How To Find The Cost Of Your Las Vegas Hotel Room

Las Vegas is like no other place in the world in every way for better and worse. Now that Caesars Entertainment has added resort fees to their hotel rooms it means that all but hotel one Vegas strip hotel has a resort fee. As I’ve said for years I’m more concerned with the final cost of my hotel room than a resort fee. With that in mind let’s look at the anatomy of what a hotel room will cost in Las Vegas.

  1. Room Fee – This is what is advertised as a your Las Vegas hotel room cost.
  2. Resort Fee – This is hidden and not part of the advertised fee. Sometimes you’ll only see this when you make final room reservations (This happened to me recently at the Silverton…THE DAMN SILVERTON!).
  3. Taxes – Vegas strip hotels add 12% tax to your bill.

In order to get the actual price of staying a night in Las Vegas you’ll have to add the advertised room fee + resort fee x .12 for taxes. Here are resources to find out what you’ll be paying for your next Las Vegas hotel room.

I love me some math! Enjoy!

Photo: Mathspig