SLS Las Vegas May Be Happening

It’s being reported that the SLS Las Vegas will be breaking ground today on the sight of where the Sahara once stood. Well, Sahara still stands but it’s not open. I’m still not sure that the SLS will ever be built and I’ll believe it when I see it.

I hope this casino does happen because I like new shiny things in Vegas. I’m conflicted on the reality of this so I’ll do a quick roundup of articles about the hotel instead.

Photo: FastLaneMag

Las Vegas Roundup

As I’ve mentioned I’ve been prepping for a move and haven’t had much time for ECG the past couple weeks.  I wanted to share a few articles that I’ve enjoyed recently just in case anyone missed them.

This roundup is all Las Vegas.  I love Vegas!

CityCenter Opens!

There has been much talk about CityCenter, and its parts, opening to the public.  After reading many articles and listening to a slew of podcasts my feelings are mixed.

I’m excited to look at the shiny new “city” of buildings but I’m also managing expectations because many flaws have been pointed out to me.

I want to share the pictures and articles that I’ve read over the past week.  There is plenty of eye candy and reading below.