Rumor: Plaza Becoming Union Plaza Again

The Plaza Hotel will be receiving a slew of renovations as well as a name change to Union Plaza.  This will coincide with renovations to two other downtown casinos – the Las Vegas Club Hotel and Casino and the Western Hotel and Casino.

(Anthony F.) Santo, who is a consultant for Tamares, the landlord of the three properties, said negotiations are under way for a $20 million loan to refurbish the rooms at the Plaza and to rename it the Union Plaza.

There also will be theme changes in the Las Vegas Club, he said. He added that the Western will see fewer changes, with some possible slot machine upgrades for its mostly locals market.

During the remodeling at the Plaza, some customers will be moved to the Las Vegas Club, Santo told the board.

Any updates downtown should be a good thing.  The name change brings the Plaza hotel back to its original name.  It would be nice to see the property cleaned up – even if it’s just on the surface.

Rumor: Mandalay Bay and Las Vegas Hilton For Sale?

Robin Leach has been on fire with somewhat interesting rumors this past week.  One of his quick hits this week is that Mandalay Bay and Las Vegas Hilton may have new owners soon.

I’m hearing that a group of well-heeled moneymen has decided that it’s time to start buying again in Las Vegas, and they have started discussions to bid on Mandalay Bay or the Las Vegas Hilton

There seems to be a few investors looking to get into Las Vegas casinos with properties being available at bottom dollar.  Investor John Paulson has been the most recent money man getting in on the action, purchasing almost 10% of Harrah’s.

This is only rumor and it’s from Robin Leach, so I’m not going spend much thought on what the future may hold for the properties.  I wonder who else is sniffing around.

Rumors: Susan Boyle to Planet Hollywood?

Rumors have been flying around the internet this week that Simon Cowell  has been talking to Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas about bringing a show featuring Susan Boyle to the United States.

I don’t watch any of the talent reality shows on TV and I don’t care about Susan Boyle, but people seem to be captivated by her.  I think if she comes to Planet Hollywood quickly they can have a nice, profitable, run with her.  If this takes too long to happen her 15 minutes of fame may be up.  PH – Hurry up if you want to win!