Popular Football Promotions Red Zone to Riches and Beat the Bookie Return to Rampart Casino

Rampart Casino Sportsbook
Rampart Casino Sportsbook

Press release: LAS VEGAS – Aug. 26, 2019 – Rampart Casino, an elegant 50,000 square foot casino located on the Westside of Las Vegas in Summerlin, now boasting more than 1,700 slot machines, invites customers to join in on the fun with September’s gaming promotions.

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In addition to the wide variety of gaming options at the Rampart Casino, players also enjoy an excellent rewards program. By signing up for the Rampart Rewards Players Club, guests can earn and redeem points for cash, free play, complimentary meals, entertainment, merchandise, trips to Spa Aquae and rooms at the JW Marriott Las Vegas. Club members must be at least 21 years of age. Learn more at www.TheResortAtSummerlin.com.

*Visit Rampart Rewards Player’s Club for complete details for all promotions

Free Beginning and Advanced Sports Betting Seminar – Wednesday, Sept. 4 in the Grand Ballroom

  • Beginner Seminar starts at 6 p.m. and is taught by Duane Colucci and Steve Mikkselson
  • Advanced Seminar starts at 7 p.m. and is taught by Bruce Marshall of Gold Sheet and Brent Musburger and Vincent Magliulo of VSiN.
  • Complimentary beverages and Clubhouse Deli sandwiches will be served.

Save up to 50% On Las Vegas Hotels

$50,000 Red Zone to Riches Football Contest begins Tuesday, Sept. 3 at noon

  • Earn entries each week by playing 2,000 Points in Slots or Bingo, $50 average bet for five hours in Table Games or equivalent or wage $2,000 in the Race & Sports Book
  • All are individual and must be played in that area to qualify for an extra card.
  • Each week is independent and picks must be made between Tuesdays at noon and Sundays at 10 a.m. weekly
  • Thursday, Saturday and London games do not qualify for this promotion
  • If a perfect card is chosen, the winner will receive the $1,000 progressive. If there are no perfect cards, the prize will roll over to the following week’s total
  • If there is a progressive amount in Week 17, it will be given away in a drawing format to five winners
  • Make final weekly pick on Dec. 29 at 10 at noon

Beat the Bookie Season Two Free Weekly Contest begins Wednesday, Sept. 4 at noon

  • Each week, every player will receive one free pick to “Beat the Bookie.”
  • The player will pick from the same games as the Weekly Football Contest. Only this pick will be counted for the contest
  • “Beat” the picks of the Race & Sports Book director to qualify
  • Ties lose
  • All players who Beat the Bookie will receive their share of $2,000 in Free Slot Play or Free Bets
  • Contest ends Jan. 1, 2020 at noon

Million Dollar Pro Football Frenzy Free Weekly Contest

  • Participants have a chance to win $1 million for 225+ regular season team picks
  • Sign up and play online to win a guaranteed $80,000 in cash, Free Slot Play and prizes
  • Sign Up for the NV Sports App Sept. 1-8 and receive $25 in Free Slot Play
  • New sign ups only. See Race & Sports Book for details. Minimum deposit required

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Race & Sports Book Lounge Premium Seating Package

  • Race & Sports Book Lounge Premium seating area only
  • Reservations are based on a $50 food and beverage minimum which include Coors Light bottles, hot dogs, nachos and one pepperoni pizza

Weekly Football Parties

Giveaways on Monday and Thursday nights

Earn raffle tickets for every $20 wager in the Race & Sports Book

Win prizes such as:

Golf bags
BBQ grills

Bar Specials

$2 Coors Light & Miller Drafts
$2.50 Coors Light & Miller Bottles
$5 Beer and shot combo: choose from Jack, Jameson, Jim Beam, Jose Cuervo Silver and Jagermeister with a purchase of a Miller or Coors product
$5 Tito’s, Skyy and Epsolon cocktails
$10 buckets of five beers

Local Eats: Happy Hour At Hawthorn Grill

Happy Hour At Hawthorn Grill
Happy Hour At Hawthorn Grill

Hawthorn Grill is located inside the J.W. Marriott in Summerlin. The hotel is attached to Rampart Casino through a hallway but technically the buildings are separate. This is a relatively new high-end steakhouse that opened earlier this year.

The restaurant prices are appropriate for fine dining in the area. It’s expensive but not out of line. However, the food and drinks on the bar menu (select bar & lounge) are 50% off for Happy Hour.

The burger was a perfectly cooked medium. It was juicy and flavorful. The fries were surprisingly good although I wouldn’t add the mojito sauce next time. Overall, this meal is probably worth $15.

