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You may or may not know that the Betting Dork podcast has been one of my favorites since I started listening to podcasts about 5 years ago (damn I’m old). I’m a gambler but not a professional with years of experience. That said, I’m humbled to have been on the podcast to talk about Vegas once a year (you can get to previous year’s podcasts here). This is the only Betting Dork podcast that’s not about betting on sports. This is the Betting Dork “Vegas Lifestyle Show: A Man’s Guide to Sin City”.

The panel for this discussion besides me and the host, Gill Alexander, are Marco D’Angelo and Vegas Runner. Here are the details on the show:

Betting Dork: The 3rd Annual Vegas Lifestyle Show: A Man’s Guide to Sin CityIt’s the only non-sports betting episode of the calendar year, but for some, it’s the most anticipated.  If you’re planning a trip to Vegas, let this be your guide.  Host Gill Alexander, Gaming Today’s Marco D’Angelo, and man about town, Vegas Runner, take off their handicapping hats and are joined by Marc Meltzer of, part of the Conde Nast Digital Network, to discuss the best Sportsbooks, Steak Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Strip Clubs in Sin City.  The Super Bowl’s not for a while.  In the meantime, enjoy a man’s guide to Sin City, on Friday’s Betting Dork (January 24, 2014). 

The show is fun and informative.

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Also, in case you missed my Peter Greenberg Worldwide appearance last week you can listen here.

Betting Dork: The 2nd Annual Vegas Lifestyle Show

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Last year I was fortunate enough appear on The Betting Dork podcast to talk about Las Vegas. It was their first annual “Vegas Lifestyle Show: A Man’s Guide to Sin City”. The Betting Dork podcast is normally an intelligent discussion about sports betting, so this is a little different for their audience. This is one of my favorite podcasts so it was an honor.

The podcast was popular enough to have a second edition. This year the podcast grew from a segment to a full-blown podcast with the addition of Vegas Runner and Marco D’Angelo. We cover the following topics over the hour-long podcast:

  • Super Bowl Parties
  • Best Sportsbooks
  • Favorite Steakhouses
  • Stripclubs
  • Nightclubs
  • Shows (kinda)

This was incredibly fun to record and I’m honored once again. There were several times where I had to step away to keep the laughter off mic. Here are links to download and to listen online.