Pool Season Returns to Vegas!

Sara Underwood At Encore Beach Club Las Vegas
Sara Underwood

While other pool parties already started pool Season kicked into full gear this week with the opening of Encore Beach Club, Marquee Day Club and Rehab all opening. The day party business has been growing over the past couple years and it seems as if this may be the biggest year yet.

In the past I’ve always posted random F-List “celebrities” popping up in bikinis all over. It’s interesting to see who Vegas finds to be a good-looking celebrity. With Encore Beach Club and Marquee making these parties about music with some of the most famous DJ’s in the world there may be less F-Listers to learn about. We’ll keep an eye out.

This weeks bikini-clad celebrity is Sara Underwood, who is famous for being in Playboy according to wikipedia. If she looks familiar it’s because she’s appeared in a few movies as herself. Tiesto was also at Encore Beach Club. If you’re into Tiesto, he’s at one of the Wynn Las Vegas clubs every month.

More Pics of Sara Underwood and Tiesto at Vegas News.

That Was Quick. Nikki Beach Done at Tropicana Las Vegas

Nikki Beach Las Vegas
Nikki Beach

This weekend Tropicana Las Vegas ended it’s relationship with Club Nikki and Nikki Beach. This also included letting go, or reassigning the staff.

Effective Friday night, the Tropicana has cut loose its Miami Beach-based nightclub, pool club and restaurant operator. Tropicana Vice President of Food, Beverage and Retail Tom Recine confirmed today that employees working in Las Vegas for Club Nikki, Nikki Beach and Cafe Nikki have been notified that they are no longer working at the Trop.

It can be argued that the clientele Tropicana was seeking to stay at the casino wasn’t the same as the people who might frequent Nikki Beach, but that doesn’t wash with me. Wynn has Encore Beach Club which brings in the meatiest of meatheads, while the casino tries to cater to a different client with their casinos, rooms and restaurants. The pool party crowd and casino crowd don’t often cross paths.

Further, I’m not sure that the pool party crowd knows or cares about the Nikki Beach/Club brand. If that’s the case, then why would Tropicana want to pay for the name. Just guessing here, but I’m going to say the promoters that came with the Nikki name didn’t bring in enough money to make the deal worth it.

Moving forward Tropicana has a newly renovated pool area and club. Pool parties and clubs are seen as money makers, so this won’t go away. Las Vegas is a copycat market so don’t expect anything new from Tropicana. There is plenty of time until pool season begins and the nightclub can remain dormant for a while as Las Vegas heads into a slow period before the holidays. I would expect Tropicana to bring in promoters that know Las Vegas similar to how Hard Rock has local promoters for Rehab.

On a side note, the “Vegas Insiders” on Travel Channel just became out of date with this closure as they included numerous shots from Nikki. It only took a week.

Jersey Shore Parties Poolside In Vegas Part Two

This weekend grandmother of all pool parties, Rehab, had their dose of Jersey Shore celebrity. While Sammi Sweetheart was partying and judging a bikini contest at the Planet Hollywood Pleasure Pool, Snooki was hanging out with Tiesto at the Hard Rock. I guess this is part of Tiesto’s residency at the Hard Rock that’s been going on for the past few months.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I find it interesting that Sammi and Pauly D had more views on Vegas News than Snooki. Maybe people are tiring from Snooki. I’m not. For more pictures of Snooki and Tiesto head to VegasNews.com.

Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore

The Dream Is Over REHAB: Party at the Hard Rock Canceled

Merry Christmas to all, unless you are part of the REHAB TV family.  The show about the party at the Hard Rock Hotel was recently canceled.

The truTV reality show “Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel” won’t be returning for a fourth season, attorneys have disclosed.

The disclosure was made last week in court papers by attorneys for the Las Vegas Hard Rock hotel-casino, which hosts Rehab day parties during the summer and was hit with a trademark lawsuit over the TV show in September by the owner of the international Hard Rock brand.

I’m all about faux reality with girls in bikinis.  I love how awful this show was and I’ll be sad to see it go.  Thankfully we have the internet and REHAB will forever live on!