2015-2016 NBA Futures From William Hill

2015-2016 NBA Futures From William Hill
2015-2016 NBA Futures

It’s been less than 12 hours since the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship. In the sports betting world this means we must be ready to bet on the NBA champs for next year. Sportsbooks have been releasing 2015-2016 NBA futures odds all day. Here’s what William Hill is offering.

Futures odds can vary widely. Shop around if you’re looking for the best price.Who ya got?

Cleveland Cavaliers – 7:2
Golden State Warriors – 9:2
Oklahoma City Thunder – 6:1
Los Angeles Clippers – 10:1
San Antonio Spurs – 10:1
Chicago Bulls – 12:1
Houston Rockets – 15:1
New Orleans Pelicans – 20:1
Washington Wizards – 20:1
Memphis Grizzlies – 22:1
Dallas Mavericks – 25:1
Atlanta Hawks – 28:1
Indiana Pacers – 30:1
Toronto Raptors – 35:1
Portland Trailblazers – 35:1
Miami Heat – 50:1
Boston Celtics – 60:1
Milwaukee Bucks – 75:1
Los Angeles Lakers – 75:1
Utah Jazz – 100:1
Brooklyn Nets – 100:1
Phoenix Suns – 100:1
Detroit Pistons – 100:1
New York Knicks – 100:1
Sacramento Kings – 125:1
Denver Nuggets – 150:1
Minnesota Timberwolves – 150:1
Charlotte Hornets – 150:1
Orlando Magic – 150:1
Philadelphia 76ers – 150:1

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NBA Ready To Partake In Legal Sports Betting

NBA Ready For Legal Sports Betting
NBA Ready For Legal Sports Betting

This week ESPN hired David Purdum, one of the best sports gambling writers (follow Purdum on twitter), and the NBA has put him right into action.

New NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, says that expanded legalized sports betting in “inevitable” and that the NBA will likely be a part of it. Purdum thinks that legal sports gambling will be expanded in the next few years. That sounds about right to me.

Here’s more thoughts on the NBA and expanded legal sports betting:

NBA In Las Vegas

NBA Summer League
Summer League

Every year the Las Vegas media goes gaga when any professional sports team or league mention anything related to Las Vegas. Last night excellent sports writer, Marc Spears from Yahoo, dropped a few nuggets about the NBA and Las Vegas that will probably excite the locals.

1. NBA Awards in Las Vegas

2. Mid-Season NBA Tournament possibly in Las Vegas

3. No NBA team coming to Las Vegas (or anywhere)

Las Vegas should be happy with the Summer League and a possible awards show (Vegas already hosts NHL awards) and move along with any dreams of getting a team to call their own. I’m curious about this potential mid-season tournament. That sounds really interesting.

The NHL on the other hand may be a different story…

Current NBA Championship Odds From William Hill. Thanks LeBron.

LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers

The last time I looked at NBA Championship futures I said:

If I were placing a bet today (I would never) I might drop a minimum bet on the Chicago Bulls at 10-1 Cleveland Cavaliers at 50-1.

Low and behold the LeBron James signed with the Cavaliers and their odds are down to 9/2 (that’s 4.5-1) from 50-1. I don’t think the Cavs will win it all but that’s a nice value play. The Bulls odds are still 10-1 and probably not going anywhere.

Right now the New York Knicks look like the only team whose odds might change drastically when Carmelo Anthony re-signs but they still have no shot at the NBA championship.

The only other change in odds I see are the Houston Rockets if Chris Bosh signs. They might swing to 8-1 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers.

Updated odds to win the NBA Championship are below.

Who ya got now?

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2014-2015 NBA Championship Futures From William Hill

San Antonio Spurs NBA Champions
San Antonio Spurs NBA Champions

It’s been about 12 hours since the San Antonio Spurs won the NBA Championship. In the sports betting world this means we must be ready to be on the NBA champs for next year.

