Local Eats: Baguette Cafe

Baguette Cafe
Trio of bites for lunch at Baguette Cafe

I cover mostly touristy parts of Las Vegas for work. I started Local Eats to write about restaurants around Las Vegas that are away from the Vegas Strip. Most of these restaurants are on the west side of town since that’s where I live. The majority of the restaurants and cafe’s are new to me since I don’t eat out around here often.

Since visiting Baguette Cafe I’ve learned that this unassuming French cafe in an office plaza is one of the hidden gems in Las Vegas. Somehow, the name never made it to me until this summer. The cafe wasn’t easy to find as both Google and Apple maps took me to different entrances to the office plaza.

I was invited to lunch by two people who looooooove Baguette Cafe so I let them order. We shared an eggplant curry sandwich, prosciutto sandwich, and a veggie Quiche. I would never have ordered any of these items but I’m always up for a new experience. Everything we ate was very good. Like very good.

This was my first time eating Quiche. The veggie version was delicious and probably the best thing I ate at Baguette Cafe. Veggies usually turn me off but I tasted some kind of smokiness in the eggs and it was fantastic.

The prosciutto sandwich was also very good. This is the lone item I might order on my own. I’d add from fresh mozzarella and a little olive oil but that’s my personal taste. The star of this sandwich was actually the delicious bread. I think a dab of oil would have made me flip the table over with exuberance. It’s probably a good thing it was a dry sandwich for this lunch.

The biggest surprise was the eggplant curry. This sandwich was also very good but it had a weird effect on me. I enjoyed the little piece we shared but I’d never order a full sandwich. Curry is just not a flavor I crave.

I’ve never heard of curry on a sandwich before. I appreciated the unique option to eat curry. The curry sauce helped to highlight the delicious bread. If you like curry, you must try one of these sandwiches.

Overall, I really enjoyed Baguette Cafe. The “problem” here is that it gets so busy at noon when the office buildings unleash the masses for lunch. Thankfully, the wise Baguette Cafe veterans knew this and set an early lunch time so we had a table and didn’t wait for food. I’d stop here if I’m in the area looking for an early lunch or early dinner during the week.

I’d stop at Baguette Cafe again if I’m in the area looking for an early lunch or early dinner during the week. It seems as though are many very good French bakeries on the west side of Las Vegas. Nothing wrong with that.

Baguette Cafe is at 8359 West Sunset Road.

Visit baguettecafelv.com for more information.

Local Eats: eat Summerlin

You may be familiar with eat from its original location in downtown Las Vegas. The breakfast and lunch restaurant recently opened a new location in Summerlin.

Here are a few things about the original location. The original restaurant on Carson Street consistently gets great reviews. Second, the backstory on Natalie Young is inspiring.

I’ve never been to the downtown Las Vegas restaurant so I made this visit to the farthest reaches of Summerlin because of recommendations. I’ve lived just outside of Summerlin for more than five years and had no idea where the restaurant was located.

After driving around 3 or 4 roundabouts and two shopping centers I finally found eat. Ironically, the restaurant is 10 minutes away with no loops if I take the highway. (This is a reminder for myself).

Eat Summerlin feels cozy but isn’t small. We sat in the front and I was later informed that there’s a large back area of the restaurant. I had work to do (drink coffee) and didn’t feel like exploring. Sorry.

Good morning!

I was told that I must get the pancakes and I take direction well. So, I ordered pancakes without looking at the menu. I don’t eat pancakes often but the pancakes at eat were probably the second best I’ve ever eaten.

The batter is very good and the pancakes are light and fluffy. I like my pancakes a little more crisp around the edges. DuPar’s pancakes at the Suncoast remain my favorite for this reason.

However, the meal as a whole was spectacular.

I ordered my pancakes with an adorable turkey-apple sausage. It was the best thing on the plate. The coffee was even better. It was a nice mild but hearty breakfast blend. The coffee is good enough to solicit a return visit another time.

The syrup that comes with each order comes in a small jar. Eat charges $1 for each additional jar. I’ve never seen this before. The policy doesn’t bother me because the jar was more than enough. It’s just really annoying.

The staff was great and we saw Chef Nat hanging out with some customers on the way out. The breakfast menu for both locations is the same if you’re a fan of the downtown restaurant.

I live about 10 minutes from the Summerlin location and maybe 20 minutes from downtown Las Vegas after I find parking. I’ll opt for the easy parking in Summerlin if I have a choice. Good breakfast and lunch restaurants seem to be popping up in the area every few weeks. That’s not a bad thing in my eyes.

Good breakfast and lunch restaurants seem to be popping up around Summerlin and Spring Valley every few weeks. I’m into it.

eat is at 1910 Village Center Circle

Local Eats: Dirty Fork

Last year Dirty Fork opened in the restaurant space on Durango formerly occupied by Norm’s Diner. I didn’t visit Dirty Fork for a while after they opened as I mourned Norm’s leaving. Later I realized Norm’s was just down the street and moved on.

I was more than happy with the food and service at Dirty Fork after my first visit. That was repeated during my second and third visits. During each visit, I tried a different meal that fit perfectly for the day.


Dirty Fork French Toast

I finally visited Dirty Fork when I was asked to join some friends for brunch. I was told that I need to try the Dirty Fork Breakfast Special. After reading the description this sounded like a meal that was perfect for the day.

The Hawaiian sweet bread French Toast was topped with egg, fried chicken, and syrup. This is the perfect hangover cure. The Hawaiian sweet bread French Toast, with egg in the center, was topped with fried chicken and syrup. This is the perfect hangover cure. This was my first time having chicken for breakfast/first meal and it was great.

I’ve always been turned off by fried chicken and waffles because of the large size of the chicken and waffles. The bite size pieces of chicken was a perfect topper to the light and sweet French Toast. I could eat individual flavors or have a bite with everything. Perfect!

I think I finally understand the sweet and savory thing for breakfast. I was so turned on by this dish that I’ve returned multiple times.


Dirty Fork Burger
Dat burger!

My second visit to Dirty Fork was for lunch. The menu is creative and was a bit too confusing for my mood. I’m always up for a burger when a menu confuses me, so I tried the Dirty Fork Burger.

The burger comes with a choice of fries or salad. While the Breakfast Special filled me, this burger STUFFED me. Not only is the burger big but it’s delicious.

My burger was a perfectly cooked medium. The beef was flavorful and juicy but not to the point where it was oozing everywhere. I even enjoyed the super crispy fries, which I’d normally just leave on the plate.


Dirty Fork Breakfast
Simple and delicious!

After two great meals, I met a friend for breakfast at Dirty Fork. I wanted something simple so just ordered bacon, eggs, and coffee. The bacon was nice and crisp, which is how I like my bacon. The eggs were phenomenal. I’ll have to ask if there’s some magic recipe for the eggs the next time I visit. I believe they use Lavazza coffee which is neither amazing or bad.

I believe they use Lavazza coffee which is neither amazing or bad.

The menus (breakfast, lunch) are creative and have a unique assortment of dishes. I was upset when Norm’s moved out but I’m more than happy to have Dirty Fork in the neighborhood. I’ll be back shortly to try something new. Well, maybe something new.

Dirty Fork is at 3655 Durango. Visit DirtyForkLV.com for more information.