New Gambling Documentary: The Best Of It

The Best Of It Movie
The Best Of It

Another sports betting movie. That’s always an interesting subject, let’s check it out. The Best Of It is a documentary as opposed to a feature film like Mississippi Grind. Here’s The Best Of It overview from their YouTube page.

THE BEST OF IT is a character driven feature length film that follows the arduous life of a professional gambler. The documentary focuses on Boston, Shrink, Dink, and Banker who all have strived to make a living in the dog eat dog world of a pro bettor. The lifestyle of a gambler is unforgiving and tends to chew up and spit out even the most seasoned gambler, a common story in Las Vegas. The film’s director/producer Scott Pearson Eberly filmed over 1,200 hours in the gambling trenches spanning four years.

The BEST OF IT focuses on a feud that develops between Boston and Shrink following a radio show when The Shrink accused Boston of gambling debts and failing to pay those debts. The animosity between the two was well known in the betting community, but sometimes behind the rumors and half-truths is the unexpected that eventually bubbles to the surface. The problem with the unknown is by the time it’s exposed it is often too late and the only outcome is a tragic endgame.

Here’s the official trailer.

I’m always interested in tales from sports bettors so I’ll probably watch this when it’s available.

There’s no specific release information for the movie but their website has a lot more information than the trailer offers. You can also follow @BOI_Movie on twitter for updates.