G2E Preview: New Shuffle Master Games

3 Card Poker Bonus Bet At Caesars Casinos by Shuffle Master
3 Card Poker by Shuffle Master

Shuffle Master was rebranded as SHFL a couple of years ago but was purchased by Bally Technologies. Shortly after that acquisition Bally Technologies was purchased by Scientific Games. In the video below it seems as though Scientific Games has reverted to the old branding of Shuffle Master. Got it? Okay.

The video below shows a tease of new Shuffle Master table games that will debut at G2E. Shuffle Master controls most of the space on the casino floor that’s devoted to Carnival Games. They’re called Carnival Games mostly by traditionalists that grew up with blackjack, craps, roulette and slot machines occupying the casino floor.

Carnival Games are the newer casino games like 3 Card Poker, Mississippi Stud Poker and so on. It’s easier for a company like Shuffle Master to test a new game in place of one of their 3 Card Poker games, for example, than it is for a new manufacturer looking for extra space on the casino floor.

Do any of the titles in the preview below sound interesting? Leave a comment and I’ll try to get some information on that game.

I’ll get more information on the branding as we get closer to G2E but that’s not important right now.

Looks Like Blackjack Is Coming To MyVegas Mobile

MyVegas Mobile

A couple of days ago I found a survey from MyVegas that asks a lot of questions about playing blackjack on mobile devices.

MyVegas Survey
MyVegas Survey – Blackjack Mobile

If blackjack was an available on MyVegas mobile I would give it a whirl. Right now I play blackjack on my mobile devices with the ODDcase blackjack training app. It looks great, reminds me when I make a bad move and helps me keep count of the cards. If there was an aesthetically appealing option for MyVegas I’d give it a whirl.

It also looks like MyVegas is even contemplating adding more table games to the Facebook version of MyVegas.

MyVegas Table Game Options
MyVegas Table Game Options

When I play MyVegas on Facebook I usually just let the slot machine games run in the background on another tab and check in to see if I have a bonus round to activate. When I’m bored with my day I’ll fire up blackjack. If any of the other games in this survey were available, besides roulette, I’d give it a whirl.

There are some open-ended table game questions and I recommended that they add craps. I’m guessing it’s difficult to create an exact replica of a craps game based on true odds and that’s why it was left off of the survey.

There’s nothing official about new games for MyVegas yet. This is just speculation for based on the MyVegas survey. Here are some quick links for you.

Average Ticket Price For A Vegas Show Is Over $80

Britney Spears Til The World Ends Las Vegas
Britney Spears

I’m not a show guy so it comes as a surprise to me that the average price for a Vegas show ticket is $82.86. It’s only a $2 increase from last year which isn’t bad at all. Call me crazy but I’d rather spend an hour or two doing any of the following with $80:

  1. Eat steak
  2. Drink beer, vodka or scotch
  3. Gamble at any game. Even roulette.

The past 3 shows I’ve seen have been comp’d by PR people but I’ll pay to see any of them again sometime in the near future. Absinthe, Vegas Nocturn (at Rose.Rabbit.Lie.) and Britney Spears were all different but fun experiences. Any of these shows would be worth me skipping steak, drinking or gambling. Britney Spears was exactly what I expected while the others were different and interesting enough for me to sit still for an hour.

NEVER pay full price for show tickets. Anyone that knows anything about Vegas doesn’t pay full price for show tickets. Here are some options for discounted show tickets in Vegas.

I guess the face value of my next show ticket will be $82+. Hopefully I’m not bored and wishing I was playing craps or even worse on the verge of falling asleep like when I saw Peepshow.

Google Glass Goes Gambling

Google Glass Goes Gambling In Atlantic City Casino
Google Glass Goes Gambling

First, casino operators were okay with Google Glass being worn in their casinos then someone told them what Google Glass is and they changed their mind and said Google Glass wouldn’t be welcome in their casinos.

Well, casinos are big and Google Glass is new and small so someone was able to make his way into an Atlantic City casino (looks like Caesars to me) and play some slot machines before a roulette dealer tells him to remove them. Check it out.

In typical east coast fashion nobody looks at him so nobody even notices that he’s wearing Google Glass. As this technology grows in popularity security will know what to look for but this is a fun first person point of view walking into a casino. For security sake, the dealer knew to ask him to remove the Google Glass when he revealed what he was wearing. You can see how easy it is to use Google Glass as an illegal recording device.

On a tech side the Google Glass video looks similar to Go Pro video but a lesser quality. Still, it’s pretty good quality for glasses with a video camera. While I think Google Glass is cool, I don’t want people wearing them around me. They’re a little creepy.

You can read more about what it’s like wearing Google Glass in a casino at Venture Beat.

Roulette Is Evil. Here’s The Proof.

Do you believe that roulette is evil? I don’t like roulette so I you can put me in the category of people that find these game evil although I don’t find roulette as evil as I do boring.

When I was looking for a roulette wheel for yesterday’s 666 article, I came across an article that opens the door onto the true evils of roulette.

