Super Bowl Prop Bets From William Hill

Super Bowl LIWilliam Hill has 10 pages of Super Bowl prop bets for ya. You can download the Super Bowl prop bets list here. You should probably download their app. Here are links to download all horse and sports wagering apps in Nevada.


Download the nearly 1,000 #Superbowl prop bets from William Hill here

Over 800 Ways To Wager On Super Bowl 50 At William Hill

Wager On Super Bowl 50

Wowsers. William Hill just released over 800 ways to wager on Super Bowl 50.

Every  operator in Las Vegas offers Super Bowl prop bets but most don’t have nearly this many. You can download the packet below.


You can find William Hill sports book locations here.

Record Breaking Year For Sports Betting In Nevada!

The Mirage Las Vegas Sportsbook
The Mirage Sportsbook

I’m a sports bettor and try to keep up on how the legal sports betting industry is doing in Vegas (and all of Nevada). When sportsbooks win that means people are losing. I’d much prefer sports bettors win so I’m conflicted about good revenue reports for casinos.

With that being said, I feel conflicted to see that last year was a record year for sports betting with almost $4 billion was wagered on sports throughout Nevada.

Record amounts of money being wagered it great for the sportsbook operators but it doesn’t tell the whole picture. Sports betting is still a very small, but growing, piece of gaming revenue in Vegas casinos.

Sportsbook As Percentage of Revenue for Big Vegas Casinos (Source: UNLV Gaming).

  • 2014: 1.3%
  • 2013: 0.9%
  • 2012: 1%

Sports betting generates a slightly larger percentage of revenue in Downtown Vegas Casinos (Source: UNLV Gaming).

  • 2014: 2.2%

Casino revenue reports include outside operators like William Hill and CG Technology.

Revenue from sports betting has been helped by increased sports betting menus and mainstream acceptance. There was a day when you’d never hear mainstream media mention point spreads or other betting options. That’s no longer the case.

Sports betting revenue is on the upswing and it will be interesting to see how casinos in Vegas adopt. There’s a limit to how much money sports bettors and fans will spend on parties for major events like the Super Bowl (list of parties/prices).

Then again, maybe there isn’t a limit and revenue from these parties is what will keep sports betting alive for casino operators.

690 Super Bowl Prop Bets From William Hill

NFL Logo - Super Bowl Prop Bets
Here is the big list of 690 Super Bowl prop bets from William HillMy head hurts and I’m heading out for lunch but I wanted to share this before I go.

Just click the link below for the file.


You can download the William Hill iPhone app here.

2016 NFL Super Bowl Futures (Yes, Next Year)

NFL Logo

2016 NFL Super Bowl Betting Odds

William Hill is not messing around. They’ve already released NFL Super Bowl futures odds for 2016. Yes, next year.

These will surely change but I figure that I’d share them now to give you something to read in between playoff games.

(As of 1/18/2015)
COLTS 12/1
49ERS 18/1
LIONS 22/1
BEARS 50/1
BILLS 60/1
RAMS 60/1
JETS 100/1
TITANS 250/1

Rory McIlroy Wins The British Open. His Dad Wins A Sweet Bet!

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy

Gambling outside of America is a different animal. Last weeks blog post about overseas gambling should give you an idea about how big sports betting is overseas. The bet Rory McIlroy’s dad made with Ladbrokes should confirm sports betting’s popularity for you.

When Rory McIlroy was 15 years old his father and some friends placed a bet that he would win the British Open within 10 years. Ladbrokes only took a £200 bet on the 500-1 shot. Converted to dollars that’s only $341. This was the last British Open Rory McIlroy could win for his father’s bet to pay off. Boy did it pay off!

The $341 USD bet on Rory McIlroy  will pay out $171,000

BOOM! If Rory McIlroy was American his father wouldn’t have been able to make this kind of bet legally. As sports betting continues to grow and expand in America bets like this will become legal.

Even though I don’t think that this is the kind of bet I would make I can’t wait until it’s possible that I could make the bet. I think long-term wagers like this would be very popular. The general public would eat up the opportunity to bet on a player like Jameis Winston or any other popular college football player winning a Super Bowl today if they could.

Photo: The Star

March Madness In Las Vegas Is Better Than The Super Bowl

Florida Gulf Coast International Dunk
Dunk City

I’ve loved March Madness for years but this year I’ve spent much less time watching college basketball. In fact, I didn’t watch a single NCAA basketball game this year. I was looking forward to the NCAA basketball tournament less then I have in years.

Times changes things everyone and everything. I thought my time with the March Madness had passed but it hasn’t…it’s changed. I don’t think I’ll ever care much about the regular season of college basketball but March Madness is something entirely different.

March Madness in Las Vegas is bigger and better than the Super Bowl.