If I were placing a bet today (I would never) I might drop a minimum bet on the Chicago Bulls at 10-1 Cleveland Cavaliers at 50-1. I don’t think odds for either team will get better as the new season unfolds.

Who ya got?!

Heat +275
Spurs 4/1
Thunder 7/1
Clippers 9/1
Bulls 10/1
Rockets 12/1
Pacers 12/1
Warriors 15/1
Blazers 25/1
Wizards 40/1
Nets 40/1
Grizzlies 40/1
Mavericks 40/1
Raptors 50/1
Knicks 50/1
Cavaliers 50/1
Lakers 50/1
Pelicans 50/1
Suns 50/1
Bobcats 75/1
Nuggets 75/1
Hawks 75/1
Timberwolves 100/1
Celtics 100/1
Pistons 150/1
Kings 150/1
Jazz 150/1
Magic 150/1
76ers 200/1
Bucks 250/1

Photo: ABC News

Golf Is The Worst

Henrik Stenson
Henrik Stenson

Betting on sports probably makes up the majority of my gaming. I usually play video poker, craps and blackjack when I’m in a casino but with apps from William Hill and Station Casinos (I don’t bet with Cantor Gaming) I can bet on sports anywhere and I do.

Baseball is my game of choice when I’m at the sportsbook. I’ve loved baseball for my whole life. I play multiple games a week, in part, because it’s nice having a little action while I’m watching the games. When football season gets here I’ll be playing college and pro and when the NBA season kicks off I’ll play that. All of these sports give me a major sport, that I enjoy, to wager on all year around.

I step outside of the sports that I like every now and again when there are major events that I know I’ll be reading about and be curious to watch. I’ll wager on March Madness, Daytona 500 and some of the major Golf tournaments throughout the year. This year I bet on Jason Day to win The Masters. He hung around for the entire tournament and forced me to watch the whole tournament before finally losing. I had a bet on Graeme McDowell to win The British Open and he was out before the first day was even over. Losing stinks but I was able to enjoy my weekend.

Last weekend, at the PGA Championship, I had Henrik Stenson (25-1) and he made me miserable. I couldn’t turn away from the tournament but I couldn’t watch it because I didn’t really care about anything but my bet. He was in and out of contention all weekend making me curious enough to stay near a TV so I could always keep an eye on the bet. The odds for most of these players are somewhere between 20-1 and 50-1 so there is potential to collect a nice win on the line.

I used to play golf pretty often but haven’t played in a while. At this rate I’m not sure I’ll pick up the sticks any time soon. The longer it is since the last time I played golf the less interested in watching the pro game I am. Still, I have a little curiosity about gambling on these tournaments because it’s nice to hit a relatively long shot regardless of my enjoyment watching the game.

Betting on golf can be awful because of that. If my player has an awful first day or two then I have no hope to win my bet. If the player does well I’m stuck watching. Wagering on golf a lose-lose proposition – especially because I can’t pick a winner.

Betting on golf can be great for some people who enjoy the game because you can spend 4 days in a sportsbook rooting for a $5 bet which may pay as much as $500. I’m not one of those people and I think I’m done betting on golf…until the next time I can bet on Jason Day at 20-1. Damn, I think I’m already back.

Photo: CBS 

March Madness In Las Vegas Is Better Than The Super Bowl

Florida Gulf Coast International Dunk
Dunk City

I’ve loved March Madness for years but this year I’ve spent much less time watching college basketball. In fact, I didn’t watch a single NCAA basketball game this year. I was looking forward to the NCAA basketball tournament less then I have in years.

Times changes things everyone and everything. I thought my time with the March Madness had passed but it hasn’t…it’s changed. I don’t think I’ll ever care much about the regular season of college basketball but March Madness is something entirely different.

March Madness in Las Vegas is bigger and better than the Super Bowl.