Roulette history rumors that the game was invented by a mad Chinese monk way back in the fourteenth century. The truth is no one really knows who the true founder of the game really is but the legend makes room for a great topic of conversation amongst casino dealers and those interested in the game.

The rumor goes along these lines, this Chinese monk invented the game of roulette but then while trying to find a system to crack the game went mad and killed himself he apparently added several references to the number 666 all over roulette.

  • For instance add all the numbers on the roulette wheel 1 thru 36 and they total exactly 666.
  • Add any three numbers on the layout horizontally and you will always get a reference to the number 6. Eg. 1+2+3=6 , 16+17+18=51 (added together 5+1=6)
  • Add any three numbers diagonally and get a number that relates to 6. Eg. 28+26+24=78 then 7+8=15 then 1+5=6 or 3+5+7=15 then 1+5=6
  • Add the numbers making up each dozen and you get 78 for the first dozen 7+8=15 then 1+5=6 Second dozen gives you 222 then 2+2+2=6 Third dozen 366 then 3+6+6=15 then 1+5=6
  • The funny thing is the game of roulette is marked with the number 6 all throughout, it’s up to you whether or not you believe the Chinese mad monk inventing roulette story or not.

If you’re a roulette player these evils are definitely something to consider. I don’t mess with the supernatural and this just gives me more reason to avoid roulette.

My timing is off. I know. Halloween would have been a better period to bring evil into casino gaming. Regardless, this is fun and I’ll stick to craps. 🙂

Here are some links if you want to add the number of the beast to your holiday gifts.

Iron Maiden – “Number of the Beast” remastered CD
Iron Maiden – “Number of the Beast” single download
Iron Maiden – “Number of the Beast” Vinyl Picture Disc
Roulette Wheel and Felt
Shot Glass Roulette Game

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Roulette Is The Beast

It’s always fun when I can find an excuse to work Iron Maiden into my day. Today’s “Number Of The Beast” tidbit is that the numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666. As we all know, 666 is the number of the beast. If you’re not aware, please enjoy the video below.

Here are some links if you want to add the number of the beast to your holiday gifts.

Iron Maiden – “Number of the Beast” remastered CD
Iron Maiden – “Number of the Beast” single download
Iron Maiden – “Number of the Beast” Vinyl Picture Disc
Roulette Wheel and Felt
Shot Glass Roulette Game

Testing Roulette

Remember yesterday? I do. It was Wednesday. I had coffee and banana bread at Starbucks for breakfast and a salad for lunch and leftovers for dinner. There was also this story about “19 Hits 7 StraightTimes on Roulette at Rio“. I thought there was possibly something fishy going on and there was.

“There was no one playing at that table,”Rio Las Vegas Hotel & Casino spokesman Gary Thompson told The Detroit News on Wednesday. “It was just a diagnostic test being done.”

Nothing really sketchy, just maintenance. I guess we’ll have to wait for that hundred billion to one shots to happen. Oh well, we’ll have to look elsewhere for an Ocean’s 13 moment.

19 Hits 7 Straight Times on Roulette at Rio

I don’t play much roulette so I haven’t seen anything like this before. The photo above shows the number 19 hitting 7 times in a row and 8 times in 9 spins. Hot damn! What are the odds of that happening? I’m glad you asked.

The website Beyond the Best crunched the numbers and calculated the odds of the 19s hitting seven times in succession as 114 billion to 1.

Obviously, hitting 8 times in 9 spins is even a bigger number. Seeing 20 hit 4 of the 6 previous spins would lead me to think that there’s some shady business here, but nothing has been found just yet.

Contacted this afternoon to ask for verification of the event and if the wheel has since been tested to make sure it is properly balanced and calibrated, Caesars Entertainment officials had not yet learned of the event.

I can be a conspiracy theorist and say that there’s some Ocean’s 13 shadiness going on here, but I just don’t see someone going to Rio to do that. Especially during the World Series of Poker. Then again, maybe that the genius here.

Photo: Las Vegas Sun

Venetian Renovations Almost Complete

I usually visit Venetian a couple times a week, but haven’t been here in a couple of weeks as I was staying next door at Palazzo then stayed away from the strip for Christmas. In that time there has been major progress in the construction to the walkway from the parking garage into the Grand Canal Shops.

The photo above should give an idea of the Italian inspired wall trimmings and marble flooring. The floors look similar to the marble floors in the casino that aren’t in the lobby. Thankfully they don’t make me as dizzy or remind me of the video game Q-Bert.

Venetian Construction
Venetian Construction

While the ceilings aren’t complete, you can get an idea of what it will look like. The floors seem to be complete as you can see from the picture above. One half of the walls are also complete with fixtures and trimmings as you can see below (click image for larger size).

Something I’ve never seen before are tables being laid out with new felt. I always assumed this was done behind the scenes but I snapped this picture of a couple of felts while a worker was stapling felt to a roulette table.

Venetian Construction
Venetian Construction

The rest of the casino floor seems to be almost cleaned, but to my disappointment my favorite penny Top Dollar slot machine was blocked off. That’s probably a good thing since I usually lose money there.