Forget that, the burger and fries were only $7.50. That wasn’t even the best part of Happy Hour at Hawthorn Grill.

I seriously might use Uber or Lyft the next time I visit Hawthorn Grill. Many of their signature cocktails and beer are 50% off. Paying $3-$4 for a Fat Tire or Stone Pale Ale is good but 50% off a $13 Chimay is a great deal. I love beer from Belgium and this Trappist Ale was perfect on a hot day.

$10 for a Happy Hour dinner of a beer, burger, and fries is an excellent deal. Being able to upgrade the experience with a Chimay for a few more bucks is great. I’ll definitely be back and odds are good that I’ll be drinking a few beers this time.


Reaching The End of Vegas

Las Vegas is much bigger than the strip. Believe it or not. As curious as I may be, I’m not much of the exploring type. When the weather turned to windows down driving weather I went for a drive to explore the burbs where I live in Vegas.

On this beautiful day I drove by a slew of golf courses and found Rampart Casino while I enjoyed a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Mid-drive I found a road and part of Las Vegas that wasn’t finished.

The road above was clearly meant to go straight towards the mountains and through a community, but neither the community or road were finished. Instead of building the road through vacant land to be build on when there housing market improves, like you’ll see across Vegas, the road was just curved to go into an area already build.

The road and vacant land is kind of surreal in a post apocalyptic way, but I guess this is what happens when the money stops.

As a city guy this is an area I’ll never go to when it’s dark. I don’t like the complete darkness. If you’re ever in Summerlin, near Red Rock Casino this road is just past the casino towards the mountains. It’s worth the 5 minute drive for the experience, especially if you’re from a big city.

Rockin at Rampart Casino

It’s true, last week I was rockin at Rampart Casino. I’m a fairly regimented person. When I find something I like, I go there pretty often. Generally, I’m not the exploring type. I actually plan my exploration, like I did with my trip to Laughlin that I detailed on Vegas Chatter.

Well that pattern took a slight change last week. I needed to take in a beautiful day and decided to grab a smoothie and explore the Vegas burbs (Summerlin) until I finished my smoothie. Besides finding about 5 different golf courses and a road that just stopped being created (pics soon) I drove by Rampart Casino.

Rampart Casino is next to Suncoast Casino and north of where I live. I rarely head that way, so I never think to go there. When I was was exploring local casinos I didn’t consider it since it’s not associated with any casinos near the strip like Station Casinos (Red Rock Casino) or Boyd Gaming casinos (Suncoast).

After driving by Rampart Casino, I decided I’d check it out another day. Why not? It’s close even if it’s not a direction I normall travel. That night I looked at vpFREE to see what kind of  video poker games they have. They had 10 play nickel 9/6 Jacks or Better. I’ve never seen that before and although there’s not much money making, but there’s little at risk.

While checking out a new casino I always drop a little in a machine or table to see what kind of offers I get. I thought maybe I could get a Royal Flush in honor of Denver Gambler’s quest (#royalflush2012) for one since I’m playing 10 games at once. Good times for all. As you can see from the image above and video below, I got a Royal Flush!

I actually changed from Jacks or Better to Bonus Poker but I got the Royal Flush! As you might expect, 4,000 nickels is not nearly as awesome as $1’s, but I’ll happily take it! That $200 will pay for all the smoothies I can handle. Haha.

My venture to Rampart was more to get a vibe of the casino. The outside is very old and classy looking. I thought the inside may be the same. The decor at Rampart Casino is somewhere between 1920’s and 1980’s. I’m not sure if that’s on purpose, but the casino reminded me of some of my favorite New York City classic steakhouses. Comfortable, but not modern.

The casino itself is tiny, but not much smaller than the other casinos in the area. There is a lot of video poker throughout the casino. There are games I’ve never seen, which is always fun. There are new and older slots and there were lot of people.

I’d say 98% of the people I saw at Rampart Casino were over 60 years old and smoking about 40% of those people had walkers and/or oxygen tanks. Rampart Casino felt like the Atlantic City casino where people go to die…and I liked it.

Even though the place was overly smokey, everyone was nice and many of the people playing knew each other from the area. Everyone was having a good time and in turn I was having a good time. The smoke was so bad that I had to throw my clothes in the washing machine and jump in the shower when I came home from (no joke) but I enjoyed my visit to Rampart Casino.

I don’t see Rampart Casino replacing Red Rock casino as my local casino, but it’s a nice alternative. If it wasn’t for the fun video poker games (full pay 10 play and below) that I won’t find anywhere else, I probably wouldn’t return. That said, I’ll be back at Rampart Casino when I’m bored and need a video poker fix.