Local Eats: 595 Craft and Kitchen

595 Craft and Kitchen
595 Craft and Kitchen

595 Craft and Kitchen opened in Spring Valley in the summer of 2017. I specifically remember that I was watching one of the Star Wars movies when I was asked to join a friend to check it out. You can usually count me in to explore a bar/restaurant with burgers and craft beer.

The first visit was very good. The wings were tasty but a bit pricey for the burbs ($9 for a small order). The Pork Belly Burger ($13) with hoisin sambal glaze, cabbage slaw, seared pork belly, and Gochujang Aioli was fantastic.


595 Craft and Kitchen Pork Belly Burger
595 Craft and Kitchen Pork Belly Burger

The burger was delicious. The pork belly was delicious. Together there was a bit too much flavor. It was kind of overwhelming my mouth. I added a beer from Deftones singer, Chino Moreno, and left overstuffed with a wallet a bit lighter than expected.

The downside to the visit was that service was below average. The waiter was a bit slow and didn’t seem to know the beer or food menus very well. I guess I just expected more from a local bar/restaurant. I’m happy to say that the service was much better on a return visit.

595 Craft And Kitchen Pork Belly Bahn Mi
595 Craft And Kitchen Pork Belly Bahn Mi

I visited 595 Craft and Kitchen again for lunch just before heading east for Zorkfest. This time I opted for the Pork Belly Banh Mi. I figured the pork belly without the burger would be delicious and filling enough for lunch. I was right.

The sandwich is served on a baguette and is topped with hoisin sambal glaze, cucumber, pickled daikon, carrot, cilantro, and mayo. I opted out of Jalapeños assuming (correctly) that there would be enough flavor.

I love bahn mi but I don’t come across them often at a bar. While the burger is very good, the bahn mi in combination with a local Able Baker beer was unique and perfect for the day.

The waiter on this visit was extremely helpful and offered a beer that’s hoppy but not too hoppy. I understand that this request can make bartenders and waiters crazy. It’s nice when the server doesn’t look at me like I have three heads when I say this. 🙂

I later learned that the bar orders small batches of beer and rotates their taps often so there is almost something new every month or so. I dig that!

595 Craft And Kitchen Beer Cheese
595 Craft And Kitchen Beer Cheese

The beer cheese is good. Seriously, bacon makes everything better. The star of this dish is the pretzel bites that didn’t even need the cheesy love.

In addition to the great service from the waiter, we talked with one of the owners Van-Alan Nguyen for a while. He’s a nice and smart guy from California with burger experience from In N Out Burger.

He’s an accelerated beer nerd and knows about as much as any beer guy I’ve met. He can also go into head-spinning details about how the food is sourced and prepared. It was nice to have a few minutes to learn about what goes into choosing the food and drinks available in a restaurant.

Good food and good beer are usually a recipe for success in my book. I can see myself returning a few times this year even though it’s a little out of the range from my hood.

595 Craft and Kitchen is located at 4950 South Rainbow Blvd.

Visit 595craftandkitchen.com for more information.

Local Eats: Baguette Cafe

Baguette Cafe
Trio of bites for lunch at Baguette Cafe

I cover mostly touristy parts of Las Vegas for work. I started Local Eats to write about restaurants around Las Vegas that are away from the Vegas Strip. Most of these restaurants are on the west side of town since that’s where I live. The majority of the restaurants and cafe’s are new to me since I don’t eat out around here often.

Since visiting Baguette Cafe I’ve learned that this unassuming French cafe in an office plaza is one of the hidden gems in Las Vegas. Somehow, the name never made it to me until this summer. The cafe wasn’t easy to find as both Google and Apple maps took me to different entrances to the office plaza.

I was invited to lunch by two people who looooooove Baguette Cafe so I let them order. We shared an eggplant curry sandwich, prosciutto sandwich, and a veggie Quiche. I would never have ordered any of these items but I’m always up for a new experience. Everything we ate was very good. Like very good.

This was my first time eating Quiche. The veggie version was delicious and probably the best thing I ate at Baguette Cafe. Veggies usually turn me off but I tasted some kind of smokiness in the eggs and it was fantastic.

The prosciutto sandwich was also very good. This is the lone item I might order on my own. I’d add from fresh mozzarella and a little olive oil but that’s my personal taste. The star of this sandwich was actually the delicious bread. I think a dab of oil would have made me flip the table over with exuberance. It’s probably a good thing it was a dry sandwich for this lunch.