I don’t care about sportsbook handles, revenue or facts on whether or not this, financially, is true. I know what I see. The vibe in the sportsbooks is great for the Super Bowl but it cannot match the intensity of March Madness. First of all college basketball fans are, generally, younger than NFL fans. Second, there is much more action to watch and to bet.

The first weekend of March Madness has 16 games on both Thursday and Friday with as many as four games on at once. When half the teams are eliminated there are still 8 games on Saturday and Sunday with 3 (maybe 4) happening at once. At the same time  there may be some NBA or NHL games on smaller TV’s in the sportsbook.

The Super Bowl is one game with no competition. The crowd in Vegas for the Super Bowl is a little older and more subdued. After this weekend I realize that Vegas is what keeps me interested in March Madness. The first weekend of March Madness is now the single best time for the sports fan to visit Las Vegas.

Florida Gulf Coast University is one of the many reasons so many people love sports. The story is great and dunks like this one would have broken twitter last year. Thankfully twitter doesn’t break down as much. This dunk made me jump out of my seat.

Photo: USA Today

Best Sportsbooks In Las Vegas

The new year means it’s time to update some of my favorite things in Vegas. With the Super Bowl and March Madness right around the corner I figured that I might as well start with a new edition of the Top 5 Sportsbooks In Las Vegas. These are MY favorites. Yours may differ but they’re wrong…at least for me. If you compare to last year’s Top 5 sportsbooks in Vegas you won’t see much change but you will notice some tweaks.

1. Lagasse’s Stadium (The Palazzo)- Last week I questioned whether or not Lagasse’s Stadium should even be considered a sportsbook. It’s really a restaurant with a bar and sportsbook but the more I think about it the more that I remember that Lagasse’s Stadium is the future of sportsbooks. Lagasse’s Stadium may be the greatest place in Vegas. It’s a great place to watch the games, snack, drink, play blackjack, play pool and more. Just don’t expect drink tickets. Those are only given with bets above $5,000 at the manager’s discretion. I can’t wait for all of the Cantor Gaming sportsbooks to turn all of their sportsbooks into restaurants. It will happen some day.

Venetian Sportsbook

2. The Venetian – This is by far the best traditional sportsbook. There is never a fee to sit and watch the games. The huge HD TV screens can be seen from far away in The Venetian casino and even though cocktail waitresses are sparse in this huge sportsbook, there’s a bar in the back of the sportsbook to get drinks. You can still watch the games (and play video poker). Not enough praise can go into the beauty of the TV’s at The Venetian sportsbook. As an added bonus this year a burger joint opened across the casino called Rattlecan. Rattlecan sends their waitresses to the sportsbook and will bring you pretty good burgers. (See review at Vegas Chatter)

Wynn Sportsbook

3. Wynn – I had a bad experience here a few years ago and held a grudge but after a recent stay at Encore I’ve come around to the sportsbook at Wynn. There is a lot of comfortable seating in between the race and sports sides of the book plus there’s a bar overlooking the sportsbook with about 50-75 more seats. The projection screens could use some updating while the TV’s for less important games could use more size and updating but they’re very easy to watch if you have a seat up close. If you’re just watching a major event like the Super Bowl this shouldn’t matter.

Bellagio Sportsbook

4. Bellagio – The Bellagio sportsbook isn’t very big but it’s nice and comfortable. This sportsbook had new TV’s installed this year and that helps. Bellagio is one of my favorite casinos in Las Vegas so I’m happy to see that things are improving on the sportsbook side. It’s another great excuse to visit. If you want a seat for the games here arrive early because the sportsbook is very small.

Red Rock Sportsbook

5. Red Rock Resort – The sportsbook at Red Rock Resort is huge. It’s definitely the sportsbook for locals since it’s about half hour away from the Vegas strip. During football season the Red Rock sportsbook is very busy almost to the point of where it’s not fun but it’s still great. If you like to drink while watching the games this is your place. Cocktail waitresses make rounds non-stop. I prefer the Red Rock sportsbook during NBA and MLB seasons because it’s a little slower and they show all of the games. Video poker players will be happy to find full pay Bonus Poker at the sportsbook bar.

