Does This Mean Orel Hershiser Can Play Poker Again?

The Los Angeles Dodgers were sold earlier this week to a group lead by Magic Johnson for $2 billion. The purchase has a lot of implications. Most revolve around the purchase price and how the team will be able to be improved. That’s not really a concern of mine.

In this bidding process a group that included former Dodgers player Orel Hershiser and Steve Garvey lost. They proposed the renovations of Dodger Stadium above.  I’m not sure adding seats to a stadium people don’t want to visit is a smart move, but we’ll probably never see that.

What’s interesting is the timing of the decision. Major League Baseball waited to the very last minute before the season started to announce the new owners. This left very little time before the start of the season for the purchase details to take place. The team will be in limbo for a little while waiting for the new owners to take over.

In the purchase process Orel Hershiser has seemingly stopped playing poker. He’s been an aspiring poker pro for a few years now. His poker home has been Red Rock Casino. Nobody has seen him in some time. Now that the baseball season is starting he’ll be on the road covering games for ESPN for the summer.

I wonder is Orel Hershiser’s quest for poker greatness will resume. I’ll keep an eye out for him at Red Rock Casino on his off days.