Coffee Tip: Order A Grande In A Venti Cup

Coffee Tip: Get a grande in a venti cup
Order a grande in a venti cup

I’m going to pass on one of the best tips I ever received in Vegas. I’ll never forget the moment I learned about getting a medium coffee (Grande) in a large coffee (Venti) cup. As an avid coffee drinker this changed my life forever. I even used this tip today!

I was wandering around the casino at Planet Hollywood way too late one night trying to drink a cup of coffee. As I was spilling the hot coffee I walked into a Starbucks employee who stopped to pass on a great coffee tip that I’ll never forget.

He said that I should order a Grande coffee in a Venti cup. 

The next cup of hot coffee I had that weekend was ordered that way and I’ve never looked back. In fact, I ordered my coffee that was this morning as I type this from a casino.

The extra room almost makes the cups stumble or wobble proof. Likewise you could also ask for extra room in your large coffee but why not save a few pennies?

May your future visits to the casino be without any burns from your coffee!

Photo: Flickr

PS: This is also a great tip for drinking hot coffee in your car.

This Dude Is The Fastest Video Poker Player In Vegas

Fastest Video Poker Player In Vegas

I’ve seen this guy playing video poker at Red Rock pretty often. Besides the lady at Starbucks and bartenders at the sportsbook he’s the only person I recognize at the casino that I visit a couple of times a week.

He plays two video poker machines faster than I can play one game. Since he only plays the games that return 100%+ I’m assuming that he knows what he’s doing and he can play accurately at this speed. It’s astonishing to watch.

I’ve never taken video of this video poker dude because I felt like a creeper. Thankfully other people aren’t as dainty as I am (shout out to Vato Cigars in Downtown Vegas for the vid!). Check it out!

Free $25 Bet When You Sign Up For Station Casinos Sports Betting Account

Sports Connection App From Station Casinos
Station Casinos App

I was bouncing around my Station Casinos App (Vegas Chatter review here, the app is great) and noticed a promotion for a free $25 sports bet when you sign up for a Sports Connection mobile sports betting account. I don’t love the lines and point spreads from Station Casinos (especially for baseball) but I do like how the app connects with the Boarding Pass players club. Sue me, I like that can get some extra players club points from my sports betting. Those “free” cups of Starbucks are nice.

Since you only have to deposit $50 in the account to get this bonus you’re looking at a pretty sweet deal. I wish they had this kind of incentive when I first signed up. If you’re not looking to make Station Casinos one of your regular sports betting outlets in Vegas then this sounds like a good way to grab a free swing at a college or pro football futures bet.

The D Hotel Review

Bed At The D Hotel Las Vegas
Queen Bed at The D

I say often how much I enjoy gambling at The D but, until last week, I hadn’t stayed at the hotel or experienced more than the bars and gaming. My King room at The D is possibly the best $40 hotel room I’ve ever had. In fact, I’ve already made another reservation. You may have sensed my excitement for the room with my sharing of a 6 second tour right after my stay.

The photo tour will culminate with a 60 second video tour.

The D Hotel - King Room Entry

When I entered the room I could see that this was a large and clean room. Most of the rooms in Downtown Vegas are fairly small because the buildings are old. That wasn’t the case with this room in any way. The space in the sleeping area of this king room felt like as if it was converted from a room with two beds. The corner rooms are $10-$15 more per night and are supposedly larger if you like having extra room. I may have gotten lucky with a larger room but if they’re all this size I don’t see the need for an upgrade.

The D Hotel - King Room Bathroom

The bathroom is immediately to the left of the entry. There’s nothing fancy about the bathroom but it seems as if the renovations included new granite and glazing of the sink, toilet and tub. That’s a small touch that many inexpensive hotel room renovations (like the Fab room at Flamingo) should do because it makes the room look clean. Side note, I love the smell of the lotion that they use.

