July 2015 15
Monte Carlo Gets New Theater
Posted By : Marc

There are so many rumors about Monte Carlo that it’s hard to keep up with what I actually post. Last week I posted that a new theater would be built at Monte Carlo to replace

January 2015 14
Random Vegas Info From MGM Resorts
Posted By : Marc

I’m easily amused. I find random information like the infographic above and the notes below fun and relatively useful. Thanks to this blog post you can now amaze your friends with useless Vegas knowledge from MGM Resorts like:

December 2014 29
Shake Shack Las Vegas Opens Today
Posted By : Marc

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about having a burger in Las Vegas. That changes today as the first Shake Shack opens on the west coast. Shake Shack Las Vegas opened today at

June 2014 03
The Real Hershey’s Chocolate World
Posted By : Marc

Hershey’s Chocolate World just opened on the Vegas Strip outside of New York-New York. It’s a candy store and they have the largest (non-edible) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. I like peanut butter cups.  Take 10 minutes and