Big (10%) Cosmopolitan Opening!

Until today, I tried to keep away from the hoopla of the big Cosmopolitan opening.  I like so much of what they’re doing going into launch that just about every bit of news I’ve read has been the same…and…of course the opening is going to be awesome.  It’s a shiny new casino.  A few tweets stood out to me today that had some interesting information.  Vegas Tripping had the most interesting note:

The Cosmopolitan has 3,000 rooms so this represents that only about 10% of the rooms were open.  Even if there were a few more rooms open, there are still not many rooms open at the grand opening.  By calling this a “soft opening”, the casino protects itself from this day being considered a flop.

If things don’t pick up in the first quarter, expect to see some of the negative chatters chattering.  Expecting the worst, but hoping for the best.

Cosmopolitan Opens This Week

Thank goodness the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas opens this week. I’m sure all the marketing and PR has been great for them, but it’s hit a crescendo and I can’t handle it any more.  It’s like hearing the Black Eyed Peas on the radio…again.  It’s time for me to change the channel.  It seems as if all Vegas blogs, news, tweeters write about it every third item.

I’ll check the joint out later this week and share thoughts next week here or on Vegas Chatter or both, but I have friends in town and for the rest of this week ECG will be a Cosmopolitan free zone. Keep an eye on Vegas Chatter, Vegas Tripping and Rate Vegas for up to the second news.

For the record, I’m stoked to see the Cosmopolitan, but as someone who’s worked in marketing for over 10 years I usually hit a point of enough.  That point began late last week.

Enjoy the commercial…again.