Miss USA? Miss America? Alyssa Campanella Has Red Hair

I follow the Vegas media because every now and again they’ll have something useful to say.  Unfortunately, there was nothing relevant to my life this weekend besides random girls in bikinis.  Who am I not to look at a picture of a pretty girl?  I understand that it’s the medias job to cover what’s happening in the city but sometimes they do such a good job that things get lost in the ether with their over-zealous tweeting/covering some events.

One of the things that got lost in the shuffle was the overbearing coverage of the Miss Whatever pageant.  Thanks to the Pulse of Vegas blog I now know that the pageant was Miss USA and Miss California won.

Other things I learned is that Miss USA has a name: Alyssa Campanella.  She has red hair.  After I learned these things I stopped and just looked at pictures.  In fact, the photo above is from the Pulse of Vegas blog.  Check the blog if you need or want more information.  They usually do a good job of passing on useful information.

Carmen Electra + Pussycat Dolls + Planet Hollywood

If you follow me on twitter you know I often say “Who’s having fun?” Carmen Electra at the opening of the new Pussycat Dolls Saloon at Planet Hollywood is nothing but fun!

Sex symbol Carmen Electra will be the guest striptease star to open the exotic and erotic Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Saloon at Planet Hollywood on June 4.

Wow! This is going to be one super-sensual lounge at the new Gallery Nightclub complete with stripper poles, a bejeweled fairground carnival horse, a seductive swing and a diamond-studded bathtub. Even the Pussycat Dolls name is emblazoned in rhinestones at the bar for the dancers to cavort their curves.

I can’t lie, I dig some Pussycat Dolls songs and I’ve played a little blackjack in the Pussycat Dolls pit at Caesars Palace before.  Sometimes a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

Claire Sinclair Performing In Crazy Horse Paris at MGM Grand

Claire Sinclair seems to be everywhere I look now that Holly’s World is over and she announced that she’ll be Playboy’s Playmate of the Year.  Sinclair is certainly not ugly and she’ll follow in line with other ex Playboy playmates Dita Von Teese and Carmen Electra to drop her clothes at MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris.  She’ll be taking the stage at MGM Grand between April 20 and April 27.

Saying Claire Sinclair is fun, so I hope she sticks around so I can keep saying her name.

Buy tickets to  Crazy Horse Paris.

Your Heads-Up Poker Host: Leeann Tweeden

As the Heads-Up Poker tournament closes in, I’ve been seeing more and more news items about the tournament.  There hasn’t been much real news, but I always look forward to watching the Heads-Up Poker on TV.  That reminded me that one of the highlights is the host Leeann Tweeden.

I thought she would have calendars and such like other models, but all I could find on amazon on Leeann Tweeden is a couple magazines she’s done.  If you’re into girls wearing lingerie, you can check her issue of FHM.

While, that may pacify for  minute the tournament will run for two months.