Video Poker With Keno Bonus Multiplier

Video Poker with Keno Multiplier Bonus
Keno Multiplier

This video poker game with a keno bonus multiplier caught my eye as I was walking to catch some rays and Tecate at the Red Rock Resort pool. I’m a sucker for games like this with a bonus round and never noticed it before and I’m a curious guy so I had to stop and check it out.

I decided to play Deuces Wild because I wasn’t taking this $20 buy-in for 3-play nickel game too seriously. Gameplay is simple enough. The base game is just triple play video poker with a keno multiplier afterwards that can increase your payouts. The game is 5 credits per hand and another 5 or 10 for the keno bonus.

If gameplay is set to fast you can easily miss the keno bonus that occurs right after the video poker game is over. This is simply a different twist on a video poker multiplier. I don’t like keno and there are other video poker games with bad pay tables that have more fun bonus games.

Wheel Poker Deluxe is still my favorite video poker bonus game to blow a few bucks on. I’m glad I checked this game out but I probably won’t again. I like that games like this exist to break up the monotony that I find in straight video poker.

The mighty Wizard Of Odds has expected returns and proper multiplier plays if you’re curious for more information.


Green Valley Ranch Renovations Include 2 Pizza Jointzzz

Green Valley Ranch Las Vegas
Green Valley Ranch

I’ve been to Green Valley Ranch once in 3 years. It’s a nice casino but there’s nothing there that’s worth going out of my way for. GVR is owned by Station Casinos and I live down the street from their flagship property, Red Rock Resort. I already have the best Station Casinos has to offer just down the street.

There’s rarely a reason for me to visit the other side of the Vegas Strip. Adding two pizza joints and a Keno lounge won’t change that. The Downtown Vegas location of Pizza Rock is a much more convenient location for me and I will return soon. If you like GVR here are the details on the $20 million renovation.

Press Release:

Station Casinos LLC will invest $20 million over the next year in Green Valley Ranch Resort by introducing a new lineup of four acclaimed restaurant and bar concepts, as well as enhancing other venues and amenities within the AAA Four Diamond award-winning property in Henderson. New concepts include Mercadito, Tippling Hall, Pizza Rock and Tony’s Slice House.

The news comes on the heels of Station Casinos recent announcement that its other luxury resort, Red Rock Resort, will undergo a $35 million investment, bringing a total of $55 million in capital improvements and new offerings to both resorts.

Highlights of the $20 million reinvestment include:

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Don’t Chase

Video Keno Game At Red Rock Las Vegas
Video Keno

Poker has taught me a lot of lessons that I can apply when gambling and in the real world. Knowing when I’m on tilt, slow playing and not chasing come in equally as handy with friends and business associates as they do when gambling on other games. One thing from poker that comes up way too often in other casino games is chasing. Chasing losses specifically.

Losing sucks. There’s nothing we want to do more than avenge our losses. It’s human nature. After listening to so many smart gamblers say not to chase losses I finally buckled down and stopped. Playing poker on tilt and chasing losses rarely turns into making good decisions. Chasing losses in the casino can happen anywhere from the sportsbook to the blackjack table.

We all gamble to hopefully make money but chasing losses rarely turns into money. Making irrational decisions is rarely fun and rarely profitable. Fool me once shame on you, fool me 100 times, shame on me. Chasing losses is out of my system but chasing isn’t.

Over the weekend I was drinking coffee and doing a little work on the photo blog at Red Rock Resort (more on the photo blog another time) when I decided to play Keno while taking a break. I don’t play Keno because it’s boring and has a huge house advantage. I only played because I saw that a jackpot that had to hit by $100 was up to $93 and there was nobody playing. I figured I can play a few minutes and snag a few bucks. Not so fast my friend.

2 hours later (yeah, 2 hours!) I was down almost $100 and a little old lady sat down and snaked my bonus in about 3 games. Not only did I lose money but I was now cranky. However, I learned a valuable lesson – Don’t chase progressive jackpots. 

Like 99% of gamblers, I’m not a professional. I gamble to have fun. Sure I want to win but I want to have fun. Chasing never leads to having fun. Results from chasing losses in sports betting are rarely fun and don’t usually pay off over time. The same can be said for chasing bonuses.

Lesson learned.

No more Keno, no more chasing losses in sports betting and no more chasing jackpots. Sometimes it takes real life experiences to realize something that should be obvious.