The Cosmopolitan Offering Gamblers $1 Million!

Identity Players Club Booth At Cosmopolitan
Identity Players Club Booth At Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan has been trying a lot of tactics to draw both local and tourist gamblers into their casino. On the surface it doesn’t look like it’s working but their casino revenue has been increasing just about each quarter for the past year.

This $1 million tournament for Identity players club members is their latest tactic to draw playing into the casino a couple of times in the next year. I guess you should consider yourself lucky if you’re invited. Here are the details.

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Crazy Players Club Point Multipliers At Boyd Casinos This Month

Boyd Gaming Bonuses And Players Club Multipliers
Boyd Gaming Bonuses

Last week Howard Stutz at the Las Vegas Review Journal wrote an article called “New Life Being Breathed Into Local Gaming Market“. The article was more about how gaming revenue isn’t driving business on the Vegas Strip or the Vegas Locals market more than anything else. It’s an interesting read but then it jogged something in my head…

Over the past few months I’ve noticed that the casinos that market mostly to locals (Station and Boyd) have been very aggressive in gaining casino customers. While non-gaming revenue may be the future for the local casino operators they’re actively and aggressively pursuing gamblers today.

In the past month Boyd Casinos has been offering gamblers a few multipliers and special promotions. In June they’ve gone off the rails trying to attract gamblers.

The picture above is from 4 different bonuses and B-Connected players club point multipliers that Boyd Gaming casinos are offering for the month of June.

  • Every Day – 10% cash bonus on a Royal Flush in video poker. This is $100 on quarters.
  • Tuesday – 11x B-Connected points on reel slot machines, 7x points on video poker.
  • Wednesday – Up to 50x points. You have to swipe players club card to find out.
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 4 of a kind bonus (5-9) at casino bars. Bonus depends on denomination. I think it’s $20 in free play for quarters.
  • Friday & Saturday – 15x points on Penny Reel slot machines, 11x points on Penny slot machines, 7x points on video poker.

These multipliers and bonuses are significant. They Royal Flush bonus is sweet cash. The 4 Of A Kind bonus gives you more money to gamble with on a future trip (the next day) and the multipliers make getting a comp bottle of wine much quicker.

I don’t gamble for comps but I’ll take them. Red Rock is still my local bar and the casino where I hang out most in the burbs but these multipliers and bonuses will make me think twice if I’m in the mood just to play some video poker.

Whether you’re a local or visiting will slot machine multipliers and video poker bonuses sway where you gamble? 

There Are So Many Reasons To Love El Cortez…Here are Four

When I wrote about the change of Old Vegas to Downtown Vegas I highlighted my love for El Cortez. El Cortez has a lot of history and great gambling. Throughout the year they do little things to incentivize people to visit. Here are some of my favorite promotions they ran last year.

FREE WHITE CASTLE – The sliders at White Castle are an east coast late night staple but they don’t have any restaurants in Las Vegas. Enter El Cortez who periodically offers free White Castle burgers to guests. I don’t even like White Castle sliders but I flipped out when I saw this. I’ll eat a free burger! Unfortunately they don’t fly the burgers in from an actual restaurant. They just purchased the microwavable sliders you can get an any gas station. This is fun but actually kind of nasty for a midday snack.

El Cortez White Castle

FREE KLONDIKE BARS – It should come as no surprise that the summer in Las Vegas is HOT. What better time to have ice cream than when it’s 120 degrees outside. El Cortez is located just north of the Fremont Street Experience canopy and that means a few minutes in direct sunlight for most tourists. Free ice cream is a perfect midday treat! This summer I saw a sign that wins you a free Klondike Bar from the El Cortez if you hit a jackpot in Video Poker for $25 or more on a Wednesday. I actually saw this promotion two years ago too. I’ll eat free ice cream!

El Cortez Klondike Bar

FREE PIE – A free slice of pie is one of the favorite recurring promotions at El Cortez. Not only will the El Cortez will bring you drinks to the gaming table or machine but a few times a year they will also serve you a slice of pie. The pie changes depending on season. I’ve seen apple, blueberry and pecan pie (below) offered. I’ve never been at the El Cortez when they are serving pie but I’d definitely take them up on the offer for a slice of pie!

El Cortez Free Pie

FREE STEAK – You know I love steak and the prospect of winning a free steak dinner is something that I could normally find myself playing Video Poker for. There are two unfortunate parts of this promotion. 1. I had a pretty bad experience at the steakhouse at El Cortez (See review for The Flame at Vegas Chatter). 2. I don’t like to play the coin-in machines where the sign is located. Call me dainty but I’m over the coin dirt on my hands. This is available all year long. The only way I’d visit The Flame again is if my steak was free.

El Cortez Steak Dinner

These are just some of the fun promotions El Cortez offers their customers. These are all fun promotions and are the kind of independent thinking that attract me to a casino. The cost of most of these items are about $1 but to tell someone that I won a Klondike Bar or was served a slice of pie at the craps table is priceless.

I hope strange and different promotions like this continue at El Cortez and the other Downtown Vegas casinos.