Silverton Sportsbook

Honorable mention: Silverton. The Silverton sportsbook is small but it’s brand new will appropriately size TV screens. It’s not at a very busy casino but that usually means you can find a seat. If it’s busy, you can sit at a slot machine. A bar, Starbucks and Johnny Rockets are steps away if you need food or drink. Like all cantor gaming sportsbooks there’s free wifi and outlets for access to things not on TV.


Record Month For Football…Followed By Worst Week

Sportsbooks and sports wagering aren’t, typically, the epicenter for casino profit. That’s usually left to the other gambling, but things were different in September. Football wagering made more money in the casino then any other game including baccarat which usually tops casino earnings.

Customers wagered $312.7 million alone on college and professional football. Of that, casinos collected $43.5 million, an increase of 271.6 percent over September 2011.

Football betting has been trending upward and here are some reasons why.

September 2012 had one extra weekend than September 2011, which meant two extra days of football betting which helped boost wagering totals.

(Gaming Control Board senior research analyst Michael) Lawton said that in discussions with sports book operators, he was told the betting public tends to wager more on the favorites against the point spread. However, favorites in both college football and the National Football League did not fare as well against the point spread during September. That led to a more profitable month for the sports books.

The hold by the sports books on all wagers was 12.69 percent in September. A year ago, the hold was 5.82 percent. Lawton said 5 percent hold is considered normal.

Some of that success was erased last week as the sportsbooks had their worst week ever.

“It was the worst day I’ve ever seen that involved regular season in the NFL,” (William Hill spokesman Jimmy) Vaccaro said…

…“We actually probably had the best eight weeks I’ve ever been involved with leading up to this,” Vaccaro said. “So everyone was feeling good about themselves, but you knew there was going to be a day when you were going to get a preponderance of favorites. But this wasn’t only favorites, it was the right favorites.”

This is what happens with sports betting. You win some and you lose some and you move on. Personally, I’m having an amazing football season after having an awful season last year. My bankroll is up 150% with 20% more waiting on the Jets to win under 8.5 games.

I’m ready for some NBA hoops now that Mike Brown was fired by the Los Angeles Lakers. That has nothing to do with my readiness for hoops, I just heard the news in the background.

Football: Don’t Forget The Situation

I’ve noticed that the situation (not the guy above) is playing a larger role in football betting than ever before. This may not be anything new but I’m noticing it more often now.

Baseball is my number one love in life and baseball is probably my favorite sport to bet on. That’s followed by the NBA. I think I like the grind of the long seasons. Football (college & pro) betting stresses me out because most of the games are on the same day and it falls 3rd on sports I like to wager on.

That said, I may still enjoy the football season more as a fan. Strange, I know. Here are some examples of the situation playing a role in football winners and losers:

  • Home teams on night football games. This is something that goes back to Monday Night Football when I was growing up and carries over to Saturday Night college football games along with Thursday & Sunday night NFL game.
  • NFL non-conference road games. These games matter less to better NFL teams because they weigh a little less in playoff tie-breakers. Teams can be ripe for an upset or not to cover the spread when playing in this situation.
  • Look-ahead games. This is similar to the example above, but seems to effect colleges more. Last week’s USC loss to Arizona may have been because they were looking ahead to a bigger game this weekend against Oregon.

There are more examples of situations playing a role in football betting and I’m noticing myself looking at the schedule more than ever to see if there are games that are a place where a team may not have their head in the game.

This may not be anything new to experienced sports bettors, but it is relatively new to me. I’d rather the games be more about data like baseball and basketball but it seems the mental part of football is a bigger part of the game than ever and it’s something to pay attention to.

Even if it’s nothing especially new, I figured I’d share my revelation. If you know of other situations we should look out for leave a comment below or tweet me and I’ll pass it on.

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