The Buried Life in Vegas!

Earlier this week I passed on some info I received about the Golden Gate Casino being featured on MTV’s The Buried Life.  The episode aired last night and wasn’t too bad.  The guys from the show were taking $125,000 and trying to win 3 spins in a row in roulette with the goal of turning the money into $1 million.  It was worth a half hour of my life.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to downtown Vegas next weekend.  It’s been a while.  See the episode below.

Golden Gate Casino on MTV Tonight

I just received a heads up that the Golden Gate Casino in downtown Las Vegas will be featured on the MTV show Buried Life tonight.

The Golden Gate filmed the season finale of MTV’s show The Buried Life. It will be aired on Monday night, November 29th.

The Buried Life is about 4 kids who have a bucket list of 100 things they want to do before they die. Number 75 on the list is try and win $1,000,000.

The four kids brought in $125,000 and wanted to parlay it into $1,000,000. Although I can’t tell you what happened, I can give you a hint that they end up making the biggest roulette bet in Las Vegas history.

I’m a sucker for these MTV shows so I’m surprised I’m not familiar with The Buried Life.  However, the TiVo is set for this.