The biggest surprise was the eggplant curry. This sandwich was also very good but it had a weird effect on me. I enjoyed the little piece we shared but I’d never order a full sandwich. Curry is just not a flavor I crave.

I’ve never heard of curry on a sandwich before. I appreciated the unique option to eat curry. The curry sauce helped to highlight the delicious bread. If you like curry, you must try one of these sandwiches.

Overall, I really enjoyed Baguette Cafe. The “problem” here is that it gets so busy at noon when the office buildings unleash the masses for lunch. Thankfully, the wise Baguette Cafe veterans knew this and set an early lunch time so we had a table and didn’t wait for food. I’d stop here if I’m in the area looking for an early lunch or early dinner during the week.

I’d stop at Baguette Cafe again if I’m in the area looking for an early lunch or early dinner during the week. It seems as though are many very good French bakeries on the west side of Las Vegas. Nothing wrong with that.

Baguette Cafe is at 8359 West Sunset Road.

Visit baguettecafelv.com for more information.

Local Eats: Dirty Fork

Last year Dirty Fork opened in the restaurant space on Durango formerly occupied by Norm’s Diner. I didn’t visit Dirty Fork for a while after they opened as I mourned Norm’s leaving. Later I realized Norm’s was just down the street and moved on.

I was more than happy with the food and service at Dirty Fork after my first visit. That was repeated during my second and third visits. During each visit, I tried a different meal that fit perfectly for the day.


Dirty Fork French Toast

I finally visited Dirty Fork when I was asked to join some friends for brunch. I was told that I need to try the Dirty Fork Breakfast Special. After reading the description this sounded like a meal that was perfect for the day.

The Hawaiian sweet bread French Toast was topped with egg, fried chicken, and syrup. This is the perfect hangover cure. The Hawaiian sweet bread French Toast, with egg in the center, was topped with fried chicken and syrup. This is the perfect hangover cure. This was my first time having chicken for breakfast/first meal and it was great.

I’ve always been turned off by fried chicken and waffles because of the large size of the chicken and waffles. The bite size pieces of chicken was a perfect topper to the light and sweet French Toast. I could eat individual flavors or have a bite with everything. Perfect!

I think I finally understand the sweet and savory thing for breakfast. I was so turned on by this dish that I’ve returned multiple times.


Dirty Fork Burger
Dat burger!

My second visit to Dirty Fork was for lunch. The menu is creative and was a bit too confusing for my mood. I’m always up for a burger when a menu confuses me, so I tried the Dirty Fork Burger.

The burger comes with a choice of fries or salad. While the Breakfast Special filled me, this burger STUFFED me. Not only is the burger big but it’s delicious.

My burger was a perfectly cooked medium. The beef was flavorful and juicy but not to the point where it was oozing everywhere. I even enjoyed the super crispy fries, which I’d normally just leave on the plate.


Dirty Fork Breakfast
Simple and delicious!

After two great meals, I met a friend for breakfast at Dirty Fork. I wanted something simple so just ordered bacon, eggs, and coffee. The bacon was nice and crisp, which is how I like my bacon. The eggs were phenomenal. I’ll have to ask if there’s some magic recipe for the eggs the next time I visit. I believe they use Lavazza coffee which is neither amazing or bad.

I believe they use Lavazza coffee which is neither amazing or bad.

The menus (breakfast, lunch) are creative and have a unique assortment of dishes. I was upset when Norm’s moved out but I’m more than happy to have Dirty Fork in the neighborhood. I’ll be back shortly to try something new. Well, maybe something new.

Dirty Fork is at 3655 Durango. Visit DirtyForkLV.com for more information.

Local Eats: Plantone’s Italian Market

I was invited to check out a new Italian deli/restaurant in the southwest part of Las Vegas named Plantone’s Italian Market. The restaurant is located in just south of Ikea in the same plaza that’s home to Skinny Fats (this space was previously occupied by Mac Shack).

A friend and I stopped in for lunch and split a couple of items. The “Angry Sicilian” hero was recommended multiple times so we started with that. We also split an order of lasagna since it was a bit chilly outside.

