Here’s Why SLS Las Vegas Opening A Week Early Is A Good Sign For Gamblers

SLS Las Vegas Sportsbook Rendering
SLS Las Vegas Sportsbook Rendering

SLS Las Vegas announced that it will be opening a week early today and that’s a good sign for gamblers. Casino openings are usually filled with hype. I got sucked into that when Downtown Grand opened last year.

There was a lot of over promising from Downtown Grand before they opened. Expectations were high from everyone. They promised more great dining options than anywhere else in Downtown Vegas. Instead they offered a food court with mediocre food, a sub-par cafe and a shave ice stand that may never open.

Outdoor gaming was a great idea but 2 blackjack tables facing a wall with homeless people wandering the street behind is not ideal. Street dice is nothing like they described either. Besides outdoor gaming, Downtown Grand never talked about their gambling. Typically when a business avoids a subject there’s nothing good to say.

Downtown Grand ruined Mob Bar by removing video poker and a great beer selection. In fact, all of their bars have sub-par beer options (see more at Vegas Chatter). Now it’s just where I park when I want to get chicken parm sliders.

Downtown Grand under delivered on just about everything. I don’t hate them for it but Downtown Grand was poised to become my new Downtown Vegas home.

SLS Las Vegas hasn’t promised much that doesn’t seem attainable. Affordable luxury sounds achievable. Many of their restaurants have outlets in LA so researching them on Yelp should give you a general idea of what to expect. SLS Las Vegas has promised one thing that we know little about.

SLS Las Vegas has repeatedly said that the casino would offer gambling that locals would enjoy. This generally means good video poker, ample slot machines and good table game odds.

If SLS Las Vegas can over deliver on construction by finishing earlier than expected perhaps they will over deliver on their casino odds and returns. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking. Maybe I’m on to their strategy. I always bet on myself being right. 🙂

I’ve been cautiously optimistic about SLS Las Vegas’ casino but I’m throwing caution to the wind and now I’m straight up optimistic.  

Chicken Parm Sliders Return To Triple George

Chicken Parm Sliders Triple George Grill Downtown Las Vegas
Chicken Parm Sliders

I was bored last week so I decided to spend a day and night in Downtown Vegas mostly on Fremont Street. Surprisingly, I didn’t gamble much but I had a great time anyway. I’ll be sharing highlights throughout the week.

Thanks to everyone’s good friend, Scott at Vital Vegas, Chicken Parm Sliders have returned to Downtown Vegas. Chicken parm sliders were a favorite on the original Mob Bar menu before Mob Bar moved to Downtown Grand and lost everything that made it my favorite bar in Vegas.

Mob Bar’s menu was prepared by the kitchen next door at Triple George Grill so it’s surprising that the popular menu item didn’t just go on their menu. Whatever the case, they didn’t and the tasty chicken parm sliders disappeared.

Thanks to Scott’s constant nagging requests the delicious tiny chicken parm nubs of a sandwich have returned! Even though they are available to order you will not find chicken parm sliders on the menu at Triple George. When they first returned to Triple George you could only them order at the bar if you want these tasty treats. As of last night you can order the chicken parm sliders at a dining room table.

Since the chicken parm sliders aren’t on the menu you might have to speak with the manager, Case, who’s always walking around and very approachable. The chef’s are happy to bring back such a popular fixture from Mob Bar as part of the secret “Parlor Menu”.

While these sliders are delicious they aren’t exactly cheap eats.

$9 For 3 Chicken Parm Sliders
$9 For 3 Chicken Parm Sliders

An order of 3 chicken parm sliders costs $9. My mom would not be cool with paying $9 for what’s essentially one fried chicken breast sliced in 3, a little sauce, cheese and 3 mini brioche rolls. If you’re looking for a better deal you can get a huge chicken parm dinner with pasta and veggies for just $5 more.

Chicken parm sliders aren’t about getting a good deal. They’re about getting a delicious meal, snack or appetizer that won’t slow you down. The three slider portion is just right to feel full and agile for the rest of the night. It’s also a nice way to start dinner if you’re ordering a steak (see Vegas Chatter review).

I’m stoked for the return of the chicken parm sliders and will enjoy them again sooner than later. If you want to drool over more pictures of the chicken parm sliders check this out.

If You’re Coming To Vegas This Weekend Bring Moisturizer

Las Vegas Weather
Las Vegas Weather

It took me just one summer to get used to the Las Vegas heat. I still hate it but I can deal with it. Last night I was watching the channel 3 news and the weather man almost sounded as if he was panicking. He was so freaked out that I had to stop playing WinPoker and rewind to see what was going on. That’s when I snapped the picture above. It’s not just going to be hot for the next 2 weeks but he thinks it’s going to be record-breaking hot.

  1. Saturday – Las Vegas should break the record for hottest day (ever?).
  2. 10 Days – May be in the 110’s for a record number of days.

I picked a fine time to take a vacation in Vegas. Seriously. My hotel rooms will be as cold as a meat locker. I never make my house into a meat locker so this will be a nice treat.

