G2E Preview: New Shuffle Master Games

3 Card Poker Bonus Bet At Caesars Casinos by Shuffle Master
3 Card Poker by Shuffle Master

Shuffle Master was rebranded as SHFL a couple of years ago but was purchased by Bally Technologies. Shortly after that acquisition Bally Technologies was purchased by Scientific Games. In the video below it seems as though Scientific Games has reverted to the old branding of Shuffle Master. Got it? Okay.

The video below shows a tease of new Shuffle Master table games that will debut at G2E. Shuffle Master controls most of the space on the casino floor that’s devoted to Carnival Games. They’re called Carnival Games mostly by traditionalists that grew up with blackjack, craps, roulette and slot machines occupying the casino floor.

Carnival Games are the newer casino games like 3 Card Poker, Mississippi Stud Poker and so on. It’s easier for a company like Shuffle Master to test a new game in place of one of their 3 Card Poker games, for example, than it is for a new manufacturer looking for extra space on the casino floor.

Do any of the titles in the preview below sound interesting? Leave a comment and I’ll try to get some information on that game.

I’ll get more information on the branding as we get closer to G2E but that’s not important right now.

Rapid Craps!

Rapid Craps is a new way to play craps and not an illness from bad Chinese food.  The name gives giggles and is too easy to poke fun at.  I’ve never seen the game, but thanks to Five Hundy By Midnight I had a few chuckles about Rapid Craps.  The game wasn’t in Atlantic City when I was there a few weeks ago, so consider this a Vegas exclusive.

I love craps and rapid craps is the newest in a line of “Rapid” games from Shuffle Master. As described in the press release:

Rapid Craps™ combines a traditional craps table and live dice throwing with up to 20 touch-screen betting terminals. By automating many of the game’s elements which make it costly to operate, Rapid Craps increases game productivity and security.

I don’t really like roulette, but the redeeming quality of the game is the social interaction between the players.  I fear that Rapid Craps would do the same for the game – especially with room for 20 players.  Something doesn’t jive here with me.  I will look at this game and probably stay away.  If that changes on my next trip I’ll let you know.

Check the PDF for pictures and more details.