Angry Sicilian made us happy

The Angry Sicilian ($9/$14.95) is a basic Italian hero/sub with prosciutto, capicola, soppressata, mortadella, house-made (and delicious) mozzarella, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato, onion, EVOO, red wine vinegar, and oregano.

The ingredients in the sandwich are excellent. The mozz and peppers are as good as I’ve had in Las Vegas. As good as the ingredients are they’re just part of a sandwich. Anyone from the east coast will tell you that the key to a good sandwich is the bread.

The soft roll was nothing more than a vessel to get the good stuff in my mouth. If you’re watching carbs, you might want to get this as a salad instead. The peppers and mozzarella were the highlights of the Angry Sicilian. The sandwich was very good but the bread didn’t offer flavor or texture that the ingredients deserve.

The peppers and mozzarella were the highlights of the Angry Sicilian. The sandwich was very good but the bread didn’t offer flavor or texture that the ingredients deserve.

Lasagna at Plantone's
Hearty Lasagna

The lasagna was excellent and a nice starter when split in half. It’s a hearty way to start lunch on a cool day. Again, the ingredients were flavorful and the sauce was very good.

The sauce is the key to any pasta or pizza. I’m looking forward to trying a pasta dish with fewer ingredients so I can see how the sauce it without the cheeses and meats.

Even though I’m only about 15 minutes away, Plantone’s isn’t in a part of Las Vegas that I visit very often. I probably wouldn’t have visited without the invite.

I’m glad that I was given the heads up on this deli/restaurant and will happily return when someone is looking for a place to grab a quick bite in that area.

Visit Plantone’s Italian Market for a menu and more information.

Coming Soon: Vegas Local Eats And Drinks

“This tastes like the slice of pizza I used to get in the Bronx.”

For the past year, I’ve generally written for other people and websites. You see those links posted here when I see the articles are live. That’s taken me away from this blog and the VegasPhotoBlog.

I usually visit bars, restaurants, and casinos in the touristy areas. The majority of my opinions are shared elsewhere. As you’ve seen I share those articles with other websites. However, I’ve been visiting more local bars and restaurants than ever before.

I rarely write about my local experiences because the traffic gods say that most of you want to read about the cool new spot on the Vegas Strip. I understand that because I used to be the same way.

I generally share my thoughts on local bars and restaurants directly with those who are specifically looking for something away from the action. I’ll be sharing more about those local joints for those people on this blog.

I won’t waste time with places I don’t like unless I have a really awful experience. I have a few bars and restaurants saved to share and a few more that I know I’ll be visiting soon.

I’ll probably end up using a lot of this elsewhere when I compile a significant number of recommendations. The reviews I write will be short and sweet like when I visited Therapy in downtown Las Vegas.

The photo above is from Evel Pizza which will be one of my first new recommendations.

Celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month At Yardbird Las Vegas

Bourbon Flight At Yardbird Las Vegas
Bourbon Flight

I finally made it to Yardbird at The Venetian last night! This has been on top of my to-do list for a while. The restaurant has been receiving rave reviews from people who I trust since it first opened. I just haven’t been to The Venetian much this year.

I used to visit The Venetian a couple times a week when I first moved to Las Vegas but not so much in the past year. It used to be home to fast free wifi on the Vegas Strip but now just about every casino has wifi so there isn’t a need to visit as often.

I learned a couple of weeks ago that Yardbird would be celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month with a special flight of bourbon. That this was the excuse I needed to finally visit Yardbird. The tasting is $25 for four different one-ounce pours. The flight consists of the following:

  • Bacon Bourbon – Wild Turkey 81
  • Honey orange – Woodford Reserve
  • Apple Spice – Knob Creek Small Batch
  • Salted Maple – Maker’s Mark

The bourbons are listed in the order served in the photo above from right to left. I’m by no means a connoisseur of bourbon so this won’t be a spot on opinion. Here are my thoughts on each:

Bacon Bourbon – Wild Turkey 81 – Bacon booze (wine, whiskey, bourbon) doesn’t actually taste like bacon. There’s usually a smokiness to the booze. The bourbon is light and not overpowered by any flavor. This was very easy to drink. It was a good way to ease into the more flavorful bourbons.

Honey orange – Woodford Reserve – This was aromatically insane. There is a heavy orange scent to this bourbon. Once I moved past the aroma, this was my favorite of the batch. This is easy to drink and it felt and tasted like bourbon with more than a hint of orange.

