Celebrate Sailor Jerry Day June 12 at Hog & Heifers

Hogs And Heifers Downtown Las Vegas
Hogs And Heifers

I’m not a fan of Hogs And Heifers because it’s crazy smokey and I don’t like country music or bartenders yelling into a megaphone (GOML). That being said, I’m always looking for an excuse to use this picture that I snapped of Hogs And Heifers in Downtown Vegas at 11am. The place was bumpin and I couldn’t even fit all of the motorcycles into the frame of this picture. People love Hogs And Heifers and it’s always a party.

With that in mind this event is a perfect fit for those of you who are into the HnH, tattoos and Sailor Jerry – the booze and the man. Here are the details:

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