Hangover 2: More of the Same

When I saw the first trailer for Hangover 2, there was a monkey and I was cool with it.  Now that I’ve seen the new trailer (below) I can’t help but think this looks EXACTLY like the first movie and I’m still cool with it – there’s a monkey. The Hangover was, in part, great because it was surprisingly funny and there was no way a sequel could be received similarly.  I’m sure it will be a fine movie, but it won’t be the same and I’m fine with that.



I Want You To Steal The Diamonds

I like Oceans 13 more than I should.  Not a lot of people like the movie and I’m cool with that.  Every time AAA announces their 5 Diamond award winners  I think of the movie (see below).   To no surprise, Las Vegas was the leading market.  Here’s a breakdown:


*NEW Aria
NEW Mandarin Oriental
Wynn Las Vegas
Skylofts at MGM Grand
Four Seasons
Ritz-Carlton at Lake Las Vegas
(will be taken over by Dolce Hotels & Resorts)


Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace
Picasso and Le Cirque
at Bellagio
Joel Robuchon
at MGM Grand
at Wynn Las Vegas

No surprise that Las Vegas lead the way.  Indulgence is what makes Vegas what it is.  This list often serves as a target of places I’d like to visit.  Last year I was lucky enough to try out Venetian & Palazzo.

I’m hoping next year brings the other strip hotels that have casinos.  If I want a nice hotel without a casino I’ll try one in another city.

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Hey, It’s Enrico Palazzo

Leslie Nielsen, one of my favorite comedic actors, passed away Sunday night.  Before my first trip to the Palazzo in Las Vegas my friends and I passed this video around for weeks, if not months.  I’ll always remember Enrico Palazzo from Naked Gun and Las Vegas

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Global Gaming Expo

Next week is the annual Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas.  I first learned about G2E last year.  G2E is like most expos and where most of the gambling companies will be debuting their latest and greatest casino games.

IGT was the first company to announce some of their new games.  Slots in their case.  I look forward to seeing what else is coming out next year.

Numerous new games from pop culture joining the MegaJackpots family include Godzilla, Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters, and a new addition to the popular Sex and the City family of games.

I’m already bored with the slots that came out this year and I could enjoy Godzilla and Ghostbusters penny slots.

NHL is Not a Major Sport

I didn’t realize that today was a holiday until I saw that the Rangers and Islanders were playing a matinee.  That made me ask a question: why are they playing Monday afternoon?  Answer: Hockey is not a major sport and it really doesn’t matter.  It wasn’t that way when I was growing up.  There were four major professional sports; baseball, football, hockey and basketball.

Today is Columbus day, a holiday that’s not really a holiday.  The stock market is open, UPS is delivering, everyone I know is working and so forth.  It’s fitting that the NHL would choose to have a special event on a day that isn’t really special.

There are only 3 major professional sports and most people are fine with that.  Hockey holds a special place in my heart as I grew up enjoying the game.  Like most people, I’ve moved on from it.  That’s too bad, but these things happen.

On the flip side, the lack of hockey passion makes “Slap Shots” only $5 on DVD.  That’s awesome!

No Las Vegas For “The Hangover 2”

This isn’t really new news as it’s been making the rounds online for a while, but producer Todd Phillips producer for “The Hangover 2” publicly stated that the sequel will not take place in Las Vegas again.

The sequel, scheduled to start shooting later this month, will take the bruised and battered pals to climes near and far – and in both cases, no doubt, seriously hazardous. “It takes place in Bangkok and LA,” Phillips told Empire. “There’s gonna be some fucked-up surprises.”

I love “The Hangover.”  Partially because it was set in Las Vegas, but mostly because it’s a funny movie.  Zach Galifianakis was the highlight for me. “The Hangover 2” won’t be bad because it’s not in Vegas.  It will be bad because most sequels are.

With Las Vegas being shunned for Bangkok I’m curious if any local writers decide to take offense to this movie not being film in Las Vegas.

Vegas Chatter

If you follow me on twitter you’ve probably noticed that I’ve contributed a bunch of stories from my last trip to Las Vegas to Vegas Chatter.  In case you missed any of the action, here are all of the stories together.

I had a great time putting these together for someone else and it was nice to have editing by people that know how to write. 🙂  I hope to do more guest blogging in the future.

Bookies – Movie Review

I’d never heard about the movie “Bookies” before.  I saw that it was on IFC last month so I recorded it and held it for a rainy day.  I figured a movie about bookies can’t be all that bad.  Well, it rained today for about 3 minutes today so I decided to watch the movie.

First thing I noticed is that Rachael Leigh Cook and the dude from Big Bang Theory were in the movie.  I don’t watch many movies, so it was cool to see actors I recognized on IFC.

Bookies” is the story about college kids who enjoyed betting on sports who realize the money that can be made and turn to the other side and decide to be the book makers.

In brief, they start raking in the cash, the dude from Big Bang Theory starts doing cocaine and going a little crazy, and they get in trouble by the guys they used to make bets with.

The movie has just about every stereotype you could imagine with people involved in illegal gambling.  In the end the problems are “taken care of” and the guys pay the consequences with their futures.  Of course, they’re young and in college and life goes on.

Bookies” wasn’t a bad movie, but it wasn’t a great movie.  Between my fondness for Rachael Leigh Cook and the subject matter, I’d watch it again if I saw it while flipping the channels.  I give this 3 of 5 stars – right down the middle.

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Fright Night – Las Vegas Style

A remake of the classic horror movie “Fright Night” will be filmed in Las Vegas beginning this July.  If this movie doesn’t sound awesome, I don’t know what does!

it’s no longer set in humdrum suburbia, but the city of a thousand gangster slayings and the scene of Hunter S. Thompson’s infamous booze and drug-fuelled weekend – Las Vegas.

Anton Yelchin will be playing Charley Brewster doing battle with a vampire who lives next door (played by Colin Farrell), while Toni Colette has signed up to play Charley’s disbelieving mother. There’s also rumour the Peter Vincent character will now be a washed up Vegas magician.

I don’t remember if I ever saw the original.  It looks tame by today’s standards.  I’m curious to see how they incorporate the casinos into the movie.  I love movies set in Vegas with poor continuity like “21” where the team enters the Hard Rock, but their suite is in Planet Hollywood overlooking Bellagio then they head down to gamble at Red Rocks.  So nice.

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