Apple Spice – Knob Creek Small Batch – My thoughts going in were that this sounds like something for sick people. This was my least favorite because I don’t really like apple spice. However, my opinion changed when I added the shot to the leftover ice from my Old Fashioned. The ice lessened the apple spice attack and it was nice.

Salted Maple – Maker’s Mark – This was so damn sweet that I didn’t know what to make of it at first. However, the maple was interesting and I came around to enjoy it later in the evening. It took a while before realizing that my mouth needed to drink this without apple, orange or any other flavor to appreciate it.

Overall, I enjoyed the tasting. The $25 tasting price is in line with the prices you’d expect to pay at The Venetian. I’ll get into the meal that accompanied the meal later but I want to get my thoughts on the bourbon tasting since it’s only available for the month.

Old Fashioned at Yardbird Las Vegas
Old Fashioned

Since I was tasting bourbon I wanted to extend that to one of their signature cocktails. Looking at the bar menus I settled on an old reliable. The Old Fashioned is always a safe bet and it was delicious. It was so good that I had one for dessert too.

The term handcrafted is thrown around often nowadays but it’s legitimate at Yardbird. They carve the ice at the bar every day. They make many of the ingredients for their drinks fresh at the restaurant. This is what you expect when you’re paying top of the market prices for cocktails.

G2E is just a few weeks away and I expect to see another visit or two in my future. The booze at Yardbird was good, but the food was great. Stay tuned.

Sam Adams Menu Gives Reason To Visit Tilted Kilt At The Linq

View of Tilted Kilt from my cocktail table
View of Tilted Kilt from my cocktail table

I was skeptical about returning to Tilted Kilt at The Linq. However, the Sam Adams menu gave reason to visit again. First, let me give a little back story on my experience with Tilted Kilt. This will help you understand why I questioned ever returning.

I went to the media preview shortly after Tilted Kilt first opened at The Linq. My expectations for chain restaurants are rarely high. However, on that first visit to Tilted Kilt the food, drink and service were worse than the mediocre expectations.

I decided not to review the experience since it was only a media preview. Full service might be better but I wasn’t willing to find out.

I can hold a grudge for a long time. That was the case here but two years is long enough for a grudge. I didn’t even think of visiting Tilted Kilt again until last month when I was invited to try the new Sam Adams menu…

Sam Adams Menu at Tilted Kilt
Sam Adams Menu at Tilted Kilt

…Besides, I was staying at The Linq hotel (see review and pics at Top 10 Vegas) so it was convenient to give Tilted Kilt another chance.

The service on this visit to Tilted Kilt was much better than the first visit. The service and staff were what you would normally expect at a bar/restaurant/breastaurant. We talked to a few different people working during the visit and everyone was nicer and seemed more experienced than the first visit.

Tilted Kilt Bar
Tilted Kilt Bar

The setup at Tilted Kilt makes it a good option for watching football on the Vegas Strip. There are plenty of seats and TV’s to watch the action. I only snapped pictures of two viewing areas. There’s also a pull-down screen for a feature game that was behind the table where we ate.

The Linq has a lot of foot traffic but many of those people are just walking around The Linq and not actually going into bars, restaurants and stores. That could make finding seats to eat and drink on football weekend somewhat easy to come by. It’s located next to The Linq sports book (photo on Vegas Photo Blog) in case you need to wager on some games.

Wicked Boston Chicken Sandwich at Tilted Kilt
Wicked Boston Chicken Sandwich at Tilted Kilt

The Sam Adams menu offered a few different beer and sandwich pairing options to choose from. I planned on getting the Big Arse Burger but chose the massive chicken sandwich at the recommendation of the waitress.

The Wicked Boston Chicken Sandwich has a massive fried (or grilled) chicken breast, maple pepper bacon, cheese and Sam Adams Lager caramelized onions, which I got on the side to taste separate.

I may have chosen the chicken sandwich because Sam Adams Summer Ale was the recommended pairing. I love summer brews. The beer was a perfect complement to the chicken sandwich on a hot summer day in Vegas.

I think my friend and I only made it through about 3/4 of the sandwich before tapping out. Lunch was very good, but we had a full day of Vegas ahead and didn’t want to be sluggish from eating too much. Las Vegas is best in the summer when you don’t eat too much.