I don’t care about sportsbook handles, revenue or facts on whether or not this, financially, is true. I know what I see. The vibe in the sportsbooks is great for the Super Bowl but it cannot match the intensity of March Madness. First of all college basketball fans are, generally, younger than NFL fans. Second, there is much more action to watch and to bet.

The first weekend of March Madness has 16 games on both Thursday and Friday with as many as four games on at once. When half the teams are eliminated there are still 8 games on Saturday and Sunday with 3 (maybe 4) happening at once. At the same time  there may be some NBA or NHL games on smaller TV’s in the sportsbook.

The Super Bowl is one game with no competition. The crowd in Vegas for the Super Bowl is a little older and more subdued. After this weekend I realize that Vegas is what keeps me interested in March Madness. The first weekend of March Madness is now the single best time for the sports fan to visit Las Vegas.

Florida Gulf Coast University is one of the many reasons so many people love sports. The story is great and dunks like this one would have broken twitter last year. Thankfully twitter doesn’t break down as much. This dunk made me jump out of my seat.

Photo: USA Today

Cantor Gaming Crushed The Super Bowl

Cantor Gaming did monster business from Super Bowl wagering last week. In fact, they made 3 times more money than the average casino.

Cantor Gaming announced today that its eight race and sports books generated 16% of Nevada’s record $98.9 million Super Bowl handle, and they enjoyed 21% of the total win.  

The Nevada Gaming Control Board announced earlier this week that $98,936,798 was wagered in Nevada’s 183 sports books on this year’s Super Bowl, and the books retained 7.3% or $7,206,460.  

“We were delighted to see so many sports fans in our books during Super Bowl, demonstrating that Cantor Gaming continues to be a go-to, household name for sports wagers within the state of Nevada,” said Lee M. Amaitis, Cantor’s president and CEO. “Our high percentage contribution to the…handle and win underscores our position as a leading sports book operator in Nevada.”

If you’ve been following Cantor Gaming this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. They mostly cater to big spenders and not the average tourist on the strip looking to drop a few bucks on a game.

Cantor Gaming has lost/invested almost $100 million since it’s inception but their focus on the top spenders in the market while focusing on new technology and wagering options is setting them up for a great future. Maybe someday they’ll upgrade the M Resort sportsbook to be on par with their other sportsbooks.

Here’s a list of all the Cantor Gaming sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

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Super Bowl XLVII Breaks Casino Records

Super Bowl XLVII (or is that Big Game XLVII?) broke records in the Nevada sportsbooks this year for the most money wagered on a game.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board announced bettors wagered $98,936,798 on the 2013 Super Bowl, the most in the history of the state. This year’s game easily surpassed the $93,067,358 bet on the 2006 Super Bowl when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks 21-10.

Sports books held 7.3 percent of the total handle, calculating to a win of $7,206,460. That’s the most since the 2007 Super Bowl, when Nevada made $12,930,175 on the Indianapolis Colts 29-17 victory against the Chicago Bears.

Sportsbooks also made more money than sports bettors. This should come as no surprise since they sportsbooks made money on 16 of the last 18 Super Bowls. Hey, it’s their job to make more money than gamblers.

The game itself was fun to watch and I had proposition bets alive until the end of the game. Alas my action was split (I was 2 and 2) and I contributed to the sportsbook fund. Since sports betting makes up less than 2% of all casino gaming revenues I’m happy to help keep the lights on…for a little while. With the new technology and increased popularity in proposition bets you can rest assure that casinos will continue to make more money on the Super Bowl in the future.

After enjoying with the fun and chaos of watching the Super Bowl on the Vegas strip last year I decided to stay home so I can actually watch the game. While the game was fun to watch and the Beyonce halftime show was awesome the commercials were lacking. My dudes at The Laugh Button take a look at the few funny Super Bowl ads.

I love football season but I’m happy it’s done. NFL Sunday’s stress me out. Now I have the sportsbooks back to myself. I wrote about upcoming major sporting events for Vegas Chatter today. Besides March Madness the sportsbooks should be relatively tame and that’s how I like it.


My Super Bowl Prop Picks

All week I’ve been posting Super Bowl propositions available. I started posting the prop bets a few years ago broken down by type because it was easy for people to read and plan. I’m people and it was also because the props are much easier to get through when there’s less to read and study. Below are my bets for this Sunday.

  1. Ravens 1st Half Points +14.5 (-115)
  2. Dennis Pitta Over 47.5 Yards (-115)
  3. Patrick Willis Under 7.5 Tackles (+110)
  4. Vernon Davis Over 48.5 Yards (-115)

I’m leaning over on the game and may add another prop or two over the weekend. Check me out on twitter if you’re curious.