Best Airlines In America

Virgin America Airlines
Virgin America

When it came to travel I was lucky to be from New York City. I had my choice of three airports – LaGuardia, Newark and JFK. LaGuardia (LGA)was closest to me but I rarely flew from there because it was the hub for American Airlines and they didn’t fly direct everywhere I wanted. I only fly direct when possible. JFK (JFK) always felt so far away and even if it wasn’t that I didn’t bother heading that way.

Newark (EWR) was the airport I flew out of most. That made United (then Continental) my main airline because Newark airport is their hub. I had a love/hate relationship with Continental. The flights were generally bad (service, comfort, etc.) but they were so frequent and inexpensive that they were usually my choice. When the two airlines merged service when from bad to really bad. The last time I flew United is when I left the east coast.

United/Continental have dominated my air travel but I’ve dabbled with other airlines and when Consumer Reports released their Top 10 List of airlines in America I had to agree with all of it from experience and hearsay.

1. Virgin America, 89
2. Southwest Airlines, 85
3. JetBlue Airways, 85
4. Hawaiian Airlines, 82
5. Alaska Airlines, 81
6. Frontier Airlines, 78
7. Delta Air Lines, 71
8. US Airways, 66
9. American Airlines, 66
10. United Airlines, 63
(11. Spirit Airlines, 50)

I’ve flown the majority of these airlines and this list seems fairly accurate. I’d rank American higher but not sure I’d really argue much about shifting the bottom side of this list. I’ve never seen or heard a positive thing about Spirit Air and 50 out of 100 on this scale seems a bit high.

I flew Virgin America for the first time last year and found it to be the most pleasant flying experience I’ve ever had. Between wifi, great service, outlets for charging and comfortable seating the flight was amazing. Flying Virgin America is how all air travel should be. I just wish they flew direct everywhere.

Southwest from Las Vegas (LAS) may not be as nice as Virgin but my first experience with them was also fantastic. I’m IMing with a friend back east while I write this and think I’ve decided to fly Southwest back east on my next trip. I’d prefer Virgin America since I can wifi throughout the trip but Southwest is a fine second option.

It’s unfortunate that neither Virgin or Southwest airlines has many direct flights to Las Vegas from east coast cities because they are airlines that I know my friends would like and prefer to their “legacy carriers”, which you’ll notice are all on the bottom half of this list.

Have a favorite airline?

Watch The Las Vegas Fireworks Live Online

Earlier this week I saw a question from @goon29 on twitter asking if he could watch the New Years Eve fireworks from Vegas live online somewhere since he’s back east. I figure he’s not the only one that might like this info. After all, we all have Vegas cravings (even if you live here and hide in the burbs) and this is a good excuse to get a fix.

Twitter Goon 29
Twitter Goon 29

After trying to go through proper channels (Thanks Becca) and not getting an answer I got an answer for Goon last night from Channel 8 News’ Dayna Roselli last night about 2 minutes after I asked.

Twitter Dayna Roselli
Twitter Dayna Roselli

While nothing is like being in New York City for New Years Eve, Las Vegas is probably the second best place in America to be. The strip is shut down to traffic and becomes a giant open container street party. While I’m at it, being 40-something degrees at midnight is much nicer than standing in zero degree temps outside being back east.

This year the big fireworks display will be held at 8 different casinos on the strip and last nine minutes. Dayna says that Channel 8 will have helicopters and cameras all over Las Vegas to cover things.

Go here for Channel 8

I know the photo is old but it’s nice – from elektrodaily