Video Poker Of The Beast

I’ve written about my fascination with “Number of the Beast” at the casino more than a couple times but I have yet to capture the beast on camera. Until last week (see photo above).

Not only did the “Number of the Beast” find me playing video poker, but a hand I like to call “The number plus one” found me when I got 4 6’s! I was playing a video poker variant that has a wheel feature when I got the four of a kind. The SPIN feature covered up the 4OAK so I wasn’t able to capture it. Should I see this rare number + 1 on a normal video poker game I’ll be sure snap a pic and share on tumblr.

Finding Number of The Beast in the casino began as an excuse to get Iron Maiden into this blog, but it’s become sort of an obsession. You may have noticed that.

I’m not sure how many times the beast and I will cross paths in the future without being repetitive. It’s difficult to get the phone out without being yelled at when playing blackjack or 3 card poker but last week I was playing video poker and the number of the beast found me for the first time in a while.

Here are some links if you want to add the number of the beast and video poker to your holiday gifts.

WinPoker app on iPhone
Iron Maiden – “Number of the Beast” remastered CD
Iron Maiden – “Number of the Beast” single download
Iron Maiden – “Number of the Beast” Vinyl Picture Disc

Come On Gimme The Number of the Beast!

I’m not the biggest Iron Maiden fan in the world, but I like them and know the hits. When I gamble I think about them often. Specifically when I play video poker and 3 Card Poker I think of Iron Maiden.

If I’m I’m dealt a pair of 6’s in either game I never ask for a third 6. I always ask for “Number of the Beast“. Sometimes I’ll say it to myself and sometimes I’ll say it out loud.

I was playing 3 Card Poker at Paris Las Vegas after dining at Gordon Ramsey Steak (see review at Vegas Chatter) when I saw two 6’s and just put the cards down. I was joking with the pit boss all night and sometimes when he walked over he’d look at my cards. This time he did and I asked if I got the number of the beast he replied with “you and I are probably the only 2 people in here that might get that reference.” After we chuckled I asked again and he said “no.”

I finished that session even, but had a blast with the players, dealers and pit boss. I also had a handful or Grand Marnier, which didn’t hurt.

While writing this I learned that “Number of the Beast” is now 30 years old. I guess that would make this classic rock? You can get “Number of The Beast” at Amazon for $13 on CD. It’s only $8 for digital files. That’s how I roll.

The pic of Chris Mason’s mask comes from Metal Insider. They link to his old Iron Maiden mask too.