Middle Finger To Las Vegas

Palms Springs, CA just launched a new, funny, advertising campaign aimed at Las Vegas.  I love Las Vegas, but I also like to laugh.

This is an interesting campaign as I didn’t realize there was any kind of animosity or rivalry between the two cities.  It makes sense now that I thinking about it, but they both seem very different to me from my previous travels.  I also didn’t go to each city expecting or wanting the same thing.

Read the full article to see other ads from the campaign.

This campaign itself is a little punchy, while being dressed up with a classy looking layout.  It’s an interesting contrast in tact as the design is clearly aimed at the high end leisure traveler, while the headline/punchline is aimed at a younger end of that market

I also suspect the target is likely female and a looking for a quick weekend getaway from LA.

If you’re a rich LA girl where would you rather go for a weekend getaway?  I’m not sure I see this actually bringing Las Vegas visitors to Palm Springs, but this is an interesting approach by Palm Springs and it clearly has people talking.