Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Is Coming To Vegas And George Wallace Will Make You Laugh

Jerry Seinfeld And George Wallace At Peppermill Diner Las Vegas
Jerry Seinfeld And George Wallace

I’m one of those obnoxious people who have seen every episode of Seinfeld twenty times and can make quotes from the show fit any occasion. Yes, I like Jerry Seinfeld.

I love everything about his new online-only show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. It’s a great concept – get a respected funny guy, Jerry Seinfeld, doing quick interviews with other funny people in coffee shops and fancy cars. Since most of the participants are Seinfeld’s friends many of episodes are over before you know it.

The next season of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee begins on June 19th and comes to Vegas when Jerry Seinfeld grabs some coffee with George Wallace at the world-famous Peppermill Diner.

I know I’m easily amused but the quick snippet of their interview in the promo for the new season made me laugh out loud. Seriously, I LOL’d. Check it out.

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is available online at Crackle. Download the iPhone/iPad app for free.

It’s Freezing In Las Vegas Today

I’m from New York City and I don’t have blood as thick as someone from Buffalo but I’m rarely cold. This morning I received a freeze warning on my iPad. This is Las Vegas and freeze warnings aren’t really normal. I worried that I may be getting weak when I went outside for the first time. I was cold. Then again, I was still in my sleepwear with no socks.

When I left my house this morning in my hoodie and shorts I wasn’t cold. However, the locals around me were all wearing winter gear as if there was a snow storm looming. It reminded me of this scene from Seinfeld.

It’s supposed to be in the 40’s if you plan to visit Vegas this weekend. It’s not a big deal if you’re casino hopping as long as it doesn’t get too windy. If you’ve never seen snow in Vegas, check out this pic from when I moved to Las Vegas two years ago. The roads were dry by lunch.


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Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown Time!

It’s time for the Kentucky Derby and the beginning of the Triple Crown of horse racing.  It is supposed to rain all day tomorrow.  I’m not sure what that means for the races, but that usually only favors a few horses.  I’ll do research just before the race and tumble or tweet my picks.  Here are the odds from

If you have a real strong feeling and want to go for broke there are odds if anyone will be a triple crown winner this year.  I wouldn’t make a -800 bet, but that’s the odds of no Triple Crown winner and the smart money.

Earlier this week there was an awesome and funny twitter meme #SeinfeldDerbyHorseNames.  I know Seinfeld like the back of my hand.  There were tons of funny entries.  Here is a sample, but check out the up to date offerings.

  • calbears96 1. Gipple 2. Mulva 3. Man Hands 4. Eats peas with a fork 5. Stella! 6. Be my latex salesman #SeinfeldDerbyHorseNames
  • Coach_07840 @richeisen: Master Of His Domain #SeinfeldDerbyHorseNames
  • bonilla_ #SeinfeldDerbyHorseNames Hello Newman, No Soup For You, and Master of My Domain
  • dPain119: #SeinfeldDerbyHorseNames “Puddy”
  • noel_nitecki Take The Pen #SeinfeldDerbyHorseNames