Ultimate Gaming Closes In Nevada

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Ultimate Poker

It’s been rumored all summer that Ultimate Gaming (and Ultimate Pokerwould be closing but that was just people talking. After shutting down in New Jersey earlier this year Nevada has ceased operations. Everything is official now. Here’s the press release:



Las Vegas, Nevada (November 14, 2014) – Ultimate Gaming announced today that it will cease online poker operations in Nevada effective immediately upon complying with all necessary gaming regulatory requirements. The Company also recently ended all online gaming operations in New Jersey.

“As has been the case in other jurisdictions, online poker revenues in Nevada have fallen far short of original projections,” said Tom Breitling, Chairman of Ultimate Gaming. “Moreover, the state-by-state approach to online gaming has created an extremely cost-prohibitive and challenging operating environment. These factors have combined to make the path to profitability very difficult and uncertain. Consequently, we have decided to cease operations.”

“We are grateful to the Nevada Gaming Commission and Gaming Control Board for allowing us to be the first company to operate online poker in Nevada and greatly appreciate their leadership and support as the first state to license and regulate online poker,” continued Breitling. “We are working closely with the Gaming Control Board to ensure a smooth transition for our customers as we cease Nevada operations.”

Ultimate Gaming customers seeking information concerning their account can go online atwww.ultimatepoker.com and click Support.

New Bet Rock N Roll Game For MyVegas With Dice Bonus

BetRock N Roll MyVegas Slot Machine Game
Bet Rock N Roll

This is a new version of the Bet Rock N Roll game for MyVegas mobile. There is an added bonus round only available on the mobile game.  When they launched the original game last year players were upset it did not include an extra bonus round so they added one just for the mobile game.

MyVegas can get monotonous because of the repetition in some of the games but this dice bonus is great. They should incorporate more interactivity like this into the game to keep it interesting. See the bonus round below. It plays similar to one of my favorite slot machines in the past year – the Hot Roll bonus round.

Download MyVegas for free

Dana White Playing Online Blackjack In New Jersey Is Fun

Dana White Playing Online Blackjack in New Jersey
Dana White Playing Online Blackjack in New Jersey

Ultimate Casino just launched in New Jersey with a host of other online gaming websites. Ultimate Casino’s parent company is Station Casinos also owns the UFC which is a marketing partner for Ultimate Poker and Ultimate casino. With that in mind you may have noticed Dana White, big boss at UFC, has been helping the launch of both websites.

Dana White was joined by Frankie Edgar (UFC fighter) and JWoww (Jersey Shore). The latter two are as interesting as you’d imagine (they’re not interesting at all). On the other hand, Dana White is hysterical. He seems like most of the dudes his age that I end up playing blackjack with in a casino.

This video is over 7 minutes long. If you just want the good stuff from Dana White just skip to 2:25.


New Jersey Governor Expecting $1 Billion From Online Gaming

Ultimate Casino
Ultimate Casino

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, is at again. He’s blustering about gaming and spewing information that he can’t and won’t back up. If you remember, last year, Christie famously was going to legalize sports betting in New Jersey no matter what was legal.

“If someone wants to stop us, then let them try to stop us.”

That fight will continue to the Supreme Court. So much for Christie’s brash tone. While sports betting may not become legal in New Jersey any time soon online gaming just went live. It’s gone live in a big way with over 51,000 people signing up in the first few weeks.

More than 14,000 new online gambling accounts were created with Atlantic City casinos since Friday, bringing the total to 51,352 since a trial period started on Nov. 21.

Response for online gaming in New Jersey has been massive. For comparison Nevada has about 1,000 online poker players. Nevada is a much smaller state with no major cities like New York and Philadelphia bordering so take the comparison lightly – it’s just a reference.

It will be interesting to see how many of these accounts stay active and how many more will open in the next year. Chris Christie seems to think that online gaming will produce $1 Billion in revenue by July.

Gov. Chris Christie said today that he still expects online gambling in New Jersey to produce about $1 billion in casino revenue by July 1.

Nobody believes Christie will be right.

Industry analysts have said Christie’s projection — part of the current state budget, which anticipates $160 million in tax revenue from the venture — is far too optimistic….analysts said they expect about $300 million in revenue by this time next year.

In order for Chris Christie to be correct each of the 50,000 players that are signed up must lose $20,000 in 7 months. Even if sign ups double to 100,000 active players each would have to lose $10,000 in that period.

It’s not that this is a lofty goal but it’s irrational. Online gamblers traditionally play much lower limits than people who play in live casinos. You may be familiar with the term micros from the poker world.

I trust industry analysts more than I trust any politician. I hope his budget has a backup plan for the 70% of revenue shortfall that this line item will produce.

How Long Until Sheldon Adelson Dumps Cantor Gaming From The Venetian?

