Your Heads-Up Poker Host: Leeann Tweeden

As the Heads-Up Poker tournament closes in, I’ve been seeing more and more news items about the tournament.  There hasn’t been much real news, but I always look forward to watching the Heads-Up Poker on TV.  That reminded me that one of the highlights is the host Leeann Tweeden.

I thought she would have calendars and such like other models, but all I could find on amazon on Leeann Tweeden is a couple magazines she’s done.  If you’re into girls wearing lingerie, you can check her issue of FHM.

While, that may pacify for  minute the tournament will run for two months.

Introducing Your Las Vegas Sin!

Until last week, I never heard about the Lingerie Football League.  Now that I’ve heard of it I have three thoughts:

  1. I’ll look.
  2. I don’t really care.
  3. I’ll look again. Why not?

Next year the Lingerie Football League expands into Las Vegas and three other markets.

Lingerie Football League (LFL) officials are excited to announce LFL Football will be coming to Green Bay, Wisconsin in Fall 2011. Green Bay will be joining the already announced Cleveland Crush and Las Vegas Sin, along with one more market for the 2011 expansion teams.

Well, how about that?  Women in underwear playing football.  That’s fun.  I’ll have ticket info when it’s available.  Why not?!  Enjoy!


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