Lunch on the Vegas Strip will often run about $20 for food and a beer. The Sam Adams sandwiches and beer pairing is no different. I really enjoyed the chicken sandwich and thought that the price was right. This kind of meal is a great way to start the day. Looking back, I’m glad that I returned to Tilted Kilt.

I’m always looking for a new place to grab a casual bite on the Vegas Strip. It’s even better when that lunch spot has TV’s where I can watch the games. I’ll keep Tilted Kilt on my mind the next time (because there’s always a next time) I’m in the middle of the Vegas Strip on a Sunday looking for a place to watch football.

I’m 90% sure I’ll be ordering the exact same meal from the Sam Adams menu.

Lunch at Therapy On Fremont East Was Fantastic

I’m just back from Lunch at Therapy on Fremont East and feel the need to share how good it was. This is one of the best lunches I’ve had in a while. This isn’t an in-depth review, rather just how the food hit me as I as eating it.

Appetizer – Fried Mac & Cheese Croquettes (served with red pepper aioli on a bacon tomato jam)

Mac & Cheese Croquettes will make you forget it's 108 in the share.
Mac & Cheese Croquettes will make you forget it’s 108 in the share.

Thought 1 yesterday – I need this and I need this now.

Thought 1 today – I’ll share this if you want but I’ll eat the whole order myself. You’ll share? Great. I can try more food.

Thought 2 today – After food arrives, these look pretty. YO! That red pepper aioli is what’s up!

Thought 3 today – I can eat a hundred more of these or I can eat no more because they were so good.

In conclusion, the Fried Mac & Cheese Croquettes were everything I imagined and more. DELICIOUS!

Main Course – Chicken Fried Chicken Sub (Scallion mayo slaw with truffle fries)

Chicken Fried Chicken is More Like Lunch & Dinner
Chicken Fried Chicken is More Like Lunch & Dinner

Thought 1 today – Waitress said it’s her favorite item on the menu. I was stoked.

Thought 2 today – First taste was okay. Not overwhelming, not underwhelming, just fine.

Final thought – Every bite tasted better than the bite before.

In conclusion, this was a legit fried chicken sandwich. The chicken breast was big yet juicy, crispy and delicious. I can’t wait to finish it for dinner.

The service at Therapy was very good, the food was excellent (friend said the burger was very good) and the prices were reasonable.

Therapy will become one of my regular places to get lunch when I’m in downtown Vegas.

Visit therapylv.com for menus, hours and more information.

Since choosing this place for lunch, I can’t get this old Therapy? song out of my head. You’ve probably never heard it before. Enjoy.

Therapy? – Screamager

The promotional video for Therapy?’s Screamager, found on their home DVD, Scopophobia. Buy it from their website, http://therapyquestionmark.co.uk, or http://amazon.co.uk. It’s in PAL, but isn’t region-encoded so it plays fine on a PC.

Use Comp Dollars From The D At Le Thai And Bocho

TheDMarqueeYou can now use your comp dollars from The D at Le Thai and Bocho (a restaurant I’ve never heard of until now). Le Thai is a favorite of just about everyone who’s open to experiencing Thai food. Great prices help those who might not normally be willing to experiment with this kind of cuisine.

There aren’t many dining options at the casino and that makes this is a nice perk from the Club D players club at The D. Little things like this go a long way to making The D one of the best casino experiences in Downtown Vegas.

Here’s the press release with all the info you can use:

The D Las Vegas, home to award-winning restaurants including Joe Vicari’s Andiamo Italian Steakhouse and American Coney Island, is expanding its guests’ dining experiences through an innovative business partnership with the Downtown Project and Fremont East restaurants Le Thai and Bocho. Effective immediately, members of Club D, the property’s players club, can use their comp dollars toward meals at both of Chef Dan Coughlin’s highly acclaimed Asian eateries. This collaboration marks the first relationship that connects a downtown casino with the Fremont East restaurants.

“By now, I think everyone knows I hand-pick every experience that’s offered to guests of the D Las Vegas. I want only the best for them, and every decision is personal to me,” said Derek Stevens, CEO and owner of the D Las Vegas. “Beyond my passion for this property and our clientele is my deep-rooted support for the Downtown Las Vegas community. Developing this partnership is a win-win; I’m thrilled to expand my guests’ dining options with two of my favorite restaurants, which in turn will drive additional traffic to other downtown businesses.”

