Poor Jets. Poor Mark Sanchez. Yay Animated GIFs

The New York Jets were destroyed by the New England Patriots last night. I’m a Jets fan. This game (and picture below) really sum up what it’s like being a Jets fan.

At least this helped my only NFL Continue reading “Poor Jets. Poor Mark Sanchez. Yay Animated GIFs”

New Jersey Votes To Approve Sports Betting…Now What?

Yesterday, New Jersey voters approved a referendum that would allow sports betting in the state if a federal ban on sports betting is lifted.

But first, a federal ban on sports betting in all but four states would have to be lifted by Congress or overturned by the courts for New Jersey to offer wagering on professional and college teams.

It’s smart that New Jersey is allowing sports betting to take place at racetracks, because who would bother driving to Atlantic City to make a $50 wager on a game from northern New Jersey or New York or Pennsylvania. Perhaps this will lead the way to New Jersey having racinos at those same racetracks in the future. But what’s next?

  1. After the federal ban is lifted (which is rumored to be done already) casinos will have to undergo a major transformation.
  2. Atlantic City casinos will have to buy DirecTV or some kind of satellite system to show the games that people can bet on. Currently, casinos mostly show basic cable and local sports. It’s pretty much BS that I could never watch a Jets game in Atlantic City. This will not be acceptable if they begin to take wagers on all sports.
  3. Atlantic City casinos will have to figure out which boxing or MMA matches they can show, if any. Currently Pay Per View events are controlled by the casinos hosting the events and usually only shown on their properties. Will Caesars get back into hostin boxing matches since they own four eleven Atlantic City casinos?
  4. Sports and racebooks will have to be expanded to show more than just horse racing and to be able to facilitate more bettors and viewers.
Studies show that there will be a boatload of money earned from sports betting for the casinos to make these changes (and more).
Citing a University of Pennsylvania study conducted last year, Pascrell (a lobbyist who is working with Raymond Lesniak on the sports betting campaign.) also said sports betting is expected to generate more than $10 billion in annual wagering. New Jersey would get an 8 percent cut of the betting action through the state’s gross wagering tax.
Again, this is all just in the early stages and quite frankly I don’t believe these numbers are real but we’ll have to see. For more information on the approval of sports betting in New Jersey take a look at the Press of Atlantic City and Covers.com.

Cosmopolitan to Have 6:5 Blackjack

In gambling news that should surprise nobody, Vegas Tripping received a tip last week that the Cosmopolitan will have 6:5 blackjack.

In response to Mike’s recent rant, a very reliable source inside the Brillo Pad (thank you Steve) has told us that the Cosmopolitan will offer their guests the opportunity to be paid 6:5 on all natural blackjacks.

I find it hard to believe that high limits tables will be paid 6:5 and not 3:2.  Most strip casinos are filled with 6:5 blackjack now anyway, so there should be little surprise here.

Additionally, how could anyone expect good gaming for a strip property that has not once – in any marketing – talked about their casino?

As I’ve said before, I love the independent spirit I’ve see with the Cosmopolitan’s set up marketing but if that spirit doesn’t move to the gaming floor it’s all BS.  I expect something different from the Cosmopolitan than the casino monolith’s Harrah’s Caesars and MGM (MRI).

They Cosmo is trying to set the bar above the others on the strip with their hotel – it would be nice to see that carry over to the casino.  Like with the Jets, I’ll hope for the best, but expect the worst and that’s too bad.

Less than two weeks until we see the reality of all of this.  Even though gaming expectations are low, I’m looking forward to seeing what Cosmopolitan has to offer.