Slotzilla Should Be Open This Friday At Noon

Watching people fly overhead on Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas is fun but I’ll never do it. According to Fremont Street Experience on twitter you’ll be able to do that again as soon this weekend. Slotzilla should be open as soon as Friday at noon.

PS: You’ll never see me on this thing no matter how cool it looks

SlotZilla Is Awesome, But Hell No!

Last week Fremont Street Bars reported that that SlotZilla was coming to Las Vegas. SlotZilla will be a super-charged zip line that looks like a slot machine. SlotZilla will replace the current Flightlinez zip line, who’s temporary structure looks like something from a travelling ghetto carnival. Yesterday Fremont Street Experience held a press conference with an official announcement about SlotZilla.

What’s billed as the world’s largest slot machine will dispense people instead of cash in June when the Fremont Street Experience unveils SlotZilla, a towering launch pad for new permanent zip lines beneath Fremont’s LED canopy.

Ground will be broken after the New Year’s holiday on the 120-foot tower that will double capacity on the existing temporary zip-line attraction that will feature a first-of-its-kind “power launch” system to shoot riders at accelerated speeds.

SlotZilla looks and sounds awesome! Check out this video describing how SlotZilla will work.

I’m afraid of heights. I don’t even like watching people on Zip lines. As awesome as SlotZilla looks I’ll never ride it and I will probably watch it once, say “OH HELL NO” and never look at it again.

That said, SlotZilla will be set up near El Cortez and The Beat so when it goes live next year I’ll grab some pictures before seeing people fly out of it. Yikes.