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Las Vegas: Where Daily Doesn’t Mean Every Day

All You Can Eat Pancakes At Planet Hollywood Las Vegas
All You Can Eat Pancakes

I watched week one of the NFL season at Blondies at Planet Hollywood. This is my favorite non-sportsbook to watch football. Prices are relatively cheap and there are plenty of TV’s for the games.

Sunday we found false advertising at the table at Blondies. The daily special above for unlimited pancakes & $2 beer sitting on our (and every) table is not available on the weekend.

My friend was going to load up on $2 beers, but I told him to ask if it’s available before going crazy. See, in Las Vegas daily (somehow) doesn’t always mean every day.

He asked about the $2 beer special and was told that it’s not available Saturday or Sunday. I asked about the $6 all you can eat pancake special. She said it was the same.

Of course specials like this on the strip for an NFL Sunday were too good to be true. If I know Las Vegas, Blondies will keep these tabletop promotions up for the NFL season. Consider this your heads up.

Despite this, I still think that Blondies is the best place on the strip to watch the games that isn’t a sportsbook.

Note: I wrote about Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken at Blondies yesterday at Vegas Chatter.

Cosmopolitan Video Poker: There’s Nothing To See Here

I stopped off at Cosmopolitan for the first time since the summer to upgrade my Identity status and to see if my Identity Play was still there from a promotion I did in July. It was. The money was there – it stays on the account for 1 year. Since I had money on my card to use on a machine I went right to the vpFREE2 mobile site on my phone to see what video poker games were available to me.

I knew that the games were downgraded, but I found only one game under $5 to play.

BP (Bonus Poker) 1-2-3-4-5-7-25-40-80-50-800
25¢ – 1 Slant-top – 50 Play – just to the left of the high limit room
$1, $2 – 1 Play – scattered throughout casino

I know the Las Vegas strip doesn’t have the best video poker pay tables in town and this is what I expected after reading that the video poker machines were recently downgraded. Playing $1 machines that pay out 98% isn’t great. The quarter machines paid back at a 6/5 rate, which (I think) is about 96%.  Thankfully, I was lucky enough to win my Identity play back in cash then I left to play some quarter and penny slots that eventually took most of my winnings.

I normally play Jacks of Better (8/5 @ Cosmo) which pays back about 99+% (at full pay) so the 1 percent difference isn’t much on $100, but in time it adds up and most people prefer to play games that have better payouts. The way it looks is that slot machine payouts (~92%) aren’t much worse that video poker so I took my money and decided to have a little fun playing Top Dollar slots, which I’m a sucker for and will play again.

I believe that the quarter Bonus Poker paid out 8/6 when Cosmo opened, so this isn’t much of a change but this isn’t a reason to visit the Cosmo. If you’re a video poker player you can find some better games on the strip at lower denominations on the strip. Cosmo remains a place to go to eat, drink and be merry, but not necessarily a place to visit if you want to gamble. That said, I can get Kettle One when gambling, so that’s a plus on that side.


Cosmopolitan: Where $100 goes further than you think

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Are you in Las Vegas?
  • Do you want to kill a couple hours gambling with little risk?
  • Would you like free booze?
  • Do you still want the chance to win big?

If you answered yes to all four questions, then do I have the deal for you!  The Cosmopolitan is currently offering a promotion that if you lose $100 anywhere in the casino during the day, they will give you another $100 in Identity play (Identity is their players club).  At first this doesn’t sound spectacular until you understand how it works.

When you play with Identity play, you have to run through all the Identity play before it starts taking money away from your machine credits.  That’s a key piece.  So here’s how I played and what I recommend you do.  Drop $100 in a video poker machine (try to find 8/5 or better)(ED: Check vpFREE).  I was playing with people on a budget, so we played $.25 VP and max betting at $1.25.  I eventually lost my $100, but after about 90 minutes of steady play and plenty of comped drinks.  After I received my $100 in identity play, I went back to the video poker machines.  Since Identity play must run out before credits are used, every credit I won was money back from my $100 I lost.  After another 45 minutes or so, and several more comped drinks, I had run out of my identity play and was sitting with $85 in machine credit.

So that’s right.  I played video poker for over 2 hours, had plenty of free cocktails, and ended up only $15 down.  That’s not bad, especially when you consider that even with Identity play, you still have the chance to hit that one big hand… like my friend did.  He lost that first $100, but hit a straight flush on the Identity play.  Now that’s winning.  So what are you waiting for?  Head over to the Cosmo and take advantage of this while you can!

UPDATE: This is only available on machines – not table games. Just making sure we pass this on since it may not be obvious to all.

Station Casinos Offers Veterans Free Buffet on Their Day

Stations Casinos is offering Veterans a free buffet, today, for Veterans Day.

Station Casinos are mostly for the Las Vegas locals so this should fit nicely with their overall marketing scheme. In the event that some Veterans are traveling this weekend they increase their reach a little with a promotion like this.

This is a nice piece of outreach to the people that spent part of their lives protecting and serving this country. Kudo’s to Station!