Aria Marquee Is A Symbol Of The Changing Vegas Strip

Aria Marquee At Night
Aria Marquee At Night

I find a lot of things in the Vegas media funny. Las Vegas is the #42 television market but plenty of people in the media and marketing departments acts as if Vegas is a top 5 market. When I saw press releases and news stories about the Aria marquee I laughed. It’s a sign. In what major market does mainstream (and non-mainstream) media go nuts over a sign? None.

I’ve seen the Aria marquee a handful of times and just thought it was another sign and nothing really special. It’s just a sign but how I thought about the Aria marquee changed a few weeks ago when I was driving to New York-New York to meet a friend for a drink. I was passing the Aria marquee around dusk and it was almost magical.

The mall across the street on the Harmon Corner has a bright huge sign that’s more annoying than useful or interesting since it’s all advertising. I don’t need or want to see advertising that big. It’s distracting and dangerous. The Cosmopolitan has a pretty cool marquee by the boulevard pool but that’s because the content on it is interesting. Sometimes you’ll see ads for the hotel and other times you can see concerts. The concept is great but the marquee is tiny compared to the Aria marquee. You can fit about 4 marquees from the Cosmo inside of the Aria marquee.

The Aria marquee is huge and juts out onto the strip. When I passed by the Aria marquee it was showing casino chips and other cool video snippets like the astronaut above. There was nothing obscene or overly promotional on the sign. It’s just a cool big sign that’s as obnoxiously large as you’d expect from the Vegas Strip (for better or worse).

The Aria marquee isn’t the dawn of the new Vegas strip but it is a sign (pun intended) that a new strip is coming.

Between the giant ferris wheel of The Linq being built across the street from Caesars PalaceThe Quad vortex lighting being installed right now, Gansevoort construction across the street from Bally’s and the park area in between New York-New York and Monte Carlo there is a lot of construction on the Vegas strip. This doesn’t even touch on the north strip construction going on.

The Aria marquee reminded me about all of this and also reminded me that the way see the strip will change drastically over the next few years. Enjoy the memory of the Vegas strip you grew up with because it will be drastically different by this time next year.

Hey Dummy Planet Hollywood is Over Here!

Planet Hollywood is undergoing a few minor renovations to add balconies, modify ramps and to add signs to make it easier to find entrances to the casino.  They’re concerned that people will get it confused with the Cosmopolitan opening across the street.

With MGM Resorts International’s CityCenter complex across the street and the Cosmopolitan soon to open, Harrah’s Entertainment wants its guests to be sure which casino they’re entering.

Cosmopolitan and Planet Hollywood are on opposite sides of the street.  While I can see people confusing Cosmopolitan with CityCenter I can’t imagine people getting Planet Hollywood confused with CityCenter or Cosmopolitan unless they’re inebriated and/or dumb.  I think they’re just adding the signage and updating the ramps so they could get approval for the outdoor seating for their restaurants.

photo: Las Vegas Sun

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs

It seems as if a new sign on the Las Vegas strip is a news worthy item.  With that being said, the Cosmopolitan‘s marquee took life yesterday.

Photo: Las Vegas Sun

It looks very cool.  Nice, big and bright and will light up the strip nicely and unlike its neighbor CityCenter.  It’s still a sign, it takes a little more too get me excited.  I’m not really one that likes the tease.  Just give me the steak already, I’m already stoked.  Here’s the inspiration for the subject.