“Vegas” On CBS Got It’s Shot. Now We’re Done

Vegas” was what I expected – It was a typical cop drama from CBS and it’s not really about Las Vegas. After 3 minutes, I was pretty sure I didn’t like the show. I’m not sure if the show is good or bad, but it’s definitely not for me and it probably is bad. It feels as if this show was made for my parents.

Here’s my takeaway:

  • There’s a good guy. That’s the the tough guy cowboy played by Dennis Quaid.
  • There’s the mob guys. Played by Michael Chicklis and James Russo (who was better in his one episode of Las Vegas).
  • There’s othermpeople to fill time and create a plot around the guys mobsters and cowboy.
  • There’s the awful green screen looking scenes of Las Vegas that were filmed on a soundstage.

There was very little “Vegas” in the first episode of “Vegas”. Las Vegas scenery that seemed somewhat genuine might have kept me interested in the show, but the scenery they did have looked cartoony and bad.

Much like CBS’ last show set in Las Vegas, The Defenders, I’m only giving this one viewing and it’s off my DVR. Thankfully Las Vegas reruns are still on TNT.