Average Ticket Price For A Vegas Show Is Over $80

Britney Spears Til The World Ends Las Vegas
Britney Spears

I’m not a show guy so it comes as a surprise to me that the average price for a Vegas show ticket is $82.86. It’s only a $2 increase from last year which isn’t bad at all. Call me crazy but I’d rather spend an hour or two doing any of the following with $80:

  1. Eat steak
  2. Drink beer, vodka or scotch
  3. Gamble at any game. Even roulette.

The past 3 shows I’ve seen have been comp’d by PR people but I’ll pay to see any of them again sometime in the near future. Absinthe, Vegas Nocturn (at Rose.Rabbit.Lie.) and Britney Spears were all different but fun experiences. Any of these shows would be worth me skipping steak, drinking or gambling. Britney Spears was exactly what I expected while the others were different and interesting enough for me to sit still for an hour.

NEVER pay full price for show tickets. Anyone that knows anything about Vegas doesn’t pay full price for show tickets. Here are some options for discounted show tickets in Vegas.

I guess the face value of my next show ticket will be $82+. Hopefully I’m not bored and wishing I was playing craps or even worse on the verge of falling asleep like when I saw Peepshow.