The D Hotel - King Room Seating Area

Looking past the bed all the way to the other end of the room is the seating area. The chairs are low profile and easy to move if you want to put your feet up or charge a device while using it. Wifi is $10 and if I wasn’t hungover the morning after I would have stayed in the room to do a little work. The room has a number of simple amenities to make The D stand out from the pack.

The D Hotel - King Room Lamp

The lamps at The D have outlets. With this being an older room there aren’t many outlets with easy access to charge phones, tablets or laptops. I had my laptop and phone with me and was able to charge both while using them whenever I wanted. This is another amenity that every hotel room should have. The only other room I’ve stayed in lately that has a similar feature was my suite at Encore.

One of the downsides of staying at The D is that there isn’t a quick serve coffee joint, like Starbucks. The D has that kinda covered.

The D Hotel - King Room Coffee

Few hotel rooms offer free coffee anymore but multiple cups of coffee for $2.50 isn’t bad. If you bring your own K-Cups you can make coffee for free. I have to remember that for next trip. Later I learned that you can get coffee to go from the coffee shop on the 2nd floor but it’s not very good.

The D Hotel - King Room Air Conditioning

One of the only problems I had with the room was with the air conditioning unit. It was an older style unit which actually cooled the air just fine. My issue with is was how loud it was. I could barely sleep with it on but I couldn’t sleep with it off. Next time I’ll have more vodka. Speaking of sleeping…

The D Hotel - King Room Bed

The bed was clean, firm and comfortable. The pillow situation was a little strange because they were all tiny. The pillows are somewhere between throw pillow sized (the red one) and normal pillows. Now that I think about it maybe the pillows are the reason I couldn’t sleep and not the air conditioning.

The D Las Vegas Hotel Room King View

Besides the super loud air conditioning unit the only real negative of the room at The D was the view. The view of the El Cortez and Fremont East area was obscured by the building wrap. This would be a big deal if I cared about a view but I don’t often sit by the window just looking out at a nice view.

Overall, I was impressed with the king room at The D. The renovations were nice and there was plenty of room with a lot of places to charge my mobile devices. Comparing apples to apples this is easily one of the nicest rooms I’ve had in downtown Vegas or anywhere for $40.

That said, it’s not a $200+ room at The Palazzo or Encore who’s rooms suites cost 5 times as much per night not including resort fee.

I forgot to take a picture of the TV but it had one of the best HD signals I’ve seen on a TV. The tour will culminate with a video of the entire room. Leave a comment if you have any specific questions.

The D King Room from East Coast Gambler on Vimeo.

Grass And Trees In Vegas

I’m not from Las Vegas. You can here it when I speak. This will always be Vegas to me. You know, eating, drinking and gambling on the Vegas strip or downtown Vegas or even my local casinos. That’s why it always amazes me when I find things you’ll see in a “normal” city.

I was in dire need of caffeine today and decided that the home brew wouldn’t be good enough so I got in my car and hit one of three Starbucks within half a mile of my house for an iced skinny latte (I actually got two). The latte’s did just what I wanted. But I digress.

Today I found what seems to be an average run of the mill park. The park has all the swings and stuff a kid could need and there’s real grass, trees, picnic tables and BBQ’s. Who knew?! My vitamin D break (lunch in the sun) for the day was splendid. It’s amazing to see how relatively normal Vegas can be when you leave the strip.

PS: Instead of going to the office after lunch I went to Red Rock Resort to grab a beer and play a little video poker. You can find pictures of the multitude of 4OAK’s on tumblr. Then I decided to grab another latte head back to the office.

Testing Roulette

Remember yesterday? I do. It was Wednesday. I had coffee and banana bread at Starbucks for breakfast and a salad for lunch and leftovers for dinner. There was also this story about “19 Hits 7 StraightTimes on Roulette at Rio“. I thought there was possibly something fishy going on and there was.

“There was no one playing at that table,”Rio Las Vegas Hotel & Casino spokesman Gary Thompson told The Detroit News on Wednesday. “It was just a diagnostic test being done.”