Founded by Chef Coughlin, Le Thai (523 Fremont St) and Bocho (124 S 6th St.) both have made their mark as Las Vegas dining staples. Le Thai, inspired by Chef Coughlin’s Thailand-born mother, is renowned for its famous three-color curry, homemade Thai noodle soup, short-rib fried rice, signature waterfall sauce and authentic pad thai – an ode to Coughlin’s grandmother. Down the street, sushi lovers can visit Downtown Project’s Bocho, a traditional Japanese restaurant overseen by Chef Joon-Yong Cho featuring a wide range of sushi, sashimi and bento boxes, as well as private dining and karaoke rooms. Chef Cho ups the ante with innovative sushi offerings like amberjack and ocean trout.

Registering for Club D is free and available to guests ages 21 and over. Members can earn comp dollars by playing slots, table or video games in the D’s thrilling two-story casino. In turn, these can be exchanged to dine at Le Thai and Bocho at the guest’s leisure. Club D members also can enjoy dining, show and room comps at the D; invitations to exclusive events, parties and tournaments; special room rates and more.

Photo: Vegas Photo Blog

Monday Night Football At Lagasse’s Stadium

Lagasse's Stadium Sportsbook And Restaurant At Palazzo Las Vegas
Lagasse’s Stadium

For the past couple of NFL seasons Lagasse’s Stadium has done a fun Monday Night Football promotion. They create a special football menu that pays tribute to the team’s playing each week.

The prices aren’t discounted but the promotion offers dishes you wouldn’t normally find at Lagasse’s Stadium. Consider this is a fun excuse (like you need one) to head over to one of the best sports books in Vegas.

Monday Night Football schedule and meals are below:

September 14
Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons
Philly cheese steak pizza ($19)
Fried chicken & waffles ($18)

Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers
Sautéed walleye on sweet corn, mushrooms & wild rice ($20)
Seafood cioppino ($24)

September 21
New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts
Linguini and clams with warm focaccia bread ($23)
Breaded pork loin sandwich & french fries ($14)

September 28
Kansas City Chiefs at Green Bay Packers
Burnt ends and BBQ sauce with jalapeno cornbread muffin ($14)
Parmesan beer cheese soup in sourdough bread bowl ($9)

October 5
Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks
Coney Island hot dog and seasoned french fries ($9)
Organic baby arugula with toasted garlic crostini’s ($15)

October 12
Pittsburg Steelers at San Diego Chargers
Primanti Brothers Style Italian Hoagie and seasoned french fries ($14)
Grilled fish tacos with black bean and corn salsa (14)

October 19
New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles
Chicken parmesan and toasted garlic bread ($20)
Philly cheese steak and seasoned french fries ($17)

October 26
Baltimore Ravens at Arizona Cardinals
Crab Cakes with an apple and herb salad ($16)
Deep fried chile relleno, black beans and Spanish rice ($17)

November 2
Indianapolis Colts at Carolina Panthers
Breaded pork loin sandwich and seasoned french fries ($14)
Carolina style pulled pork sandwich and seasoned french fries ($14)

November 9
Chicago Bears at San Diego Chargers
Chicago Dog and seasoned french fries ($9)
Grilled shrimp nachos ($20)

November 16
Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals
BBQ beef brisket grilled cheese and seasoned french fries ($16)
Cincinnati chili spaghetti ($16)

November 23
Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots
Buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwich and seasoned french fries ($15)
Lobster grilled cheese sandwich and seasoned french fries ($17)

November 30
Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns
Crab cake Po-Boy “dressed” and seasoned french fries ($16)
Corned beef sandwich and seasoned french fries ($15)

December 7
Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins
Chicken fried steak with garlic mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables ($16)
Grilled pork loin on smoked ham black bean chili ($20)

December 14
New York Giants at Miami Dolphins
Manhattan clam chowder ($7)
Cuban sandwich and seasoned french fries ($15)

November 30
Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns
Crab cake Po-Boy “dressed” and seasoned french fries ($16)
Corned beef sandwich and seasoned french fries ($15)

December 7
Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins
Chicken fried steak with garlic mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables ($16)
Grilled pork loin on smoked ham black bean chili ($20)

December 14
New York Giants at Miami Dolphins
Manhattan clam chowder ($7)
Cuban sandwich and seasoned french fries ($15)