Grass And Trees In Vegas

I’m not from Las Vegas. You can here it when I speak. This will always be Vegas to me. You know, eating, drinking and gambling on the Vegas strip or downtown Vegas or even my local casinos. That’s why it always amazes me when I find things you’ll see in a “normal” city.

I was in dire need of caffeine today and decided that the home brew wouldn’t be good enough so I got in my car and hit one of three Starbucks within half a mile of my house for an iced skinny latte (I actually got two). The latte’s did just what I wanted. But I digress.

Today I found what seems to be an average run of the mill park. The park has all the swings and stuff a kid could need and there’s real grass, trees, picnic tables and BBQ’s. Who knew?! My vitamin D break (lunch in the sun) for the day was splendid. It’s amazing to see how relatively normal Vegas can be when you leave the strip.

PS: Instead of going to the office after lunch I went to Red Rock Resort to grab a beer and play a little video poker. You can find pictures of the multitude of 4OAK’s on tumblr. Then I decided to grab another latte head back to the office.

Driving Through Red Rock Canyon

I live about 10 minutes from Red Rock Canyon and have been kind of curious to look at it closer. See, I’m a city guy. I don’t like nature. I don’t like bugs. I don’t like snakes (literally or figuratively). You get the picture. Going hiking on a bunch of big pretty rocks is not my thing. Red Rock Canyon may be pretty, but I can drive to one of the three Dunkin Donuts in Vegas and look at the pretty Red Rock from afar.

Because I live so close to Red Rock Canyon, I’ve been curious to see what goes on there. I knew it was there before moving, but truthfully I didn’t care. I was a strip guy on vacations. On my first trip into Red Rock Canyon, I got two miles into the nothingness and turned around. It was almost dusk and I didn’t know what was ahead of me. This time I prepared. Some, including me, would say I over-prepared. I’m neurotic, that’s how it goes down.

I filled my gas tank yesterday. Ya know, don’t want to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. I decided that I should go in the morning since temps were expected to hit 100 today. I selected my only white shirt in case I got stuck. I didn’t want to have a dark colored shirt on if I ended up sitting in the sun. I packed a banana and 2 liters of water for the same reason.

I was just going on a drive, it should not have been this big of a deal. Seriously, nature is not my thing. I could have been taken by aliens and nobody would know any better. I had no idea what the drive held for me.

I drove about 20 minutes into Red Rock Canyon until I reached Bonnie Springs Ranch. That’s where I turned around and headed back to civilization. The views were, indeed, beautiful as you can see above and in the flickr gallery. There are a couple of national park areas and scenic overlooks if you’re into staring at rocks.

All in all, it was a nice calm drive and one I will take again. I was able to listen to a podcast during my time in the car, which was nice. Next time I head back it will be to check out Bonnie Springs Ranch and see some of the scenic stuff. To be honest, the scenic overlooks would be a heck of a lot more fun with a 6 pack of beer. Maybe I’ll grab a friend and take that route next time.