Holy Crap! This Original Star Trek Slot Machine Is Cool…Until You See Tribbles. Then It’s AWESOME!

Star Trek Starship Enterprise Tribble Bonus
Star Trek Tribble Bonus!

I’m not a Trekkie or a Trekker but I have some memory of the original Star Trek TV show with William Shatner. I was more of a Star Wars kid but that’s besides the point. I love this preview of this new Star Trek Starship Enterprise slot machine by WMS Gaming.

There are a lot of cool elements to this game but the Tribble Bonus round is what took this from another cool retro video slot machine to an awesome retro slot machine that I will definitely play!

More details on the game after the video. What do you think?


Featuring two 5×3 arrays with KIRK and SPOCK symbols that transfer to a 5×9 Enterprise array, the STAR TREK Starship Enterprise™ game takes you to a whole new frontier. Set your Phasers to stun in the Phaser WILDs Feature and watch the Enterprise fire down, transferring WILD symbols from the main reel array to its corresponding Enterprise array and turning the full reel WILD. 

But that’s not all — spin the reels in the Energize Feature to see KIRK and SPOCK symbols beam over to their corresponding reels for a chance at even bigger wins. With multiple bonuses such as the Red Alert Free Spins, The Trouble With Tribbles™ Free Spins and the Crystal Capture Bonus, enhanced by the synchronized motion of the Sensory Immersion 2.0 chair, players will find themselves sitting in the captain’s chair of the Enterprise as KIRK himself did, facing action and excitement as they explore
the final frontier!