Sheldon Adelson Las Vegas Sands
Sheldon Adelson

Last year Sheldon Adelson, big boss at Las Vegas Sands, decided that he would fight online gaming instead of welcoming it into his casino business. He’s so against online gaming that he’s now crusading to stop it.

Adelson is preparing a public campaign to portray online gambling as a danger to children, the poor and others who could be exploited by easy access to Internet betting.

I think it’s a strange use of money to fight against the industry that made Sheldon Adelson billions, but what do I know. Like many other casino operators Las Vegas Sands (The Venetian, The Palazzo, etc.) has been positioning itself as a landlord more than a casino operator. Fighting online gaming simply looks as if it’s another way for Adelson to shake the “stigma” of being seen as just a casino guy.

I find it interesting that Las Vegas Sands keeps Cantor Gaming as the sportsbook operator at The Venetian and The Palazzo. While those are fantastic physical sportsbooks you are encouraged by Cantor Gaming to sign up for a mobile account where you can bet on games anywhere in Nevada.

Since its inception Cantor Gaming has been on the forefront of moving sports betting with cutting edge technology. Ultimately they’d like you to be able to bet on games anywhere that its legal. Additionally you can use a Cantor mobile device to play traditional casino games on property. This isn’t a battery operated game. This is online gambling supported by Las Vegas Sands.

Cantor Gaming sounds like a company Sheldon Adelson should be fighting, not embracing. 

Lagasse’s Stadium at the Palazzo and the traditional sportsbook The Venetian are my two favorite sportsbooks in Vegas. I don’t want to see them go away.

Back to the beginning of this discussion: Until Adelson removes Cantor Gaming from operating on his properties it’s difficult to take his fight against online gaming seriously

Photo: The Week

Online Gaming Yes, Sports Betting No In New Jersey

Atlantic City Boardwalk Waterfront At Night
Atlantic City Waterfront At Night

It’s not news that online gaming has become legal in New Jersey. What is news is that there is a start date.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Online gaming in New Jersey will begin November 23rd. That date is still tentative so it can always move but I’m sure that the state and casinos would like the gaming companies to have their stuff together in time for holiday money.

In a matter of two months or so, gaming regulators in the State of New Jersey will start giving the “go live” signal to launch Internet gaming websites of Atlantic City casinos that passed vetting processes. The much-awaited date is tentatively set on November 23, 2013. 

New Jersey will allow all types of gaming online. Even though Nevada is first out of the gate with online poker being available with Ultimate Poker and WSOP they’re only allowing poker. This is a good start for Nevada but the ability to play video poker and slot machines will really be where online gaming makes a dent in the bottom line for a casino or gaming company.

In Nevada you can bet on sports online or in a casino sportsbook. You won’t be able to do either in New Jersey any time soon with another lost court case. Have no fear, the Supreme Court will be here to save the day to legalize sports betting in New Jersey!

“For the first time, a judge has ruled in our favor,” state senator Ray Lesniak said. “That gives us hope that others, either Supreme Court justices or the entire Court of Appeals for our district, will allow New Jersey to enjoy the economic benefits of sports betting that are now reserved exclusively for Nevada.”

The next step will be to seek a rehearing before all judges of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.  Then, the case would head to the U.S. Supreme Court, which only takes up a small percentage of the cases presented to it.

There is a huge market for sports betting on the east coast and this could be a huge financial impact when it becomes legal. For comparison sports betting in New Jersey will be about the same as the Las Vegas strip. That’s just the strip – not the rest of Nevada. That’s a big deal.

Since I live in Las Vegas I think I’ll go fire up one of my apps and bet on a game….because I can. 🙂

Photo: Soul of America 

Sheldon Adelson Doesn’t Want Your Online Gaming Money. #GOML

Sheldon Adelson Las Vegas Sands
Sheldon Adelson

Sheldon Adelson, CEO Las Vegas Sands, doesn’t like online gaming and thinks it’s a cancer. Sheldon Adelson considers online gaming a gateway drug to the downfall of mankind. Adelson says he doesn’t want any money from online gaming. Ever. Now get off his lawn. He’s cranky!

Sheldon Adelson is also probably not telling the truth. In the past couple years Las Vegas Sands has changed all of his poker rooms to be “Sands Poker Room” so that they can brand the poker rooms across the world to be the same. Las Vegas Sands isn’t branding everything the same. There are still Venetian’s and Sands’ and Palazzo’s around the world. But poker…that’s a streamlined brand.

Here’s an interesting interview with Sheldon Adelson bashing online gaming on Bloomberg News. It’s almost 8 minutes long so save for when you have the time.

The video doesn’t want to embed this morning. Maybe it needs more coffee too. you can watch it here.

Shout out to @Detroit1051 for sharing this.

Over 4% Of English iPhone Users Have Sports Betting Apps

William Hill Mobile App
William Hill Mobile App

Mobile gaming is just beginning and sports bettors in the United Kingdom are leading the way. Over 4% of iPhone users have a sports betting app on their phone.

