Kardashian Khaos: Kim’s and Koutrtney’s Oh My!

Big news in Las Vegas this week is Kardashian Khaos opening in August at Mirage.

Photo: Las Vegas Sun

I’m amazed that people are still into the Kardashian thing enough to open a store for them.  This is another place I don’t need to visit.  Thankfully it’s a klothing store and I can easily avoid it…unless Kim is in the house.

Imperial Palace & Harrahs High Returns

Imperial Palace (IP) and Harrah’s Las Vegas have the highest return on investment for Harrah’s Entertainment says Gary Loveman, CEO.

• In response to a question about what Harrah’s property is most profitable, he said its highest return on investment normally occurs at properties most often considered low-end entries, such as Harrah’s on the Strip and Imperial Palace.

I haven’t thought about the ROI of each casino property, but this makes sense.

While these aren’t the properties with all the big ticket items, they always seem to have steady traffic and don’t need much high dollar investment.  For example, you’ll never see Kim Karshian getting paid $200,000, or whatever, to hang at IP where she, and others like her, will get big money to appear at Caesars for an event.

Recently I learned that Human Nature is doing bang up business at Imperial Palace – selling 85% of tickets to their show.  I’m not much for shows when I’m in Vegas and I don’t know who would pay for that, but go on with your bad selves!

Happy Birthday Kim