Get Beer Faster in Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay and 8 other bars & pubs in Las Vegas recently added a product called DRAFTMASTER.  Draftmaster allows beer drinkers to pour their own pints of draft beer.  You buy credits in advance and pour until you can’t pour no more.

International beer distributing company Diageo performed the installation of each table at some of Las Vegas’ most popular locations, including 9 Fine Irishmen, McFadden’s, and Mandalay Bay sports book, among others. The units were installed throughout the week of July 12, and became operationally functional on Friday, July 16.

Novelty, like this, gets me almost every time. It won’t take over for bartenders, and I’m all about getting my beer faster.  This can’t be a bad idea to test as long as the beer is good.  Please keep the macro American beers away.

See the video below to see what I mean about fun and novelty.