Uber and Lyft Discount Tip

This is a great tip to save money during March Madness in Las Vegas, but can really be used for any group visit.

  1. Download both the Uber and Lyft apps before reaching Las Vegas. Download Uber here and Lyft here for iPhone.
  2. First-time users should use a free ride code before paying. Here’s a $5-$20 off Uber code and $20 off 10 Lyft rides ($2 off 10 rides).
  3. The first person in the group pays for a ride using one of the codes above.
  4. After the first ride, that person should share their code with the group so that the next ride will be free or discounted.
  5. The discount codes reciprocate so each time a friend uses a code, the person sending the code gets a discount code. It’s a circle of discounts that you can use all weekend long.
  6. Repeat as desired.
  7. Enjoy VEGAS BABY!

This should negate most travel costs if a group of four is in Las Vegas for a weekend.

Uber and Lyft are not only less expensive than taxis in Las Vegas but they’re more convenient. Lines for taxis can reach up to an hour-long during a busy weekend.

You typically won’t wait for a rideshare on the Vegas Strip. Picking up a rideshare is different from taxis. Here’s a list of where you can find the Uber and Lyft pickup locations at Vegas Strip casinos.

I use both services depending on which icon I see first. Uber is slightly less expensive. It will probably save a few dollars if you’re heading to downtown Las Vegas or off the Vegas Strip.

Uber And Lyft Discount Codes

Uber And Lyft Discount Codes

I’ve written about the benefits of using Uber and Lyft when visiting Las Vegas more than a few times this year. I use both services and will probably never ride in a taxi again.

If you haven’t used either ridesharing service, you can get free rides or discounts. Links to my free Uber and free Lyft codes are below:

Free Uber Ride (fluctuates from $5 to $20)

Free Lyft Rides (10 separate $5 discounts. The codes are only good for a week or two. Don’t use until you arrive in Las Vegas. Best used when sharing rides with friends so you can split the fare.)

Here are some articles I’ve written about Uber and Lyft: