Legasse’s Stadium Review

I like sports betting.  It doesn’t matter if I’m in a casino or if I’m at home.  You may have noticed the sportsbook.com ad to the right and the posts tagged with sports betting.  Needless to say, one of the perks of staying at the Palazzo was the easy access to Legasse Stadium, which is their sportsbook.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures.  I’ve been scolded for having my phone out at every sportsbook I’ve been to so I didn’t take a chance.  I found some pictures online to add some color.

You’ll notice that I have the layout last here.  Describing how the room is laid out was kind of a chore, so I put it at the end.  You’ll see.

Legasse Stadium is located in the lower level of the casino.  To get to it, you have to walk to the main entrance and take the escalator down and the walk back up a few stairs to the entrance.  There is a sportsbook outside, but it wasn’t open on any of the 4 days I went to Legasse.  It wasn’t a long walk to get to Legasse, but the location was away from the action of the casino and I didn’t like that.

I have a short attention span and I enjoy other forms of gambling while I’m watching a game.  Legasse has this covered in three different ways.

There’s a blackjack machine, like the one below, in one of the Reserved “VIP” areas.  There’s video poker in the rear overlooking the “stadium” section.  There’s also a small room to the side with two blackjack tables and a craps table.  It had the feel of a sketchy back room somewhere, but it wasn’t sketchy when playing.

Unfortunately I didn’t notice the video poker until my last day betting.  The side room wasn’t open during the week, but I did enjoy it before the Saturday night.  I even won $50 playing blackjack for one shoe.  I didn’t play the blackjack machine, but my friends that did lost every time.

In Running Sports Betting
I thought this would be the most amazing thing to hit sports betting but it was not even close.  I only tried it once and was bored pretty easily.  I bought into a tablet to place bets during the Thursday night game, which was the Colts and Jaguars.  Since I was testing it out I made a small deposit of $100.  I thought I could bet on every play in every way.  I was hoping for a slew of prop bets, but I was mistaken.  I could only bet on whether drives would result in 1st downs, TD’s or turnovers.

Odds changed on every play so it was nearly impossible to submit a bet – even if only paying attention to the tablet.  That was very frustrating.  After getting yelled at by my friends for not getting bets in I passed the tablet off to my friends and had them try.  They couldn’t get the bets in either.

After a while we got some help from a very attractive girl who was walking around the casino helping people with in run betting.  Of course, she seemed to be the only one that could get bets in.

After a night of frustration with the in running sports betting I cashed out up $1.67.  Thankfully the Colts covered and the wings were good so it wasn’t a fruitless afternoon.

Emeril Legasse is a famous chef, so I was looking forward to the food.  The menu selections looked pretty good in advance and the food didn’t disappoint.  I had buffalo wings on each of my 4 visits.  They were crisp and meaty and awesome.  I recommend them to anyone going.

I tried the Italian Sausage Arancini too.  These rice balls were good, but nothing too special.  Friends had the nachos and enjoyed them.  They spoke positively, but I was focused on the wings.

Usually sportsbooks have a place to grab a quick bite that isn’t so good so it was nice to have this kind of selection.

It was interesting that a friend of a friend of a friend from Las Vegas said that the locals have been saying that the food wasn’t too good.  We only snacked and everything seemed to be above average.

Here is a rough sketch of Legasse Stadium.  Details are below the picture.

Legasse stadium is not laid out like most sports books which are mostly chairs/race centers looking at a wall of TV’s.  Legasse has multiple sections for a variety of desires.  It doesn’t seems as if it was not created for the old man that sits and plays the ponies all day.  It feels as is Legasse Stadium was made to house lots of people that want to watch big games.

When you walk into Legasse Stadium you can go straight or left.  Straight ahead is the pit area with reserved couches against the right wall.  Also against the wall to the right are the restrooms and the gambling room.

The restrooms had the main game piped through the speakers.  TV’s would have been great here, but that’s besides the point.  The restrooms looked very clean which is a surprise when you have a room with dudes drinking.

The gambling room consists of an area with slot machines, 2 blackjack tables with 2 huge TV’s and a craps table with it’s own room.  There’s also a one person restroom back here if you need privacy.

The main sportsbook area that you see on the Legasse Stadium page on the Palazzo site is kind of a pit in the center of the room.  It’s lined with white couches arranged in tiers a la stadium seating.  The sportsbook is at the bottom of the pit with plenty of huge screens above.  There are dining tables to the sides of the stadium seating with three different entry points all around.

There is a bar and video poker machines located behind the stadium seating.  The bar was closed when I was there.  I’m assuming drinks aren’t free when you play video poker, but I didn’t sit and play so I don’t know for sure.

In the far left corner you can go outside and get some fresh air.  There are plenty of couches, tables and TV’s to enjoy yourself in the fresh air of the Las Vegas strip.  While exploring I sat outside looked at betting options drank a beer and smoked a cigar.  It was great weather outside and I loved it.

When you enter and go to the left you see a bar and more reserved seating and a long bar.  The bar is set against the back of the TV’s from the pit area of Legasse Stadium and lined with plenty of smaller TV’s of it’s own.  The bartender  who worked most nights was smoking hot.

I called in advance for reservations and sat in the reserved seating back in the back.  There are couches and modern chairs.  Everything was flanked with 20″ (or so) HDTV’s that featured any game you wanted.  For example; one night we had the Bruins game to the right, Jazz to the left and football game in front of us.  It was awesome and very comfortable.

Like most sportsbooks, Legasse Stadium gets busy when major games and football is on.  I recommend calling in advance to reserve a spot.  For busy times there may be a minimum depending where you sit, but if you eat and/or drink the numbers are easily met.  Drink tickets are given out similarly to a regular sportsbook.

Overall, I had a great time each visit to Legasse Stadium.  It was a great place to watch the games with a very different vibe than most sportsbooks.  I was super comfortable and the prices were fair.

I’m not sure how I would have felt if I was alone just watching a game and not eating or drinking with friends, but that wasn’t the case for this trip.  Legasse Stadium may not be for everyone, but I recommend giving it a try.

As an aside, I think this was the only bar to show any sports at the Palazzo and I didn’t like that.  I like being able to sit at a bar and watch a game while I play a little video poker.   Especially if I hit a cold streak gambling.