month.

More Pics of Sara Underwood and Tiesto at Vegas News.

Santana Moves To Mandalay Bay

Santana moving from The Joint at the Hard Rock to House of Blues at Mandalay Bay wouldn’t really be something I’m normally interested in, but I am. As last year ended, Tiesto left his DJ residency at The Joint and moved to a more appropriate venue, XS at Wynn.

The Joint has a capacity of over 4,000 while House of Blues holds just over 1,000 and XS capacity is around 3,000. (UPDATE: I’m told XS has cap of 5,000+) The Joint is huge and was definitely too large for both artists. While a DJ, Tiesto, moving to a nightclub of a similar size and more appropriate venue for the music doesn’t say major failure, Santana moving to a tiny venue does seem like a failure.

House of Blues is a great place to see a rock show in Las Vegas but it’s much less than half the size of The Joint. House of Blues is being “reconfigured” (think made smaller) for Santana. Santana’s music doesn’t do much for me, but it doesn’t bother me. I just can’t imagine that tickets starting at $100 are going to sell very well. According to the press release Santana signed a two year deal but I don’t see this show lasting that long.

The press release touts the show as “An Intimate Evening with Santana: Greatest Hits Live – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.” If you’re a fan of Carlos Santana, and in Vegas, I recommend you get tickets to earlier shows. I’d also check the return policy if you buy tickets beyond the beginning batch of shows.

Photo (above):

Santana "Supernatural"
Santana "Supernatural"