Plaza Closing For A While

This shouldn’t be too surprising, but the Plaza is closing for a while before undergoing renovations later this year into next year.

More than 400 employees of the Plaza Hotel & Casino face layoffs in the next 60 days as the downtown Las Vegas property closes its 1,037-room hotel and portions of its casino in early November…

…”In fact, we anticipate that many employees from the Plaza will be offered jobs at the Las Vegas Club, which during this renovation period will be handling future room reservations, bingo and some other amenities formerly housed at the Plaza,” (Kenneth) Landfield (COO, Tamares) said in the statement.

The poor economy hit all of Las Vegas hard, but the older downtown properties were hit very hard.  This is a way for the owner of multiple downtown properties to save money in the short term.  Consolidating rooms downtown should be a good thing as there are just so many rooms in Vegas, overall.

I expect this closing to last a little longer than the company is telling the public.  Renovations might be “delayed” and “take longer” just to keep the rooms off the market a little longer in hopes of a better economy.

Photo: Las Vegas Sun

Rumor: Plaza Becoming Union Plaza Again

The Plaza Hotel will be receiving a slew of renovations as well as a name change to Union Plaza.  This will coincide with renovations to two other downtown casinos – the Las Vegas Club Hotel and Casino and the Western Hotel and Casino.

(Anthony F.) Santo, who is a consultant for Tamares, the landlord of the three properties, said negotiations are under way for a $20 million loan to refurbish the rooms at the Plaza and to rename it the Union Plaza.

There also will be theme changes in the Las Vegas Club, he said. He added that the Western will see fewer changes, with some possible slot machine upgrades for its mostly locals market.

During the remodeling at the Plaza, some customers will be moved to the Las Vegas Club, Santo told the board.

Any updates downtown should be a good thing.  The name change brings the Plaza hotel back to its original name.  It would be nice to see the property cleaned up – even if it’s just on the surface.