Nothing really sketchy, just maintenance. I guess we’ll have to wait for that hundred billion to one shots to happen. Oh well, we’ll have to look elsewhere for an Ocean’s 13 moment.

Vegas Vacation Notes

I used to take notes when I went on trips to Atlantic City and even sometimes in Las Vegas but I haven’t done it in a while. Last week a friend was in town and I took notes and caught much of what I did. As always there are a couple holes in my memory, but that happens. I’ll be writing up most of the trip between AC2LV and Vegas Chatter.

The photo above is the view of CityCenter from my room at Planet Hollywood.

UPDATE: This story was retitled from the original “staycation”, because I hate that word.

Car broke
Harrahs Check in
Diamond Lounge 1 drink turns to 4
Room old, but nice
Diamond Lounge 1 drink turns to 3. Waiter remembers us.
Craps, down $97. Then $3 hard 6, $5 hard 6, $5 hard 6, $5 hard 6 out. Bets for the boys and shooter.
Cosmo packed.
Henry Sucked. Music Sucked. Biggest buzzkill.
Cab line 20-30 minutes.
Walked to PH, no cab line.

.25 BP VP
Check in to PH
Room fine
Cochon – AWESOME
Chandelier Bar
Caesars Craps Lesson & VP

Room coffee bad
Drop car to be fixed
Coffee Bean – Hard chairs, slow wifi
Afternoon – something sober
Striphouse – good steak, spicy wine
Peepshow – Almost fell asleep
Drinks/VP @ Sportsbook bar – bad
Hangover slots – mesmerizing, but too much $$$
UPDATE: PH BJ, TX woman, Staying on 12, BAD JUJU, lose
Gigantic Sevens – awesome
Dragons Spinning – awesomer
Heinekin Light

Early rise
Room coffee still bad
Starbucks diamond line returns
Starbucks now has wifi
Afternoon – something sober
Diamond Lounge – Vegas Bomb, snacks
Caesars – Casa Fuente – cigars & sangria
Caesars – Drinks @ Lobby bar
Cosmo – Pizza, girl burp loud
Cosmo – Girls like shoes

Early rise
Room coffee – put in machine, forgot to make it
Starbucks – Alcove near mall – write
Lunch @ Holsteins – Cereal Bowl Shake, Mike Tyson, Roberto Duran
El Cortez – $3 single deck BJ, $5 Pai Gow, $3 Craps, Dudes on Don’t = jerks
3 bands playing
Four Queens 2-1 buffet
6:5 blackjack
penny 100 play video poker
back to PH

Early rise
Room coffee – still nasty
Starbucks packed – TGFD!
Late Check out
In and Out

Step Off…Step Off!

On my last trip to Las Vegas I was yelled at while I skipped a line of about 20 people at Starbucks at Planet Hollywood because I have a Diamond Card.  Judging from the girls at the counter this happens a lot in Vegas.  People don’t like being slighted for people that gamble more.

I used to be shy about this privilege, but after watching others do it with no problem and hating lines I’ve grown out of that shyness and just take what the casinos give me.  It’s a nice perk that I only get a Harrah’s properties so I enjoy it.

The latest Seven Stars Insider posted to a link to an article that talks about why Harrah’s caters so much to their big spenders.

June 2004 relaunch introduced a fourth tier (Seven Stars) to the (Total) rewards program that caters to the 0.15 percent of customers who contribute 12 percent of Harrah’s revenue.

As many know the old saying that 20% of tax payers contribute 80% of the revenue.  This isn’t much of a surprise as that’s the case with many markets.  This is the first time I’ve seen numbers put to gamblers.

I don’t need any further reason to use the “privileges” of my Diamond card, but the next time some jerk cuts the line you’ll understand why.

Photo: Harrahs Blog

By the way, if you’re interested in Harrah’s direct marketing efforts there’s some good information in the source article.