I’ll Be Guest Starring on “High Rollers” Next Year

If you read my writing enough, you’ll know I love coffee and I go to coffee shops to write pretty often. A couple weeks ago I was craving a hazelnut latte and there’s only one place I’d get that from – Sambalatte.

Besides having the best coffee in Las Vegas, Sambalatte makes great flavored latte’s because they only gently flavor the drinks. Most places add too much syrup and overpower the latte. Of course, they’re usually trying to hide their mediocre coffee.


Sorry to digress, I just love Sambalatte and encourage any coffee lover in Vegas to stay away. It’s small and crowded. I need my space. Seriously, you should go to Sambalatte…It’s awesome.

Back to “High Rollers”. I was writing up a couple entries for Get Vegas Apps when a TV crew walked into Sambalatte. They were hanging signs and warning customers that they would be shooting a reality TV show in a little while, so if we didn’t want to appear on the show we should leave.

The production crew didn’t know the name of the show, but said it would be like Real Housewives of Vegas. A little research showed me that the show would be called “High Rollers” and would feature poker pro Jenn Harmon and some rich broads.

I’ve been on TV before so I wasn’t bothered. At minimum I’m in the background of the deep conversation the show (photo above), but who knows. If you want to find me look for the guy in the NY Yankees hat when the show airs on TLC next year.

A Little East Coast Love Comes West

If you’re an east coaster like I am you are very familiar with Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts may have the word donut in the name, but they’re known for their coffee more, if not the same as the donuts.

The donuts may not be the best you’ll find in any city, but they’re usually passable. However, their coffee is smooth and not harsh like Starbucks. I like strong coffee, but I don’t necessarily like bitter coffee.

I love my coffee and when I want a simple, not complex cup I’ll head to one of three Dunkin Donuts in Las Vegas. I have about 15 closer coffee shops closer than The D (one of many nicknames), but none offer similar cups of coffee.

If you follow me on twitter you know may know that I live near the best coffee in Vegas, Sambalatte. Sambalatte is fantastic for a high quality brew, but it doesn’t offer the same experience that DD does.

Every cup of coffee tells its own story in its own way. Dunkin Donuts is like a big hug from my friends back east with a New York or New Jersey accent.

Dunkin Donuts has been growing a lot over the past few years. This week @DunkinDonutsLV launched and I immediately followed to keep up with my local Dunkin. While I was working Monday they hada twitter contest and I was lucky enough to be chosen as a winner!

Sprinkles, Dunkin Donuts Las Vegas’ mascot (above) paid me a visit and brought along with a box of donuts (below)….

Box of Dunkin Donuts
Box of Dunkin Donuts

and thermos of their new Black Cocoa Creme Iced Coffee (below).

Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee
Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee

I drank the entire thermos of coffee and almost ran through a wall. The Black Cocoa Creme Iced Coffee isn’t something I’d ever think to order, but it was awesome. It was like an iced mocha without the gnarly aftertaste you often get.

Dunkin Donuts has no idea that I have a blog or that I write as they found me on my personal twitter account where I rarely talk about my writing. I don’t care if they find out, but I’m not going to showboat that I spent 20 minutes writing about this experience.

Whatever the case may be, this gave me an excuse to talk a) about coffee and b) Dunkin Donuts. Two things I like…a bit too much.

PS: You can always feel free to donate $3 to my coffee fund so I can get all caffeinated.