Miss USA? Miss America? Alyssa Campanella Has Red Hair

I follow the Vegas media because every now and again they’ll have something useful to say.  Unfortunately, there was nothing relevant to my life this weekend besides random girls in bikinis.  Who am I not to look at a picture of a pretty girl?  I understand that it’s the medias job to cover what’s happening in the city but sometimes they do such a good job that things get lost in the ether with their over-zealous tweeting/covering some events.

One of the things that got lost in the shuffle was the overbearing coverage of the Miss Whatever pageant.  Thanks to the Pulse of Vegas blog I now know that the pageant was Miss USA and Miss California won.

Other things I learned is that Miss USA has a name: Alyssa Campanella.  She has red hair.  After I learned these things I stopped and just looked at pictures.  In fact, the photo above is from the Pulse of Vegas blog.  Check the blog if you need or want more information.  They usually do a good job of passing on useful information.