Christina Hendricks Did “Las Vegas”

I’ve discussed my love for the show Las Vegas repeatedly over the years. I watched just about all of the episodes when they originally aired on NBC and to this day I Tivo the show every day on TNT. I don’t watch every episode now, but I watch many of the episodes within days of their airing. It’s such a light hearted show that I don’t pay too much attention too it.

I was watching without distraction the other day and noticed that everyone’s favorite busty redhead from Mad Men, Christina Hendricks, was on an episode I’ve probably seen 10 times already. I just always thought she was a random redhead girl and even though redheads may always draw my attention I didn’t realize it was Christina Hendricks, who wasn’t famous when she was on Las Vegas.

If you’re curious about the episode, Christina Hendricks was on Las Vegas during Season 3 Episode 21 which was titled “Chaos Theory”. Here’s the IMDB description of that episode.

Ed’s wife has railroaded him to a horrible desolate spa. In his absence Danny must approve Dwight Stiles to play blackjack for $1,000,000 a hand. Accountant Sarasvati warns that’s illegal without matching cash, so an armored car full is ordered. Alas, a fake team got the cash from the bank, quickly reloaded into a car, which is found with two corpses. Is there a link? and if so, who are the other accomplices? Meanwhile Delinda’s dream doctor, Derek, delays his Bangladesh mission to propose

Hendricks plays a minor role in this episode and isn’t even mentioned in the synopsis above, but it’s a speaking part and she appears a few times. She appears often enough for a blog to to write and take screen caps of her “Amazing Cleavage“.

There are so many out of date special guests that appear on the show, that there isn’t much relevant to today’s culture but Christina Hendricks will probably be relevant for some time. Some day soon I’ll get to looking at Mary Connell v1 vs. v2 again. If you’d like to pick up the DVD, just click on the image below.


Las Vegas Season 3
Las Vegas Season 3