The Gambler Movie Trailer With Mark Wahlberg

The Gambler Movie Trailer With Mark Wahlberg
The Gambler

A few weeks ago, on the BS Report, Mark Wahlberg let it be known that “The Gambler” remake wasn’t actually a remake. It was a new movie inspired by the great gambling movie featuring James Caan in the 1970’s.

With that in mind the trailer for the 2014 version of “The Gambler” looks like it will be fun to watch for anyone into gambling. It may be a movie that’s Sunday afternoon Netflix watch rather than a movie that you rush to the theater to see but it looks okay.

What do you think?

The Gambler Goes To Bonnaroo

Last week the music scene in Vegas was all about the Electric Daisy Carnival. Besides wind closing the electronic music festival early one night everything seemed to go off fine and everyone seemed to have a good time.

In Tennessee, there was a similar gathering of hippies at Bonnaroo. The difference is that these hippies prefer their music with instruments. Both festivals had hundreds of thousands of people attend, but because I follow way too many Vegas folks I missed out on some of the action.

This morning I was reading some quick hits from Bonnaroo at DoYou Hear The Music and saw a really interesting collaboration between Phish and Kenny Rogers. This may not be as hip as Afrojack and David Guetta hitting the decks together at Encore Beach Club, but what is?

Phish and Kenny Rogers got together to play a song everyone that likes Vegas, Atlantic City and Sports loves – “The Gambler”. Enjoy the youtube video shot from the crowd…it sounds better than it looks!

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