Common sense should tell anyone that it’s hotter in the sun and that’s extreme in Las Vegas. You can add at least 15 degrees to the 117+ degree temperatures when you’re out in the sun. Let is be known that I’ll be hiding under the Fremont Street canopy on Saturday when I stay at The D. Sorry El Cortez. Sorry Mob Bar. OK, that’s probably a lie. Ain’t nothin gonna stop me.

The worst part of the heat is that it’s a dry heat. It dries out the skin more than you can imagine. I carry lip balm and I will be moisturizing all day and all night. I just hope that the casinos have enough moisturizer for me because I don’t need to get ashy. Yeah, I don’t like lizard skin.

Here are some hot weather tips for Vegas.

  1. Alternate water with your booze.
  2. Use lots of moisturizer on your skin.
  3. Use lip balm.
  4. Carry on.
  5. There’s nothing to see.

The heat stinks but if you’re in Vegas and you’re like me you’ll probably spend most of your time in a casino. My only real advice is to stay moist because this extreme dry heat can be annoying.

In Vegas It’s Hot In The Sun

Las Vegas Weather

Talking about the weather is a funny thing. I was tweeting about this a few weeks ago when a friend had similar, unrelated, thoughts about talking weather. Usually weather is a topic just to fill awkward moments of silence. When I told friends I was moving to Las Vegas they all asked me about how I’ll deal with the weather. Truth is that there’s 4 months of sweltering heat in Vegas while there’s up to 6 months of cold and snow back east. I win the battle of bad weather.

Still, it’s hot in Vegas. Today will be the second day the temps reach 100 degrees this year. 100 degrees is hot but it’s not obscenely hot. That happens when the temperatures reach 115 and above. There’s no humidity in Las Vegas and that makes a huge difference. There really is something to there being “dry heat”. 100 degrees with zero humidity feels better on the skin than 90 with 100% humidity in New York City.

Last summer some friends were in town and we met up in downtown Vegas to play craps and Sigma Derby at The D among other games at other places. We joked that the weather was fine as long as we stayed under the canopy on Fremont Street. We joked about it until walking all the way to Mob Bar for a drink.

While it was fine being outside on Fremont Street the 115 degree temperature on that 1 block walk to Mob Bar was nasty hot. I woke up early this morning and decided to watch Channel 8 news and the weather person mentioned that it’s 15 degrees hotter when you stand in direct sunlight as opposed to the shade. Today’s 100 degrees will feel like 115 degrees and the temperature in July will feel like 130 when we walk to Mob Bar from The D.

Now we have a number to prove that it’s hot in the sun in Vegas. If you follow me on twitter you’ll notice me reference “closest _____ with covered parking” pretty often this summer. That’s my trick to avoid the extra 15 degrees. It’s also a good excuse to visit a casino since they have covered parking.

The heat is normally fine when you’re in the shade but you may want to stay out of direct sunlight if you don’t like the heat or you’re physically sensitive to it. Wether you’re covered or not it’s always a safe bet to drink water.

PS: On a side note it will be interesting how The Linq and MGM Park complex will deal with the sun and heat.

Old Vegas Out…Downtown Vegas In

I’ve been talking about a lot of the upcoming changes to the Vegas strip lately. I’m all for change and I’m pretty stoked about what the future of the Vegas strip will bring. It won’t be the Las Vegas that I came to love over the years but that’s what Vegas is and I’m cool with it.

When I first started visiting Las Vegas we used to take part of a day to visit “Old Vegas”. We saw what Vegas used to be. It was fun to go from Bellagio to the El Cortez and see the difference between new luxury and old n dirty. This was before renovations began to Old Vegas around 10 years ago. What’s happening to the Vegas strip has been happening downtown for years and its awesome.

The first downtown renovations I remember happened to one of my favorite downtown Vegas casino – El Cortez. The burnt felt was replaced around 6 years ago. Around that time they stopped asking if “El Cortez can buy me a drink” and beer stopped being served in dented cans. Bottles only. The charm was gone and so was I.

I needed to let the changes to soak in. This was just the beginning and I wasn’t ready for a new and modern El Cortez (or anywhere for that matter). Old Vegas was becoming Downtown Vegas.

Downtown Vegas is still old, technically. The renovations to many of the casinos and bars are just lipstick on a pig. New paint, new felt. Low brow fancy, but not really fancy. In addition to renovations there have been a lot of new bars and restaurants popping up in Downtown Vegas. You can see some on the wikipedia page for Fremont Street.

It took a while for me to be OK with the changes to Old Vegas. Now, downtown Vegas is one of my favorite parts of Las Vegas. If I just want to grab coffee and wifi I’ll head to The Beat. If I want to play craps, I’ll head to Main Street Station, the D or El Cortez. If I’m in the mood to drink? I’ll head to Mob Bar and get a cheap crash pad somewhere. There is a lot of fun to be had downtown and, even though it took me a while, I dig the change from old Vegas.

I’ll go into brief detail with some of my favorite changes to old Vegas…err downtown Vegas next week.

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