New Gambling Documentary: The Best Of It

The Best Of It Movie
The Best Of It

Another sports betting movie. That’s always an interesting subject, let’s check it out. The Best Of It is a documentary as opposed to a feature film like Mississippi Grind. Here’s The Best Of It overview from their YouTube page.

THE BEST OF IT is a character driven feature length film that follows the arduous life of a professional gambler. The documentary focuses on Boston, Shrink, Dink, and Banker who all have strived to make a living in the dog eat dog world of a pro bettor. The lifestyle of a gambler is unforgiving and tends to chew up and spit out even the most seasoned gambler, a common story in Las Vegas. The film’s director/producer Scott Pearson Eberly filmed over 1,200 hours in the gambling trenches spanning four years.

The BEST OF IT focuses on a feud that develops between Boston and Shrink following a radio show when The Shrink accused Boston of gambling debts and failing to pay those debts. The animosity between the two was well known in the betting community, but sometimes behind the rumors and half-truths is the unexpected that eventually bubbles to the surface. The problem with the unknown is by the time it’s exposed it is often too late and the only outcome is a tragic endgame.

Here’s the official trailer.

I’m always interested in tales from sports bettors so I’ll probably watch this when it’s available.

There’s no specific release information for the movie but their website has a lot more information than the trailer offers. You can also follow @BOI_Movie on twitter for updates.

Gambling Movie Called Mississippi Grind Coming Soon

Mississippi Grind
Mississippi Grind

There’s a movie called Mississippi Grind that features both casino gambling and illegal gambling coming soon. Here’s the trailer:

The star of Mississippi Grind is Ryan Reynolds who’s been in a slew of movies like “Waiting“, “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle“, “Green Lantern” and current cable TV favorite “The Change-Up.” Ben Mendelsohn (see IMDB here) seems to be the star of the movie. The plot of the movie is below:

Down on his luck and facing financial hardship, Gerry teams up with younger charismatic poker player, Curtis, in an attempt to change his luck. The two set off on a road trip through the South with visions of winning back what’s been lost.

I’m not sure this will be a good movie but I like watching most movies that include gambling. I’ll watch it but not until it’s on netflix or on demand.

Hat Tip to Barry and the Facebook craps group for pointing this movie out.

Photo: Ace Show Biz

Ocean’s Eleven + Empire Strikes Back = Ackbar’s Eleven

Ackbar’s Eleven

Ackbar's Eleven
Ackbar’s Eleven

The idea of mashing up “Ocean’s Eleven” and any kind of “Star Wars” (“Empire Strikes Back” in this case) is enough to make me chuckle. The idea of “Ackbar’s Eleven” is funny enough but I let out a huge yelp it when they mentioned Frank Catton.

This is probably the best 5 minutes of my day. At least before I finish this cup of coffee.

WSOP Movie Detailing Martin Jacobson Coming Soon

"10 for 10" - WSOP Movie
“10 for 10” – WSOP Movie

A WSOP movie trailer was just released. The official trailer for “10 for 10: The Main Event – Martin Jacobson WSOP 2014″ just hit the internets and it doesn’t look too shabby. Check it out below.

Regardless if you’re interested in watching a movie about poker you should at least appreciate that the trailer was beautifully shot. The movie is an insider’s look at Martin Jacobson’s quest for the 2014  WSOP championship and its $10,000,000 prize.

Visit Natural Stacks for early access to the movie.

5 Most Viewed Posts On Edge Vegas in 2014

Most Viewed On Edge Vegas  - Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Here are the 5 most viewed posts on Edge Vegas in 2014. The only thing that’s really surprising is #5. Thanks for reading and sharing!

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5. Vegas Movies: Best Night Ever

Happy New Year!

Jason Statham Kicking Ass And Playing Blackjack In Vegas

Jason Statham In Vegas For Wild Card
Jason Statham In Vegas. What Could Go Wrong?

I’m not big on action movies but I’ve seen just about every movie Jason Statham has been in. Even though the stories are similar it’s fun to watch him demolish multiple rooms of people over 90 minutes. The simplicity of his movies are great for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

His next blockbuster, Wild Card, will be in movie theaters early next year and Netflix shortly thereafter. The movie features your typical Jason Statham ass kicking with Sofia Vergara as the hottie and casinos in Vegas as the scenery. How could this not be awesome?!

Hat Tip to @Casino_Examiner  for the find.

Photo: IMDB

The Gambler Movie Trailer With Mark Wahlberg

The Gambler Movie Trailer With Mark Wahlberg
The Gambler

A few weeks ago, on the BS Report, Mark Wahlberg let it be known that “The Gambler” remake wasn’t actually a remake. It was a new movie inspired by the great gambling movie featuring James Caan in the 1970’s.

With that in mind the trailer for the 2014 version of “The Gambler” looks like it will be fun to watch for anyone into gambling. It may be a movie that’s Sunday afternoon Netflix watch rather than a movie that you rush to the theater to see but it looks okay.

What do you think?

“Rounders” Returns To Netflix

Poker Movie Rounders On Netflix
“Rounders” For Me

Over the weekend I received the email above saying that “Rounders” was back on Netflix. Movies come and go on Netflix streaming every few months so I made sure to watch it right away. I actually wanted to watch “The Big Lebowski” which is no longer available as a streaming title but is only $5 on Amazon. It’s been a while since I’ve seen “Rounders” and I forgot how great of a movie it is. If you’re not familiar with “Rounders” here’s the quick IMDB plot.

A young man is a reformed gambler who must return to playing big stakes poker to help a friend pay off loan sharks.

That plot doesn’t sound awesome but the cast of characters is pretty great. Matt Damon and Edward Norton do a good job as the main characters but I forgot how great John Malkovich was as Teddy KGB and I totally forgot John Turturro as Joey Knish who’s a totally random great part of the movie. You can catch “Rounders” on Netflix now or just buy it for a few bucks. “Rounders” is only $8 at Amazon if you still watch DVD’s.

Vegas Movies: Best Night Ever

Best Night Ever Movie Poster
Best Night Ever

I never heard of “Best Night Ever” but Netflix told me that I should watch it, so I did. I was having a lazy Sunday and looking for something light n fluffy to pass the time and “Best Night Ever” fit the bill. I don’t make it through many Netflix recommendations so it was a surprise that I made it through “Best Night Ever”. Here’s the synopsis of the movie from IMDB:

Claire is about to get married and she goes to Las Vegas with her sister and two friends for her bachelorette party. Things quickly spiral out of control.

Okay, how bad can watching a movie about a bachelorette party in Vegas be? If there was a lot of “woo girl” this could have become painful. Thankfully there wasn’t.

There’s all kinds of Vegas eye candy with scenery from the Vegas Strip to Downtown Vegas. It’s too bad it looks like half of the movie was filmed on a lot at a generic movie studio. The bachelorette party ends up in a fun or awkward situation every 10 minutes or so which keeps things moving.

At times it feels like “Best Night Ever” is a dark comedy while other times it feels like it’s probably just a bad movie. When all is said and done the female “Hangover” is good enough to watch when you don’t feel like sitting through another 2 hour Netflix snoozefest. If nothing else there’s Vegas…VEGAS!

You can buy or rent on Amazon or watch on Netflix. See the SFW trailer below (See the much better NSFW trailer here):