You’ll Never Believe How Much Money Hard Rock Made On 3 Guns N Roses Shows

Axl Rose and Guns N Roses at the Hard Rock Casino Hotel Las Vegas
Axl Rose and Guns N Roses at the Hard Rock

The second Guns N Roses residency at the Hard Rock has done amazing business. Check this out from Billboard.

Venue: Las Vegas, NV – The Joint
Date: Jun. 04th, 06th & 07th, 2014
Gross Sales: $853,785
Attendance: 9,221
Capacity: 10,130
Ticket Prices: $195, $129.50, $85, $69.50

I don’t think it’s a surprise that a lot of people went to the GnR shows at the Hard Rock but selling more than 92% of the tickets for the 3 shows is great.

Def Leppard and Motley Crue have done well at the Hard Rock before and Bruno Mars is selling out his limited “residency” shows at the Cosmopolitan. These short blast residency events are working for casinos.

Expect to see more short-term residencies than long-term residencies in the future. This includes KISS who are rumored to be coming to the Hard Rock later this year (see details at Vegas Chatter).

If you’re curious about how other heavy metal bands are selling show tickets check out the full post at Metal Sucks.


KISS Colossal Reel Slot Machine By WMS Gaming Coming Soon

KISS Colossal Reel Slot Machine By WMS Gaming
KISS Colossal Reels

The first KISS slot machine from WMS Gaming hit casino floors a couple of years ago and is pretty much gone. I rarely saw anyone playing the original KISS slot machine in my travels so it’s no surprise that it’s been removed from the casino floor. Aside of KISS being at G2E to promote the slot machine there was little excitement over the game.

Just like the band the KISS slot machine won’t go away.

A new KISS Colossal Reels slot machine will be hitting casinos soon. The video below is from the KISS Colossal Reels game that’s been available online in Europe. The Colossal Reel technology is really popular and should help bring new life into the KISS slot machine franchise that WMS Gaming probably paid too much for.

Does the KISS Army gamble? Would you play this game?