In December 2012, comScore estimated that there were 8.65m active iPhone users in the UK. If that figure has stayed constant, based on Onavo’s 4.3% figure, it would mean around 372k Brits are using sports betting apps on their iPhones.

Rosen says that companies in the US are watching the UK closely, since it’s one of the most established mobile gambling markets in the world, ahead of what they hope will be legislation to make real-money gambling legal on mobile phones across the US.

William Hill leads the way with app use in the UK with more than 1/3rd of those sports betting apps in use being theirs. 38% of sports betting apps in use belong to William Hill. People with the William Hill app use it about 4 times a month. That’s second behind Bet 365 whose app is used over 5 times a month.

I’m not sure this is 100% applicable but if you translated these numbers to the population of Nevada (2 million in NV vs. 63 mm in UK) there would be about 11,000 mobile sports bettors between the William Hill, Cantor Gaming and Station Casinos sports betting apps. They’d be making somewhere between 40,000 and 50,000 wagers per month coming from iPhones alone.

With mobile gaming and mobile sports betting still in its infancy I think those 3 companies in the US would be satisfied with those results. As the legality of online gaming expands so will that number and these companies will be the leaders.

Is An Online Poker License In New Jersey Worth $15 Million?

Atlantic Club Casino
Atlantic Club Casino

PokerStars tried, and failed, to buy Atlantic Club Casino to get their foot in the door for when New Jersey legalizes online poker. The deal they thought they had been for only $15 million.

What do you do if you’ve got a purchase agreement with Colony Capital and the latter allegedly reneges on you? If you’re Rational Group, which thought it had a $15 million deal in place to purchase the Atlantic Club Hotel, the answer is simple: “We’ll see you in court.” 

While the deal with PokerStars is, publicly, still up in the air it seems as if Atlantic Club Casino is still searching for a buyer. But is $15 million even worth it to buy a casino just to earn online gaming revenue? Not so fast my friend.

Online wagering could bring in a comparatively scant $30 million … not surprising given the difficulty that some of the major players are having getting onto the field.

If you divide online gaming revenue between 10 companies that’s $3 million per company. That’s not much revenue at all and certainly wouldn’t make buying into a dying casino market worthwhile. However, this is short-sighted. Online gaming is an investment today.

Online poker will grow once it becomes legal. Online poker is also a gateway to other online gaming revenue for a casino. Whenever sports betting is legalized it will also earn revenue for online gaming companies.

Looking much further into the future online gaming will include slot machines and video poker. Playing slot machines online has always felt a little sketchy but the most trusted companies for online gaming will be the familiar companies with a good track record elsewhere.

Further, Atlantic Club Casino has undergone renovations over the past few years. It’s not a dump in need of a major facelift. With minimal investment it could be made into a marginal casino that could someday turn a profit – even if it’s a small profit. There is still some value in connecting online business with a brick and mortar business.

So, is an online poker license worth $15 million and whatever investment you’d have to make in the Atlantic Club Casino? In the long-term, absolutely.

Photo – Atlantic City Insiders

Ultimate Poker Launches Today

Ultimate Poker Logo
Ultimate Poker

Ultimate Poker, Station Casinos‘ online poker room, launches real money online poker today at UltimatePoker.com, making history as the first company in the United States to offer legal online poker In Nevada. Here’s a blurb from the press release.

Ultimate Poker is a licensed online poker room in the state of Nevada, leading the way through extraordinary service, best-in-class rewards, and a true-to-its-roots poker experience. Created by online poker specialists and backed by Las Vegas gaming leaders, Ultimate Poker brings fun back to the online felt by merging entertainment, competition, and the gaming lifestyle. Ultimate Poker is the exclusive online gaming partner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®), the fastest growing sports organization in the world, and is the online poker product of Station Casinos, the preferred gaming destination for Las Vegas locals.    

I haven’t played poker (online or offline) in a few years so I’m not very up on actual play but Quad Jacks has details here and here about the launch of Ultimate Poker.

If you have a mac (like me) you can’t just download, load your account and play at Ultimate Poker you’ll have to invest a few bucks to buy Windows 7 to play.

  • Download and install VMware such as VMFusion onto your Mac.*
  • Purchase and install Windows 7 onto your Mac.*
  • Download the ULTIMATE POKER client and install on the
    Windows portion of your Mac.

If you’re a mac user and don’t want to buy windows you’re stuck playing with offshore sites. This isn’t much of a surprise as sports betting was limited to PC’s when it first launched. Mac products will probably follow in a few months.

Ultimate Poker is the first of a handful of legal online poker sites to launch in Nevada. This is just the beginning of the new online poker revolution. Or something like that. Seriously, along with mobile sports betting, this is leading the way for online and mobile gaming to being much larger.